Sunday, November 29, 2015

Not the Golden Boy!

Okay, I will do my best to make this one a little more spiritual, but you know me I'm not the golden boy! I think I need to start by writing your letter first because I always just run out of drive to make it a good letter. I will do my best to make you my first letter, but in case people don't know if you get a crappy letter it’s because I wrote it last! So don't be offended, I just try to get to all my people written. So ya that’s my life!

  • What is Elder Rouche first name? 
My comps name is Gerret and it’s good we get a long well, its just like I went from Elder Bingham which will be one of my best friends for the rest of forever, to a different companion and it’s just new and different! 

From Left to Right
Me, Elder Oveson, Elder Bingham and Elder Rouche

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being a Bro) how well do you get along with your companion?
I would say like a solid 7, we get a long.

  • Where do you go to church? Is it a ward? A branch?
We go to a ward—it the church that is right next to the office that I work in. It’s a solid ward not huge, but it’s big, were even smaller because all the strong members go to the other wards due to stake calling. 

  • How is your training of the new incoming secretary going?
So training is good, its fun, its weird because I teach him how to do it and then I'm like well what do I do now? Usually I go and chill with Elder Bingham and he keeps me sane! 

  • How was your Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving, we didn't do anything yet. We are making a ton of pies right now and we are going to have a huge dinner tomorrow with the matrimony that I call mom and dad, The Warners. We are going to have a feast, its going to be awesome!!!! 

  • Any idea where your package is in Mendoza?
The package is still in Buenos Aires, but I got the paper work for it, they still need a broker to go get it. I don't think its going to come! We did what we could but its fine, this country just doesn't like all the ties in it, they think I want to sell them when I really just want them. But whatever life goes on.

Sunday was a really normal day just chilling. We played some Sudoku and that was fun and good stress relief actually, we did that like 3 times this week. I really enjoyed it!

Elder Hollis passes out....

we decided to have some fun!!

Monday we started planning for tramites for the week and then we got all the stuff ready for a Brazilian who was going home the next day. Then we just worked like normal. We went out to the area and just opened the mouth with no luck, but then we had a barbecue with the Bishop for dinner and it was way awesome. I love that man a ton!
Me in a Hermanas Hat

Tuesday we almost missed a plane for the Brazilian—his plane left earlier then we thought and we were seconds from missing the flight. So we got him on by the skin of our teeth. Then we finished 3 kids in migraciones so that was good. Then we went to the area and still didn't make it into any house, but we talked to some more people and that was good.
Me at the Faria In San Luis

Wednesday Elder Bingham and Elder Romero and I went to San Luis to go talk to the migraciones there about my tramites, and then we went and talked to a place about renting a house from them and we got that all done and moved the elders into their new house while my kid went and did migraciones and then got everything ready to send another girl out of the country. We didn't make it to the area that night.

Thursday we went and did even more migraciones work. You would think that was like my full time job or something. We then couldn't go to the area because we had to wait for a mini-missionary and we got the kid from the terminal and then we just went to bed once he was already prepared to go in the morning. Ee also met some Hungarians, Austrians, and Germans and that was way cool, it’s amazing the people you meet.

Friday we put the mini-missionary on his bus and met two people from Ireland, and then we worked in the office that day and went to work in the area early. We went and talked to some people building like a easy up, but it was more like a tent and it was like weird so we asked if they wanted help and they actually said yes, so we helped them with it and then we taught them a lesson. It was awesome, but also the weirdest lesson I have ever taught. They asked us about if we were sexually active and how we handle not participating in it. They talked about coffee and alcohol and then more about chastity and then we talked about the power of Christ to help us through the moments when we are tempted because they had a ton of questions about stuff that was weird like gay tendencies and we talked about Christ and how he can help us through those moments and change us so that we are not like that anymore. I felt the spirit testify through me that its true, Jesus can make us change — he can help us be better. My companion talked about how our faces are very much in front of Christ at all time and he is there looking at us and trying to make it better and know without a doubt that he is there and he is waiting and helping us at all times, he wants our success more then we want it. He loves us and he can give us the help we need if we are living in accordance to his laws and we are asking and looking for it! I love my Savior even if I don't always show it and i slip and i fall and all of these things go wrong. Christ still loves me and he wants whats best for me and all of us. Then we taught Ariel and he was crazy as normal and we talked about how he needs the church because he was ready to give up. We made him feel better and I think he will be coming to church this Sunday, I know he has the potential and he can do it with Christ.

