Monday, January 25, 2016

Teaching and Learning

So I'm doing part of my writing for the week really early today to save me from doing it later when I'm not sure we are going to have time! We are in San Luis this morning to get ourselves a new phone, as much as I don't like to play the blame game my comp left it on a window sill and forgot about it until 10:30, but we will get to that later! So I got the name and phone number of the people in Burley Idaho and I will send it to you. What I want is the Frisbee, but now my camera is tripping out way worse then before. I don't have it with me because I forgot it, but it’s the semi bulky one that looks like our big camera, but smaller. You should still have the box somewhere in the house, so if you could find me both a battery and the charger that would be cool, or if there is just a small digital camera lying around like the one Taylor used during his mission that I could use for the rest of mine that would be great. I don't know what the weird charger I had did, but it will charge the battery and it has power, but it won’t turn on my camera. Worse is that Canon doesn't exist in this country!  So a replacement would probably be the best!

  • How close is the church from your apartment?
The church is like 6 blocks from my house super close!

  • Did Rosa get baptized this week?
Rosa... nope, she is well, ill explain in the week.

  • Service with the Zarate? What?
Those pictures of the wall with the window was when we did service for the family Zarate, that’s what their name is, what did you think I meant?

Monday we taught a menos activo named David and it was good, but he just complains mostly — still good stuff. Then we went and helped a man milk cows. I have pictures, but the camera is trippen! Then we went and taught more menos activos and it was fun to chat with them. One of their daughters served in Concepcion Chile South mission, which is where Lexy’s sister served, and when I asked her if she knew her I found out that Sister Horning trained this lady! It was hilarious to me! Its a small world!

Tuesday we taught Yesica and it was really good! We got her to pray and we felt the spirit. She even said she felt good listening to us in her prayer and asked God for help and it was awesome!!! Then we taught our ward mission leaders sister and she prayed it was awesome! And then we taught Daniel more about the family history work and he was excited and ready to go and do the temple work that week. He went Saturday with the ward!

Wednesday we went and taught the family Lucero and it was good, but they are just lacking something…I don’t know, its like they want to come back, but are just too lazy to really do it! We are trying though! Then we taught the Quiroga parents and it was so good, I was talking to the wife and teaching her and my companion was teaching the husband and we both taught to their needs and they felt way good and it was awesome! I love that family so much!!!! We also had a huge world conference with all the missionaries of the world and it was so good! I learned so much about my job and how to be more effective as a missionary and it was really just awesome! So maybe I will take pictures of the notes I took and send them to you when I can get the camera working...

Thursday Daniela, this lady is way nice and already has a testimony that the church is true, but we are just lacking her husband and her crazy kids and its just a hassle to get them all to church, but she wants to so I'm hoping we can make it happen. Then we just had meetings that day!

Friday we went and were going to take a bus to part of our area that is about an hour away, but we missed it by a couple seconds so we had to wait and thats when we lost the phone. Then that night we did service, moving a ton of brick and it was also good! We were with the Luceros, it was fun, but the husband got drunk and it was just weird for me, I did not like it...

Saturday we taught the family Sejas and it was awesome! When we realized that we didn't have the phone, we ran to where we had left it and still couldn't find it, but we asked the people who lived there if they saw it and they said no. My companion talked to them about us being missionaries even though we were in normal clothes after doing service and then we told them we would come back the next day. We taught them  lesson one and it was awesome! The spirit helped them and the husband seems really interested — I loved them a lot. Then we went and taught the Rosa, but her brother was super drunk and agitated and he started to yell at us and he was trying to open the door to her house to throw us out, because the stupid mormons can’t do anything good. So after listening to swear words for about 20 minutes, Rosa called the cops and it was bad, we left while the cops watched and we bounced! I'm not sure we should ever go back to that house…

Sunday we had church. All 4 of the people who were recently baptized went to the temple this week and it was awesome, they bore their testimonies, and it was just great! It felt awesome! That night we taught a menos activo and it was good, but nothing special. Then we taught the Quiroga family. They are awesome, but it’s hard, because I know they are interested, but less then I want them to be. I love them a ton, but its just like hard because they are not really progressing and its hard to help them progress! But it was good! Now I'm in San Luis trying to go get a phone. 

