Monday, January 26, 2015

A way good fun week for me!!

Well this week has been a way good way fun week for me! Really I just have felt like it was fun and I'm getting better at loving the people that I am here serving!!! Its just been a blast!

Answers to Questions:

  • Do you take hot showers or cold?
I shower cold usually but that because it is the only moment where I get to stop sweating for a few minutes! So cold is better, but we have plenty of hot water for all four of us to shower hot if we want!

  • Do you do your own laundry?
I do my own undies, we have hermanas (sisters) who do our laundry for us and they are awesome and do a great job! They are great ladies too, so it is fun to visit with them also!

  • Do you go and eat at restaurants or fast food places?
There is a place here called Tentate which is slow food that is kinda like fast food, but its not that good! You can order empanadas some nights so we do that sometimes but not often because we are poor ;) there are ton of just random shops everywhere in this country, to own a business you don't have to do anything more then have a sign and the stuff to do it.

  • Where do you get your hair cut?
We just go to a random Peluquería or just a haircutting shop, they do a decent job in my opinion. They are way christian and have like 30 bibles on their walls, its way weird!

  • How far is it to the nearest grocery store?
We have a vea or Argentine kind of Super Store less then a block from our house so its no problem to go, but its still like time wasting to go there!

  • Are the schools there public or private?
I have no idea about the schools, i think they are public, but kids always have like lab coats for school and some places have like a uniform so I don't know — maybe both, I think more private though!

  • Is the temperature a bit cooler there than in you first area? Do you notice?
I don't think it is any cooler here then it was in my old area, but it definitely is cooler during the nights — it just cools down here better so you can at least handle the heat when it is bed time!

  • Have you received a package from me yet?
No the soonest chance I have to get it is the 31st of this month and if not then I will get it in March! We only go to the offices once a month near the start so if its not there this Friday then I will get it like next month! 

I've been doing good with very little problems—just missing the family! 

Monday we went to this big public building and played volleyball and it was just fun and chill. I don't love my zone a ton, but they are good kids so its fun enough :) but I don't think we had anything special that day that happened!

Tuesday we did intercombios (exchanges) and it was kinda fun. We went and taught a lesson with a ward kid to an old man that is just kinda way crazy and every time we asked him about normal things he would answer and whenever we would ask about God related topics we would sit in silence for about 3 minutes and then he would say "Asi es la vida”, such is the life. It was way weird and way hard. We are gonna make a member go visit him and see what he can do, because that old guy is crazy! :)

Wednesday felt like a waste of a day, nothing happened in the morning and then we just had no luck in the night! But we still worked way hard. :)

Thursday for some reason we just didn't have much luck this day either. It was just a lot of quick chats with people fast and then they would have to go, so we talked to a lot of people but not a lot of lessons. We talked to one lady forever just about missions and who we are and she invited us over any time, but without a gospel topic just to be hanging out and chatting and eating good food and drinking mate! Funny, but I'm not thinking I can do that! :)

Friday we had a way dope activity for the young men this day where we took ten young men on a hour and ten minute bike ride on dirt roads to get to a river and just hang out. They needed our bikes, so we went along in case anyone got tired and it was just cool to be watching the boys riding for the goal and having fun! Then we had normal work because we left the boys to just camp with their leaders and we went home in a truck! That night we passed a blind guy just walking on the side of the road and I asked him if he wanted help? He said he was fine and we road on, but i immediately felt like I needed to go back and talk to him. So I walked and talked with him for thirty minutes. He was way dope! He went blind at nine and he just remembers every street and can just walk on his own because he basically has a map in his head. He would tell us where we were and where we needed to turn left like he could see perfectly, it was just amazing!! I talked about the gospel a little with him and he agreed with what i was saying about prophets and the plan of salvation. So I'm going to go by and teach him even though he doesn't live in my area. Every reference that I have passed to the sisters hasn't ever been talked to and this one is too important to not go to! :) 