Working with Elder Bingham

Saturday we played soccer and then we just wrote. I get to make 6 dozen rolls tomorrow because I make the best ones I guess, but I also got invited to a Catholic church and the lady promised us that if we went she would come to ours, so we are going and it should be interesting, but good at the same time!


So there is the week! I love you guys a ton! I’m still working on the photo, when do you need it by? I love you mama! Be safe and happy! 

Love, Jayson

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Training my replacement

So its been a really good week, but its also been way busy so I’m just way tired! I didn't go to bed until 1 in the morning like 3 times and now I could just sleep…but I mean there aint no rest for the wicked! I don't have a lot of time so this may be a quick one, sorry!

  • How was your crazy busy week?
It was fun with the craziness, I liked it really! 

  • So did you get your package I sent you yet?
I got some papers, but not the package so I'm still waiting, but I will call and find out tomorrow!

  • Who drives you to do all your migrations work?
When I couldn't drive it would be Elder Solomon or Elder Hollis, but I just got privileges back on Sunday night so now I can drive—its way better now!!! 

  • Lluvia let me listen to a minute of your voice that you sent her—she says that you speak beautiful Spanish! 
I’m glad you like the Spanish.

  • Are you training your replacement? If yes, who is he and where is he from?
 I am training, and he is a good guy! He is from Parawan, Utah, its like 15 minutes north of Ceder City, his name is Elder Rusch and he actually started the mission the same time as me! He speaks Spanish well, he doesn't speak English, and thats kind of annoying because even if the people don't speak Spanish he wont speak to them in English, because he has honestly forgot it, honestly it annoys me a bit, but its fine, I'm going to try and make him learn english. But we get a long.

  • Are you feeling happier, or still feeling a bit in the dumps?
I am feeling happier, but nothing special!

Saturday we got transfers and talked about how weird it was that I was going to be training a kid who had the same time as me! It’s cool, i destroyed Elder Bingham's face with a soccer ball, it looked awesome! 

Sunday just normal, we called the replacements and that was fun, but nothing special!

Monday going like crazy getting bags and everything ready. Having the old people where they needed to be to get what they needed done and just all of it was way crazy and hard, and then I finally got done with all the going home packets at 1 in the morning and got to bed at 1:30 in the morning!

Tuesday we rocked the 70’s event, but I missed the photo, because I was at the airport trying to get all the old people out on there flights, so I wasn't there for the photo! But that doesn't matter. I got everyone that day to the buses on time, I also started my work with my hijo and he is now learning a lot! Its awesome! 

Wednesday we went and worked on travel to get everyone back to Mendoza for the second capacitation meeting here in Mendoza so a lot more ticket buying. Then we went and got everyone from the terminal finally done at 1 in the morning again.

Thursday we went and got everyone back from second capacitacion and just started working and planning some tramites for the next day and got everything ready for 6 people on Friday.

Friday we showed up to do the tramites in migracions early without a problem, and then we got half done, but my friend there was swamped with work so he told me that we couldn't do the other half, all of the people that were with me were from far away and I didn't want them to come back, so I talked to him and in the end we worked it all out. Then we got everyone home and it was all great!

Saturday we played soccer and had fun. Now I’m just writing a ton of people! It’s been nice, but crazy! 

I have to go now, but i love you to the moon and back — be safe this week! Love, Jayson

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Good long week for me

So its been a good, long week for me. I don’t think I have ever felt like I had so much going on and had so little drive to be doing it. Maybe that’s just how I'm feeling today, I don’t know the last two days I've just been feeling way out of it, not in the sick way, but just like way out of it. I don’t really know why, I don’t know. But it’s been good!


  • How are you doing?
I’m doing pretty good! These last two days I've been feeling way in the dumps! I don’t know why, but it hasn't been good and thats all that!

  • Did you get to go out and teach?
We gave someone a baptism date, but other then last Saturday and Sunday we didn't get any new work done! 

