Sunday, November 22, 2015

Training my replacement

So its been a really good week, but its also been way busy so I’m just way tired! I didn't go to bed until 1 in the morning like 3 times and now I could just sleep…but I mean there aint no rest for the wicked! I don't have a lot of time so this may be a quick one, sorry!

  • How was your crazy busy week?
It was fun with the craziness, I liked it really! 

  • So did you get your package I sent you yet?
I got some papers, but not the package so I'm still waiting, but I will call and find out tomorrow!

  • Who drives you to do all your migrations work?
When I couldn't drive it would be Elder Solomon or Elder Hollis, but I just got privileges back on Sunday night so now I can drive—its way better now!!! 

  • Lluvia let me listen to a minute of your voice that you sent her—she says that you speak beautiful Spanish! 
I’m glad you like the Spanish.

  • Are you training your replacement? If yes, who is he and where is he from?
 I am training, and he is a good guy! He is from Parawan, Utah, its like 15 minutes north of Ceder City, his name is Elder Rusch and he actually started the mission the same time as me! He speaks Spanish well, he doesn't speak English, and thats kind of annoying because even if the people don't speak Spanish he wont speak to them in English, because he has honestly forgot it, honestly it annoys me a bit, but its fine, I'm going to try and make him learn english. But we get a long.

  • Are you feeling happier, or still feeling a bit in the dumps?
I am feeling happier, but nothing special!

Saturday we got transfers and talked about how weird it was that I was going to be training a kid who had the same time as me! It’s cool, i destroyed Elder Bingham's face with a soccer ball, it looked awesome! 

Sunday just normal, we called the replacements and that was fun, but nothing special!

Monday going like crazy getting bags and everything ready. Having the old people where they needed to be to get what they needed done and just all of it was way crazy and hard, and then I finally got done with all the going home packets at 1 in the morning and got to bed at 1:30 in the morning!

Tuesday we rocked the 70’s event, but I missed the photo, because I was at the airport trying to get all the old people out on there flights, so I wasn't there for the photo! But that doesn't matter. I got everyone that day to the buses on time, I also started my work with my hijo and he is now learning a lot! Its awesome! 

Wednesday we went and worked on travel to get everyone back to Mendoza for the second capacitation meeting here in Mendoza so a lot more ticket buying. Then we went and got everyone from the terminal finally done at 1 in the morning again.

Thursday we went and got everyone back from second capacitacion and just started working and planning some tramites for the next day and got everything ready for 6 people on Friday.

Friday we showed up to do the tramites in migracions early without a problem, and then we got half done, but my friend there was swamped with work so he told me that we couldn't do the other half, all of the people that were with me were from far away and I didn't want them to come back, so I talked to him and in the end we worked it all out. Then we got everyone home and it was all great!

Saturday we played soccer and had fun. Now I’m just writing a ton of people! It’s been nice, but crazy! 

I have to go now, but i love you to the moon and back — be safe this week! Love, Jayson

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