Sunday, November 8, 2015

Yes I'm being better...

So it’s been a good week, a long week and I'm way tired, but thats okay, I like being tired. I haven't had problems with getting in trouble this week so thats nice! This maybe a kinda lazy letter because I'm feeling lazy, but ya sorry! :)

Me and the Elder I took to Buenos Aires with our sexy glasses on!


  • Did you try to celebrate Halloween this year?
We sorta celebrated but we didn't carve pumpkins or anything like that so not really, but my comp had a cow mask so it counts!

  • How was your trip to Aconcagua?
It was a way fun trip just a good nice getaway!

  • Are you trying to be a little cleaner, a little more respectful, and a little more humble…after the rough week of chastisement?
Yes I'm being better..

  • How was your trip to Buenos Aires this week?
The trip was good!

Sunday we did the normal stuffs and just enjoyed a good Sunday. I made rolls for everyone to go with the roast and the dinner and everyone loved it!

Monday we had interviews with President and it was good — we just chatted and it was nice to talk with him when he wasn't mad at me! I also worked on some more stuff I needed to work on!
Me with my bosses children

Tuesday I did some tramites for a Columbian and then just basically got ready for the Buenos Aires trip. My boss invited us to dinner with her and we got to enjoy her family and it was a blast! I felt really honored because I know that other secretaries don't get to do that, I've just been able to be good friends with her and it has helped me a ton!
Wednesday we got everything done and got him a new passport that same day. It was way cool, we then went to the center for cheap shopping and it was just a blast really! Way good kid that I was with so we just got to enjoy the time! We met a gal that one of the guys from my MTC dated while we were there and it was just weird and fun! Then we got home and waited for a car to come get us…. in the rain.
Me and Aconcagua

Thursday we did tramites for two kids. When one of them entered the country they did it wrong and we couldn't find his paper of entrance so he wasn't in the system and he didn't have proof that he entered the country legally, so it was way bad! We thought I was going to have to take him to Chili and get him a new visa, but that would have been way to awesome so we just went and looked in his pension (apartment) and found his paper visa sadly. We are still working on it, but we will see! I had to buy tickets for 4 people to go to Chili on my personal card — if you guys see that charge, so we will see what happens hopefully no one steals my info! Oh also a girl here in the mission invited me to go hiking with her in Hawaii so we need to go while school is in… I vote during the fall break, but thats just me, I mean I'm not one to say no to a girl to go night hiking in Hawaii ;)
Me with my best friends!

Friday I did tramites for two hermanas and then we had this way good Mexican lunch of sopas that is what they are called it, it was fun and we just chatted with hermanas. Then last night we went and worked in the area and afterwords chatted with the hermanas in my ward because we had a meeting that the ward mission leader never came too!

So that was my week, nothing too special, but it was good! 

I love you mom! If you have any questions let me know! 

Love Jayson

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