  • Do you ever have spiritual experiences being in the offices?
Yes I have lots of spiritual experiences, different but good—they are like real world ones not the mission ones.

  • Did you go to Buenos Aires again?
Not this week!

  • Do you think you will get your driving privileges back?
I don't think I will ever get to go drive again in the mission!

  • What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
I don't really know what the plan is, but we are going to get together some good amounts of money and buy a large turkey and have some good fun trying to make a real dinner for us!

  • How is the weather? Is it getting warmer?
It is now quite warm, but I don't go out much because I'm busy doing other things, but I do miss the real world of heat and all that jazz.

Saturday we played soccer in the blazing sun and got a little sunburnt and it was fun, but really I just wanted to be at the pool, that or just cruising on my new bike down all the roads. I hope you´re ready mamma I’m going to get back and we are going to go riding a ton that first month back, for sure at least till I have to go to school. Then that night me and Bings went out and worked and we taught two menos activos and it was way awesome and we felt good about it. Neither of them came to church, but it was good!

Sunday we had normal meetings and just did the normal run through, but that night we went out and worked again and we decided to go visit Ariel and take some of Presidents advice that Bingham had received the week before in interviews and we told him that he had already received his answer that he needed to be baptized and then we told him that we wanted him to be baptized by someone who holds the authority of God and he said yes and we put the date as the 26th of December because he still has a long way to go, but we are doing what we can for him!

Monday it was a calmer day, but I was still working a ton—doing stuff for President because he was in the offices and just getting all that work done. I have to get the entire mission to the Mendoza Stake Center on Tuesday next week, which also happens to be the day when I send all the old missionaries home and get the newbies and have to get all the companionship stuff changed that same day! All this and I will probably be training a new Elder to replace me in the offices. So it should be fun! I changed the whole plan on Monday so it was a blast, then I went and bought tickets!

Tuesday I did the first half of the visa work for 2 hermanas, one new and one who lives in Buenos Aires from Columbia so that was fun, then I helped them work on the special musical number they are putting on for the General Authority meeting and after that just worked on getting all the papers together for more tramites!

Wednesday we did the migraciones for 3 people and it was fun, but I screwed up on one of them — it was dumb, I extended the tourist visa and after it has been renewed I can’t give that person residency until the tourist visa has run out. Way dumb, but whatever so I just have to wait for one of them now. Then I got them all back to areas and started working on my next day tramites, and also worked for President to get some stuff figured out that’s going on in the mission.

Thursday I took 10 people to go to the first half of tramites and it was fun, but long and I was way tired after it. While I was doing it I got a call from one of my best friends in the mission an Elder  telling me he had to go to Presidents house, he had just been in a huge car accident the other week where a member died so I thought it was for that, after he was interviewed and came back to us he told me he was going home for past sins and I cried. I hate sending people home and even worse when I love them a lot like this one. So that was hard, that and I always have to evaluate my own worthiness when someone goes home for it, I'm like “Am I worthy?”, even when I have received spiritual confirmation of it. It’s just weird. And sad.

Friday I did 5 peoples tramites for migraciones and we were there for a long time, but that’s okay, I didn’t mind it. I screwed up one because his stuff hadn’t completely expired yet and it was dumb that they wouldn’t let me do it all the same, but whatever they have the power I just bring the stuff and they tell me what I can and cant do, so I just do my best!!!

Saturday I had to take 3 people to the airport this morning and I've just been working and writing the family. I fasted yesterday and that was good so its been a good week really. I'm way tired and its going to be good to see the end of this week, but its been good!

So ya, I love you a lots. How are you doing? I feel like you became a movie-aholic since I left you watched like 10 movies this week I think :) 

Write me back like now! I want to chat!   Be safe this week and have fun! 

Love, Jayson

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Yes I'm being better...

So it’s been a good week, a long week and I'm way tired, but thats okay, I like being tired. I haven't had problems with getting in trouble this week so thats nice! This maybe a kinda lazy letter because I'm feeling lazy, but ya sorry! :)

Me and the Elder I took to Buenos Aires with our sexy glasses on!