I love you mommy — have a great day! No pictures because no camera, but maybe someday... 

I love you! Jayson

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lots of fotos this week!

It has been a way good week! I'm way tired, but its been good and fun and thats what matters right? I don't know I just know I like it! I love what I do! The missions awesome. It’s hard, but its great! I’m starting to feel like I have 17 months, but I'm trying hard not to think that way! 

When your button up shirt is so loose you can see the shirt underneath

To questions! 

  • Are you doing as good as you seem to be doing?
I’m really doing good, I'm tired and I can tell I'm not as good at all this as I once was, but I'm good! 

  • Do you have the name and phone number of the people who may be going to Argentina in February?
I don't have the info yet, but the last name is Masoner and they live in Burly, Idaho!

  • Besides a battery charger and a real ultimate Frisbee…what else do you want and or need?
I got a charger so don't worry — all that is taken care of! I’m taking photos again! I just really want a frisbee to be honest!

  • How are your feet doing? Any blisters?
My feets are good, my companion is struggling with his, but he is tough so no problems!

  • How do you like the jump rope? Is it working for you?
I love my jump rope!! I make my own workouts and they are brutal, but it’s good—its like cross-fit, but with jump rope and not running because my comp doesn't wake up really!

  • What have you been cooking lately? Real food? Treats?
I don’t cook really… like rice and onion and stuff like that, but we don't have an oven that works so I can’t cook, it really sucks!

  • What is the name of the guy that got baptized last week? I’m so sorry you missed the confirmation. Who baptized him? Who confirmed him?
The baptism was Daniel Rojas, he is awesome! He is the biggest blessing ever! His friend Federick baptized him and a guy named Franco from the ward confirmed him! Way stud! We will talk about him in the week!

  • Have you talked to the Senior Elder (Moroni on the temple) guy? Any luck getting you package from Buenos Aires?
Elder Vilche hasn't visited yet, so not yet! No news on the package from my end! Sorry ma!

  • Man it looks like it is going to be toasty HOT in your neck of the woods. Super COLD here! How are you keeping cool?
It’s really hot, but we work the same and just roll with it! I don't know its not too bad!

Now that you have been in Argentina for 1-1/2 years…

  • What is your favorite food there?
My favorite food is milanesa napolitan, its basically just dads favorite, Parmesan Chicken! I love it! 

Where is your favorite place you have visited while serving there?
I loved Aconcagua—I loved the snow!

  • Your most favorite investigator?
Probably Daniel, the guy who just got baptized!

  • Your most favorite member?
I would say President Gerry or Diego Peaz my last bishop!! I love those men! I love this place!

Monday, paddle ball with the hermanas and then we taught a guy named Jorge, he is awesome! His daughter loves english music and I started to sing. It was so fun! She picked a song from two years ago, or I told her the song and we sang… it was a blast! Then we taught about Christ suffering for us so that we can be happy. Jorge is passing the separation from his wife, so it was what was needed! Then we taught Daniel, this man is incredible every time we teach him! I feel like I'm getting stronger spiritually more then he is! He told us that now that he has the Spirit it’s like he always wants to smile, when before it hurt his face a lot to smile! He is awesome! 

That is Daniel. I love him!!

Tuesday we went and taught a menos activo and when we were there some people came to talk about health and it was cool, but they also talked about Christ and they were 7th day of Adventist, I think or something like that, they have church on Saturday, and when we talked about the Book of Mormon and how Christ visited the Americas it was awesome! He said he was going to come to church, but didn't make it! Way awesome though. Do you guys ever think about why we go to church on the 1st day of the week instead of the 7th? It’s way hard to explain with the Bible, but there is a way.  God rested on the 7th day not the first, but it all changed with the resurrection of Christ and in 1 Corinthians 16:2 sorta talks about it, but its a hard topic!

