Monday, September 29, 2014

The mission is awesome!!!!

I don’t have very much time so this letter is the letter you get and you don’t throw a fit! Lexy didn't write me so I hope she isn’t dead, but don’t worry about that!  I love it here--the mission is awesome! The MTC was hell, but here is awesome!!!!

My area is called Municipal and me and Elder Evans are in charge of about five pretty big neighborhoods, we walk all day and it is awesome! So let me tell you about my week!

Monday when I got off the phone with everyone I felt pretty good, but after sitting on that plane for just three of the 11 hours I felt awful and didn’t know what to do. I felt sick and was unhappy and didn’t sleep a wink eleven hours of trying, but no luck I just sat there for days.... And i thought a lot of negative and that was bad and I am sorry... but that flight was hell. But that was fine I loved talking to everyone and Lex said some stuff that made me super happy!

Tuesday I saw a friend in the Argentina MTC and that was cool Andrew Bell was there, but I didn’t get to see him, but I loved seeing the temple no luck on going in, but seeing it was freaking awesome!!! Then we finally got to go and fly to the mission, and President Goates is nice and he likes family a lot and I think me and him will get along just fine, I don’t love him yet, but I don’t really know him and he doesn't really know me yet so that’s fine.

Wednesday I told the president everything about my time in the MTC--how much I hated it and how bad I felt and he wasn't worried, he promised me an awesome trainer and that everything would be better here, he promised. We got to see a monument and that is where the picture was taken, that wasn't my district, but that was some of the greeenies with me! I love the food here, that day we had pastel de papa and I loved it-- try and find it, it’s like a pie with meat and then potatoes and then like a glaze of melted marshmallow and cinnamon. It’s super good!

Thursday, this is the day I got to meet Elder Evens and he is a stud and I love him, he makes me happy and he is just a really stellar guy. He sings a lot just randomly, and we talk a lot about musica and all the things of home, not to make me bummed, or him bummed, but just because. We try not to think of the sad things just good and we sing a lot it helps me a ton, he is a huge blessing in my life! We did some abrir la boca open the mouth that night and I learned I knew none of the language and it was scary, but I am getting a lot better. We get 1800 pesos a month and it goes forever and we have bagged milk its really weird, we also have a Walmart and I love it. We get to walk everywhere and my feet are tired.

Friday-- Milanesa is awesome, the chicken one is way good and the food all around is awesome. I’m sleeping really bad every night, but I just had not a lot to say for this day, but we walked and tried all day and no one was home or interested it was rough but fine.

Saturday I got super sun-burnt from walking and being outside all day and that’s awesome! So  I’m getting all kinds of tan and it's hot here! My first lesson was Friday and we taught a less active about prayer and how it is important still and he came to church so that was awesome and really cool! We bought empanadas and they were freaking delicious and then our duieno bought us a pizza and I loved it! We have some food now in the pensh our house and that’s no normal, but it’s awesome. Reese’s peanut butter cups are like gold here so we had one of those too.

Sunday we had two less actives come to church which was awesome and way cool!  I might have slept through every meeting except gospel doctrine, but I’m so tired it’s hard not to.... We got fed so much spaghetti that day I thought I would die....but that’s fine. We had to speed teach  lesson 1 to a family and they were talking, laughing and super irreverent--it was impossible to feel the spirit and I didn't like that much, but its fine we will get them next time and do better.  It wasn't really our fault, but I felt bad, but my language skills are coming.

I’m gaining confidence and happiness every day and I’m loving it here! I love this place and my mission! I don’t know my address and will send you pictures next week! Much love dad and mom!

You guys are awesome-- know that your son is doing good.
Sincerely, Elder Benedict

Random question, did Elder Ireland call you?

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