  • Did you try to celebrate Halloween this year?
We sorta celebrated but we didn't carve pumpkins or anything like that so not really, but my comp had a cow mask so it counts!

  • How was your trip to Aconcagua?
It was a way fun trip just a good nice getaway!

  • Are you trying to be a little cleaner, a little more respectful, and a little more humble…after the rough week of chastisement?
Yes I'm being better..

  • How was your trip to Buenos Aires this week?
The trip was good!

Sunday we did the normal stuffs and just enjoyed a good Sunday. I made rolls for everyone to go with the roast and the dinner and everyone loved it!

Monday we had interviews with President and it was good — we just chatted and it was nice to talk with him when he wasn't mad at me! I also worked on some more stuff I needed to work on!
Me with my bosses children

Tuesday I did some tramites for a Columbian and then just basically got ready for the Buenos Aires trip. My boss invited us to dinner with her and we got to enjoy her family and it was a blast! I felt really honored because I know that other secretaries don't get to do that, I've just been able to be good friends with her and it has helped me a ton!
Wednesday we got everything done and got him a new passport that same day. It was way cool, we then went to the center for cheap shopping and it was just a blast really! Way good kid that I was with so we just got to enjoy the time! We met a gal that one of the guys from my MTC dated while we were there and it was just weird and fun! Then we got home and waited for a car to come get us…. in the rain.
Me and Aconcagua

Thursday we did tramites for two kids. When one of them entered the country they did it wrong and we couldn't find his paper of entrance so he wasn't in the system and he didn't have proof that he entered the country legally, so it was way bad! We thought I was going to have to take him to Chili and get him a new visa, but that would have been way to awesome so we just went and looked in his pension (apartment) and found his paper visa sadly. We are still working on it, but we will see! I had to buy tickets for 4 people to go to Chili on my personal card — if you guys see that charge, so we will see what happens hopefully no one steals my info! Oh also a girl here in the mission invited me to go hiking with her in Hawaii so we need to go while school is in… I vote during the fall break, but thats just me, I mean I'm not one to say no to a girl to go night hiking in Hawaii ;)
Me with my best friends!

Friday I did tramites for two hermanas and then we had this way good Mexican lunch of sopas that is what they are called it, it was fun and we just chatted with hermanas. Then last night we went and worked in the area and afterwords chatted with the hermanas in my ward because we had a meeting that the ward mission leader never came too!

So that was my week, nothing too special, but it was good! 

I love you mom! If you have any questions let me know! 

Love Jayson

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rough Week

I have like no time so I'm going to do this really fast—I’m sorry about that, but we are going to go to a mountain that we have here in Mendoza that is really huge called Aconcagua, but it will take most of the p-day so I need to get writing done like now! So it should be a good day! 

  • When did Elder Jacobson go home?
Elder Jacobsen went home last Friday and it was kinda funny because I fought for him to have special help on all the airlines. I was calling people to make sure he had wheelchairs and all the stuff he needed to get from where he was at, and then in Atlanta he would have one and while he was here! It was good! He wrote me that they took really good care of him! So all went well!

  • Do you know and Elder Robert Oveson in your mission? (Our regular server at Litza’s lives by his family.)
I do know Elder Ovesen, in reality I think it is a very high possibility that he will be the secretary after me. We don't really have a lot of people who can potentially be it and he meets all the criteria, so I think he has a high chance of coming in and being my little office baby! 

  • My mom was in a 3 car accident at the intersection by Arby’s—not her fault, she is fine!
Gram-Gram got in a three car accident and is fine? How and what happened?

  • Any luck getting the package from Buenos Aires?
I didn't have any luck  with the package, but I'm going to see what I can do for it on Monday. I’m really busy for the next couple weeks, but I’ll work on it!

  • How was your trip to Buenos Aires? Tell me all about it!!!
I’ll tell you about the trip in the meat of the letter! 

  • It is getting cold here…in fact we have a bit of snow in the high mountains!! Are you getting warmer there?
It is getting warmer, but it’s cold today, and in the mountains where we are going its going to be like 2 degrees Celsius. 