Saturday we went about five kilometers on our bikes that morning and taught a new lesson to a nice lady who is maybe crazy, but it was good! We only had fifteen minutes to ride those five or six kilometers back to the house and grab clothes for the bike trip with the boys and make it to a lunch with a very on time hermana! We were two minutes late and we got a text from her telling us she was waiting! Then after that lunch, we biked way fast to the Burnett family to get on the truck to  go to the boys, we got there, ate a little and then we went on the rode. But two boys didn't want to ride so me and my companion got to ride home with the other young men! It was way freaking awesome and there was a ton of puddles on the roads back and I was in street clothes and I just thought why not—and we went and head back first as fast as I could through every single puddle! I got so wet and dirty and it was just everywhere and it was a blast! Most the deacons tried and did the same thing, and we just laughed and had fun! (I don't know if i told you but I'm the second councilor in our young men’s presidency, so me and dad share jobs kinda because our president is kinda less active!) But we got back way dirty and had to sprint to the house because we had a baptism in another area that the girl had asked my companion to do, so we had to get home in twenty minutes from a place that is about a ten to fifteen minute bike ride away shower and get ready and head over! When we were still about 500 yards from the house my companions bike got way flat and we just ran the rest of the way to the pension (apartment). It felt like a triathlon because of the puddles, the biking, and the running! But in the end everything was good and we got there no problem! Then the rest of the night was just normal except we actually taught an honest lesson where the dude just told us he just didn't have the desire to go to church at this point in his life! So we just dealt with it!

Sunday we had two good less active lessons and they said they would start praying and I'm going to text them and remind them of what they said they were going to do through out the week! Then we went to an investigator that I had promised way cool blessing that if she would read a verse every day and pray every night she would know it was true. She didn't read every night, but she prayed and she said she felt a peace and then I told her that was the spirit—it had told her how to continue! It was good and cool! Then we got transfer calls I'm still here going hard, but my companion is out. I’m getting some kid named elder LaFlur or something like that, he is a gringo and I don't know much about him except everyone that is a missionary who has found out has told me it sucks so we will see. I'm keeping my hopes low!

So that was my week we are doing good and hopefully we are going to see some success this transfer and have some progressing investigators that I can tell you about! 

I got this picture from hermana Franco. The younger one he is a pro soccer player and is awesome, he served his mission here 8 years ago and came to live here because he loved it so much and the other is Mario Burnett and the other is all the boys on the trip, so it was a lot! Four of those kids are not members so it was cool, but all those boys live in the sisters area! So ya that stinks for us, because they will now not get taught, but whatever I probably will go teach them anyways! ;) 

I love you all a ton, be safe, and happy, and keep living the dream life!

Love, Elder Benedict

Monday, January 19, 2015

I'm doing good

You guys have way to much fun all the time, did you know? I get all kinds of jealous from all the great little things I hear that you are doing, you guys are just all too fun! 

Did you record Taylor's talk for when I get home so I can hear his stories? He will have forgotten by the time I get home! 
He had quite a few dates this week—what a champ, but he didn't write me, so whatever... 

  • Are you doing good? Are you happy?
I’m doing good, I'm way tired which is bad. I still have a lot of work to do, but no stress I'm good kinds of tired. I am happy, but its been a pretty hard week, but don't worry I know why and what I'm doing! 

  • What is your town like? 
My town is little and its nice. Nothing bad happens here, it is just way calm and no robbers or anything. Its just way tranqilo and good. But lots of people like to lie to us or avoid us so thats not cool. 

  • What are the houses like?
The houses here can be nice, there are a lot that are not nice, they are more garbage and just brick, but the most are decent! 

  • How the heck do you ride that bike? Does it hurt your knees or your back?
Yes my knees are getting a little tired, but my butt is worse! Imagine never getting a day off and imagine that I ride for like three hours a day.... so ya, my butt hurts. I got a new seat after that picture was taken, but i thought it was just a funny picture to explain how crappy it was! 