Beating my fears and touching cows!

Wednesday Jorge again, his son stabbed him about two months ago when he was fighting with his wife. He talked about even though he has tried to raise him right something went wrong and why. We tried to talk about how God has done everything in his power to help us be good and we still sin and go astray. We need to decide, but we can help other choose better! Then some awesome menos activos! Then we taught the Quirogas. So I told you about Diego and Eliana, but the family is huge! We have the parents and 7 kids and all of them but 1 live in our area! And all of them but one set of kids are not married and 6 of the couples are not members! So we work a ton with this family! We went and taught the parents and there was Mira and Alejandro (Alejandro isn't a member, Mira yes) and Brian and Macarana (Brian member, Macarena no). So we chatted and it was awesome and then we shared Alma 7:11-13 and it was so powerful! The Spirit was so strong as we talked of how much Christ did for us and then Mira and the father started to cry and it was awesome! I felt the sprit working through me!

Us eating the barbecue with Jorge, Daniel and Federick

Thursday we taught Rosa the skinny old lady! She is coming along, we will try and baptize her this week. We taught Jorge the first half of the Plan of Salvation, and then we taught Daniel that night and he was awesome again. He talked about what has changed in his relationship with his son and how they are more friendly and how they talk now and how the spirit helps him to know how to help his son! Way awesome!! He got the priesthood yesterday and is planning on going to the temple this week!

The recent converts I talked about

Friday we taught Brian and Macarena and we chatted and talked a lot about life—mine and theirs, and just got some confidence in them from us, it was awesome! They plan on going to a talent night at the ward and it should be awesome! We just shared a small thought because Macerana is way shy, but it was good!

Saturday we taught David the menos activo from Tuesday and he is good, but he is totally struggling with the family situation. Oh, in the morning we did service with the Zarate and it was good. We helped build half a wall — it was fun! I sent a picture of it! Then we had an Asado or barbecue with Daniel and his friend Federick and it was awesome! We got Jorge there because him and Federick are cousins so it was awesome! Way good food too!

I'm not really swimming, but it is when our apartment got flooded

Sunday was way rainy and a lot of houses got flooded, so a lady didn't make it to church and so I gave a talk about the day of rest, it was good because I've been studying it a lot since the 7th day thing came up, but it was way good! Then that night we taught some recent converts and it was way good! They are great! They have one son who isn't a member, but I'm working way hard on him! He is way good at a video game I used to play with Mike and the boys, and so I chat with him about it and he knows English so I'm doing what I can with him! Its been good!

So that was the week! Its been good and I’m sending ton of fotos mom! 

I love you a ton and be safe and happy! 

Love Jayson

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Baptized This Week

11 January 2016

So its been good here! We baptized this week, but my camera is dead and I cannot find the charger in the house. Everyone in the offices doesn't have any idea where its at so I'm trying to find just anything to charge my camera because I really can’t even take photos and it sucks!  We will see, at worst I have a friend whose parents are coming to get her in February and I really want an Ultimate Frisbee because they don't even have the crappy fake ones in this country and I miss it a ton! But I might also need a charger for the camera battery! 

But its been a blast! To the week!

Monday we had a ton of lessons planned in the morning and we were pretty excited, but all of them fell through and that was sad. Then we got to write the parents and that was awesome! Then we went out again to go and teach and it was going to be good with a member and the person and then just everyone we visited that day couldn’t—it was a rough day for me! I hate when no one talks to us in a day!

Tuesday we went to district meeting and then we made lunch and after studies we went out to work! I’m not sure how it was…I think good. We went and had a lesson with a menos activo Emiliano and it was awesome, but he still struggles. He needs to choose the Lord or the world, but we are working on it! We also taught Rosa a lot of these days. She is crazy and I really struggle with her, but I'm praying for help and I think the Lord is helping me, but its still way hard for me because she just wants to talk and talk and its hard because I just cant help her! I don't know!