  • What gifts did you get for your bosses? Did they love them?
I got them those little wooden cups that they call mate cups here. And they loved them! The boss that I felt like didn't really like me loved his a ton and it was awesome!! He gave me a hug — I think everyone is always nice to the woman boss Valeria because she is way nice and we all get to meet her, but none of us meet Abel — we just annoy him for stuff we need so when I brought him something, I think he felt appreciated and it was way cool that it made him so happy! Valeria also loved hers! They were some really good looking mates!

Sunday we had district meeting where I got some way hard chastisement for speaking informal Spanish to people because it is so common here. I justified using it to establish better relations, but my district leader is right I should follow the rules. Then later that night I got a call from President where I got told some really hefty stuff about how I was driving... it was way rough!

Monday in the morning Hermana Goates came to the offices and chastised us about cleaning and our example. I then had a special interview with President, it was a really hard interview. Don't worry I'm not going home but it was rough. Then later that day I got a call from President about something that happened with the police last week. The short story some Elders got robbed, I got a call from a friend who told me that the robber wanted to give the phone back, and then we went to get it back he wanted money and we wanted the phone—so the deal didn't happen. We went to the police and got the kid arrested for being an assistant to robbery. We then had to witness against the kid written in the report. When President found out he shut the areas, took the missionaries out and let us know what we had done wrong. We didn't see it at as wrong to go to the police with the problem, but the kid got put in prison so maybe his family or his friends want to hurt or kill our missionaries. My 19 year old brain didn't see that! It saw we got robbed, I know where the perpetrator is, and where he was at. It was rough really because we tried really hard to just do it right and save President the work and then we just screwed it up way bad. So I got two chastising calls about that from other people too. Then we just worked on the consejo that was happening the next day with the zone leaders.

Tuesday I worked on some stuff early, but lost all desire to work because I felt awful and I cant drive, so I also couldn't leave the office. Then I get a very stern chat about pride from the mission nurse who cooks us lunch on Sunday and it was hard. Then I somehow missed the special interview I was supposed to have with President which was good…I was like steps away from asking to just be sent home. It was a really rough two days of just getting chastised all day. It’s like no one really cares that we are now the 3rd most legal mission in Argentina instead of the most illegal mission in the world — they just focused way hard on the mistakes. It was bad. I almost called you like 20 times I'm not even kidding... but I made it through it all.

Wednesday I worked on some tramites for a few friends and got the one from Mexico partially legal the one who I'm going to Buenos Aires with next week. Then I picked up Elder Call from the terminal. Elder Call is the kid I went to Buenos Aires with this week. So then I went and packed and then we went to Buenos Aires. There was no one waiting for us when we got there, so I got us a taxi to our hotel. When we got there we went to dinner and then bed, but I loved the city. There should have been someone to come get us, but no one came so I sorta walked around a foreign capital city for 30 minutes looking for our hotel. It was awesome!

Thursday we went to the embassy and got all the work done. I talked to a lot of people from the states and that was way fun. One guy even told us he doesn't believe the things we do, but he loves what we do, and he feels that Mormons are some of the greatest people on earth! Then we got to go to the church headquarters building and I met all the people I talk with all the time, but never really get to meet. It was fun to just enjoy them, and talk and see the other side of my job. I would go work in that office building in a heart beat. I loved it! Then we went to go to Boca Stadium and it was way cool. Boca is a huge team in Argentina! (I have a Boca jersey) I took tons of pictures and will try and send them later. Then we went to the airport where we met a ton of Americans and chatted with them and shared the gospel and then we talked to 3 Canadians, and then we got on the plane. We  waited 2 hours on the tarmac for take off and then we finally went and made it home at 10pm. After working a little and having a heart attack thinking that I lost all the super important papers I needed that I got while I was in Buenos Aires, I finally went to bed at about 12am. Way awesome trip!

Friday I did 5 peoples tramites, 3 for one half and 2 for another, I got them all done and paid for, and have 4 more people legal now. I’m also getting the papers I need to do 20 more, so I have some more work to do! 

Saturday to Aconcagua we go—it should be awesome! 
So yup thats my week! 

So I love you — I have no time, so I love you tons! Be safe, if you have anymore questions shoot them to me. I should be home in time to respond to them! 

I love you a ton, let dad know I'm going to respond. 

Love, Jayson