  • How are Tania and Gonzalo. Eva and Maxi??
Tania and Gonzalo have been  avoiding us and Maxi and Eva weren't home yesterday during our cita (appointment) it was rough, but they are good — I hope! 

  • Could you keep taking beautiful pictures of your face like the one with the plate of rice? 
I’m not that good at remembering to take pictures it's not just something I think of, but I'm glad you liked that picture! 

  • Do you know I love you and miss you sooooooo much???
I didn't know that, but I'm glad, I miss you too!

These kids are the ex-missionaries kids that went with us that day and they came to. I love them! :) 

Monday we played some sports and then just went and tried to teach. People canceled but we did get in with one menos activo so that was good! We at least got to teach a little!

Tuesday we had good plans but when we got there with our members they said they didn't have time but these members are way awesome ex-missionaries and they saw a family just chilling by a stream of water from the road and stopped and we thought these three people lesson one, but at least we got to teach something and the people got to feel the spirit!

Wednesday we did exchanges I think it was in English and it was just a fine day we did service in the morning by talking to an old lady and cleaning her kitchen and then that night we didn't really get to teach, but we passed by a lot of people and it was good for those members and we did teach a family. I remember the elder I was with who is my brother, (elder Evans was his first comp) tore his pants on his bike up to his knee somehow! It was way funny! 

Thursday we got to teach a guy who is pretty cool, he is way active in his church and he likes to learn so we are teaching him, but he has been taught a lot and felt like God told him not to worry about man, but only God so he doesn't need to think if Joseph is a prophet. I tried to get him to read the Book of Mormon and see if it is scripture and if it is all is true! So that was good! 

Friday we had interviews with President and it was awesome! I love talking with him and just getting to learn some new stuff. He said I am doing everything I should be and to keep it up! Then we found a menos activo who wanted to go to church again, but it was cool because the day before we found him he had said to his mom, it has been a long time since we have gone to church, we should really go. Then we passed by the next day.

Saturday literally nothing—we got a flat tire and no success!

Sunday we had branch council meeting and I feel like we can progress, so I'm pumped but we didn't have any lessons that day either, but ya it was good to see that we are improving and going places!

So ya—thats my week! I miss you guys a freaking ton, but its good I'm still going somehow and will keep going like I should. 

I love hearing about Taylor, but I get way jealous—its kinda sad, but give it a little more time and that will be me, so no big deal! 


Love, Elder Benedict

I’m fine mom—calm down, all is good! :) 

I’m just tired because its hard mom! I know what to do though. I'm here for my God and my Savior and I am working for them. I know that I can do all the work as long as I keep my faith in them. I know that Christ is watching over me and I know that I will not be pushed passed my limits that is what I meant by I know why and what I'm doing. I know I'm here for God and I know how I can do it. I’m just weak, and still learning. But I am good. 
I love you mom! :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hardest P-Day Yet!

Honestly I can’t lie to you, this has been the hardest p-day of my mission—just the whole thing is way hard, I cried when I saw Taylor’s video because I want to hug him so bad!!! But whatever, for now that can’t happen... I’ll wait my turn somehow.... 

Questions Answered:
  • I just realized that if I am going to send you a package for your birthday I better get a padded envelope in the mail ASAP!! Is there anything that you want or need besides measuring cups and our family recipe book?
I want ties to give to elders that aren't amazing, but still good! Uhh I want letters that are handwritten, pictures, things that will make me think of home in a good way—stuff like that! 

  • What are your plans for p-day today?
We are playing kickball as a zone--so fun stuff planned! 

  • Tell me a little bit about your favorite person in Alvear General.
My favorite person is probably Pablo Yllanez ( The skinnier boy in the picture!) I went with him on my first week here, just me and him and the other boy in the photo and he is just cool and chill!

  • How are you and Elder Perez getting along?
Me and Perez are doing fine, he isn't very obedient which is hard but whatevs we work through it! 