Wednesday we had a great morning…we went out with a recently returned missionary named Franco and he is a stud! He taught two lessons with us— one to his non member parents and one to a lady named Yesica (like my sister) and she is 8 months pregnant! She is awesome and we shared what she needs to do in this life, and she seemed to like it! Then that night we taught Daniel…he is way cool! He is huge and looks like a rugby player and its probably because he was a rugby player! Way awesome and just such a strong testimony and we are doing our best to help him. He is awesome! We talked about tithing and I really felt the spirit testify of its importance and how it will help us!

Thursday we went and did some divisions this day. I went with a return missionary who served in this mission named Nicholas and my comp went with his brother Dante. We talked the whole time and it was so fun. I know a lot of the missionaries that he served with and it was awesome! He even knows my trainer and it was just so fun! We taught Emiliano and he felt the spirit and it was awesome! Then we taught Eliana and she is awesome! We figured out their need to be married and we are working on it. They want to be married at the end of the year, but we are going to see if we can make it happen faster so that she can get baptized sooner! It was a great lesson! 

Friday I was in San Luis doing intercombios and it was way fun! I was with elder Ruiz Diaz and he is a way cool guy — he served in the offices too as the guy in charge of housing right before I got in! We talked the whole time and it was way fun, but we didn't get in many houses, so a lot of walking!

Saturday we barely made it in time for the baptism at 6 and it was awesome, but the bishopric promised to be there and then they never showed up. The baptism and the confirmation are under their direction so we needed them, but they never came. We called the mission President and he told us that we could preside, so I directed the whole thing and it was good! He went under first try and he was awesome with a smile and just way happy — he really gets what he is doing and why it is important and I just love him! We are working on him still, but its good. Then we had a little after dinner with him to celebrate and we talked about temples—I’m sure he is going soon to do baptisms…he is awesome! 

Sunday we went and got Rosa in the morning. We went to her house 30 minutes early because we wanted to leave about 10 minutes before the church started. We didn't make it to the church until 20 minutes after it started, normally I don't care that much, but we missed the confirmation and that way sucked, but I guess it happens.Then we went and taught Eliana that night and she is still happy and wants her boyfriend to be baptized, he is great too, but we really need to get them to church! But we will see!

So that was the week! It was awesome really! So I hope all is well! My comp is awesome! 

  • I got on Google Earth the other day and looked at Villa Mercedes. It looks old and dry. How would you describe it? 
It’s not dry here, it is really humid! It’s small, but its awesome! There is this bike race that is passing through right now called the Tour of San Luis and I'm way jealous, but its fine! I just need to wait until I get home! I’ve decided that iI want to bike home from the airport with dad and you when I get home… if we can! 

If I have a say, I would prefer the Caribbean now! I’m going to go to Hawaii during the school year hopefully, so I mean I would like to get to know the Caribbean too! 

I love you mamma! 
Be safe! Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I don't know what to do—I don’t have a camera! 

I love you! 


Monday, January 4, 2016

It's been a good two weeks!

I’m way out of time, but I have to write the mom!!! So this may be a little quick, but I will answer all your questions next week…I promise!!!

  • What is the full name of your companion and where is he from?
My companion is Eduardo Nicholas Mendez and he is from Chibut in Argentina in a city called Gaiman and he is a stud!

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being a Bro) how well do you like your companion?
We are way tight so its awesome, we live just us two solos, so its fun that we get a long well! 

  • How far do you walk each day? Are you wearing your nylons under your socks to prevent blisters?
I still use my socks and it’s a good thing because we walk a ton!!! But my companion has blisters way bad like what mine looked like at the beginning, but more like in the middle of how bad mine got!