  • What is the coolest thing you did this week?
This week? I broke my bike seat, but dad gets that picture!

  • How are the new investigators?
Uh—we had a zone conference in San Rapheal which was good but ya nothing too special. All the news are good, pray for Tania and Gonzalo and Eva and Maxi those are who I think have the most potential! 

Just so you know I am way jealous of everything that your letter has. Just so you know!

Chinese Rice

Monday, chill normal day, we played soccer. I got way sunburnt and it is way HOT, but it was fun too! We just taught some less actives and it was just fine

Tuesday we taught a menos activo who was baptized as a child and never went to church, but now we are teaching her like an investigator and she actually seems kind of interested so thats cool! Then we just taught one of our old news and she can’t read so its hard, there is a lot of people who can’t read, that makes this way hard, but its good!

My entire mission with D. Todd Christofferson

Wednesday we had zone meeting in San Rapheal the whole day, it was good, I napped, and just chilled, and talked, and ate at a cool restaurant and it was just fine and dandy!

Thursday we taught Tania again and she kinda seems interested and its way cool because her family are all members, but inactive for over 15 years and she never even really knew the church and she is good,but its weird because she just breast feeds through the entire lesson with her boob just chilling, its way weird....

Caramel Cake

Friday we did service in the morning and I got a blister which is sad I don't have my motorcycle hands anymore! That night we helped the other elders with a talent night it wasn't a ton of missionary work, but was good!
Saturday we went out and taught lessons with a 13 year old kid and it was great we taught two new investigators and then we didn't have any more luck, but we helped a member whose brother just died and it was a good use of time and he felt our love and the churches, so all good there!

Sunday we didn't have tons of special stuff—we got a new investigator Juan who is a little crazy and way hard to understand, but way good and he read the Book of Mormon as soon as we left and it was kinda cool because we could see him from where we were reading so maybe he can make it! Then we had another new investigator Eva and Maxi and they are great! They are my age and living together and its weird,  but good and we are going to help them be a eternal family! 

It was a good weekend of teaching and finding really and made me way happy!
So ya my week was good, but almost everyday I was just thinking of how Taylor is now home and I'm here and how weird it is and all this stuff that he is doing with you guys is just crazy, but awesome!! I’m way happy for him and you guys having all this fun—keep killing all the studies!

Tell Taylor he is a champ but he needs to write me and that I love him! 

I love you mom! Be safe and give everyone my love!

Love, Elder Benedict

So ya this is my bike! I sort of broke it this week, but don’t worry I bought a new seat it was just a crappy seat and I'm way too big for the bike, but its just funny that it bent how it did! I loved your comment on Taylor liking mountain biking, maybe all three of us can go when I get home, as long as you don't hurt him again. How did he fall? It couldn't have been a very big jump, but whatever! He is silly—but keep him enjoying it, I'm always jumping off curbs and trying to get courage to jump the ditches they have on all the roads, but the spirit tells me not to so I don't really think I will! So ya—this bike is awesome and I cant wait for the bike I get when I get home, I saw Taylor on that nice bike and I was way jealous I'm way jealous of all the fun stuff you guys are doing, but no stress I want to hear about it! Keep up all the good work and love everyone for me!  I’m happy and sad, but know that we are going to go even harder then you guys are right now, be ready!!!
Love you Dad!

Sincerely, Jayson

Thursday, January 8, 2015

We screamed happy new years and just went to bed!

5 January 2015

  • Did you stay in New Years Eve and New Years Day?
On New Years Eve we left the apartment a little bit, but not much. We didn't teach any, but we weren't allowed to proselyte on either day. 

  • The Burnett family and the picture you sent of you and them—where was the picture taken? 
That picture was taken in a kind of garage thing that they had for all the tables that was just our Christmas Eve though where I ate cow tongue.