  • Are you following the mission rules? Such as getting up and reading your scriptures? Companion studies? Going to bed on time?
I’m obedient. I read every day now that I have time to. Before I just didn't have time. I read 430 pages of the Book of Mormon from the 19th to the 31st of December and it was awesome! The Lord blessed me with everything I needed with a ton of the spirit and the peace I needed to work better! 

  • Who are you teaching right now? Investigators? Less Actives?
Investigators will come in the week.

  • Are you taking pictures of your new area?
I have a lot of pictures, but the camera is dead, we will see what I can do next week!

  • Is it a safe area? Is there a possibility of being mugged?
It’s a safer area, but I still try and be careful.

  • What is your pens (apartment) like?
The apartment is huge and awesome, but it flooded this week!

  • Do members feed you, or do you guys do the cooking?
We get about 3 lunches a week!

Monday the 21st we traveled to Mendoza. I arrived and started helping the office elders I was working until 1:30 in the morning with them.

Tuesday was the Christmas party, but before that I went to the Bolivian consulate and did some work for a Bolivian elder. When I showed up to the party President was so mad that I was driving. I then explained to him that the day before I told him that I would be and that he had asked me before to do all in my powers to help the newbie office elders so I did. He then accepted that I was only doing what he asked! I had fun at the party and then went home. We got to San Luis at 12:45am and it was rough!

Wednesday we went to the area where we did an interview for a lady who was going to get baptized on the Saturday, but I’ll get to that.

Thursday and Friday was just normal work.

Saturday’s baptism! Her name is Rosa, but when we went to baptize her she got way scared and could submerger herself. It was rough!!! So we have the baptism planned for 2 weeks from now. I'm going to teach her how to blow bubbles!!! ;)

Sunday, church and work!

Monday more work. We went and told Rosa what she needed to do and it was good. She wants to be baptized, but has panic attacks in the water so it’s hard!

Tuesday we went by an old investigators and it was way good, but what happened was his sister-in-law was there and she told us that she wants to present her baby in the church, and then get baptized herself. Her baby was born early and she prayed a ton that it would live and it did, so afterwords she decided well I need to be baptized for God who saved my baby. She likes the way we are, so it’s us I guess! :)

Wednesday, hmmm, I don't remember, but we taught a lot,but I don't remember…wait yes I do! Hermana Gomez is a way cool lady who has very little teeth and is overweight, but is way cool! She did Catholic seminary so she knows a lot, but she still struggles with stuff, but she acts a lot like a less active. I love her! She also wants to be baptized, but she is kinda hard to find! We also had a missionary come back to the ward. He was serving in the south where my companion is from, and it was cool to talk to him and see what it is like from the other side. He is way cool and likes to go with us to teach! 

Thursday we taught Rosa, and then our pension got flooded! We had about three or four inches of rain that flooded to the outside door and our door doesn't shut well, so we were doing everything so the water wouldn't enter, and then we got it under control and it was fun! It was so fun to just go play in the water a little. I loved it!! Pictures next week!

Friday I'm not sure again, but it was good! It was a lot of walking — it always is, but I walk well, so no problem there! We are working a lot with a less active Emiliano who is way good, but he is caught between the world and the gospel. He wants to go to clubs, drink and smoke with his friends, and break the law of chastity, but he knows he shouldn't and wants to find God so we are helping him the best that we can. Its a little hard, but it is working at least alittle! He is coming around!

Saturday, more work with Emilano and other menos activos and it is good—it helps!

Sunday at church we had 3 investigators! I told you about Daniel the golden that the hermanas gave us, he came and then we had the parents of the returned missionary! It was great and then that night we went back to the lady Eliana who wants to bless her child and she like testified about her desires. I'm not sure they are married, but we are going to work it a lot and make it happen for them!

So it’s been a good two weeks! I love you and miss you like crazy and I hope that your hearts don't hurt too bad now that the baby is gone! When will you see her again? Soon? 

I love you like crazy! 
Be safe! 

Love, Jayson