  • How is your bum?? Are you biking everyday?
My bum is beyond tired—my bike is super crappy and its back sprocket just shattered this week from all the crap it goes through, I'm pretty sure we go more then ten miles a day so its just use, and its a crappy Argentine bike so it struggles. 

  • What is rama?
A rama is a branch so its just a president and his counselors who report directly to the mission president there aren't many here in my mission, but we have one that has a large amount of people who attend but not very many people who have the priesthood and pay tithing in full.

  • How is Body for the Gods working for you?
ody of a God is way hard its 50 wide push ups, 25 middles or normal, then 20 diamond push ups then you do sit ups until your abs hurt and then you do 100 crunches and you do 25 frog jumps looking at the ceiling and then you do 100 bicycles and then 100 Russians I don't know how to describe it—we called them Lancers at school, ask Tay he might know, 25 leg lifts and then one arm planks for one minute each side. We do that for three weeks then wI start doing more of everything and you do it everyday! its awesome!

  • Tell me a little bit about Mama Rasteli…I love her tons for loving you!!!!

Mama Rasteli is the wife of a councilor in our mission presidency and she is just an angel. She was friends with Elder Evans and she cooked a food I liked and I talked with her got her recipe and we have become friends and she talks about me sometimes to others and tells me I'm awesome and I just love her!  She is a great 55 year old lady!

Conferencia de Zona MA, GU, y ME

My week was great and yours sounds pretty good too! You guys have so much fun all the time—promise me that we are going to go hard like that when i get home, snow shoeing and cars and fun and life and shopping, I miss it all!

Monday we had no luck and we just chilled in the pens (apartment) for p-day. It was kinda lame. Today at least we are going to play soccer so that should be fun, but last Monday wasn't great!

Tuesday we worked hard and had district meeting which was good and just cool to learn about some other peoples areas, that was way fun! Then that night as we were looking for people who had the priesthood we went to this guy named Hector Munos and we got there and his wife told us he died and she cried with us as we talked about the Plan of Salvation with her and she seemed interested and we told her about how she could see him and be with him again. She was never baptized so we are going to see what we can do tomorrow with her!

Wednesday I got a kilo of ice cream that was awesome and that was my plan for the day of new years eve but we went to an old ladies house in the branch and she served us a chicken and some banana ice cream and it was just fun and we had a good time! We stayed up until midnight and it was just a good time. We screamed happy new years and just went to bed!

Thursday we were literally not allowed to leave the pension (apartment) this day so we didn't and just chilled I cooked some teriyaki chicken for some tacos and then some chocolate spice cake for the new years it was way fun and good food. I’ll send you the pictures after this! 

Friday we worked way hard and rode a lot and then my bikes sprocket shattered and we had to go buy me a new one and it was not cool so we walked home and then walked to get them way far away later in the night, but it was still fine but we didn't get to teach anyone that day.

Saturday we had a morning of knocking doors and no one let us in, or they were not home or no one wanted to talk to me so that kinda sucked, but we dealt and it was just a fine time!  Then that night we did an intercombio (exchange) and me and elder Charca another child of Elder Evans in the mission and we went and the people we had citas or appointments with rejected us, but then we knocked like five doors and it was way cool because this lady let us teach her and it was good! Then we went to another area and taught another new family who seems interested and then the next house we knocked told us to come back Sunday. So we taught a lot Saturday night it was awesome, but weird because Charca teaches weird — but it was good!

Sunday we got a new presidency so we had to have a new meeting with everyone so we missed our appointments, but we showed up late and taught anyways and it was way good and this new family said they would read and pray, we are going to pass by and see later but it was good! We got a lot of new people this week. You should pray for the Molina family, Gonzalo and Tania Munos, Adalina, Patricio Marcus and Carlos and thats it —oh, and family Rodrigues.

So ya, that was my week! It was fun and good and I miss you guys like crazy, but its almost been five months — I’m almost home ;) 

I love you lots, good luck with everything!
Love, Elder Benedict