Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lots of fotos this week!

It has been a way good week! I'm way tired, but its been good and fun and thats what matters right? I don't know I just know I like it! I love what I do! The missions awesome. It’s hard, but its great! I’m starting to feel like I have 17 months, but I'm trying hard not to think that way! 

When your button up shirt is so loose you can see the shirt underneath

To questions! 

  • Are you doing as good as you seem to be doing?
I’m really doing good, I'm tired and I can tell I'm not as good at all this as I once was, but I'm good! 

  • Do you have the name and phone number of the people who may be going to Argentina in February?
I don't have the info yet, but the last name is Masoner and they live in Burly, Idaho!

  • Besides a battery charger and a real ultimate Frisbee…what else do you want and or need?
I got a charger so don't worry — all that is taken care of! I’m taking photos again! I just really want a frisbee to be honest!

  • How are your feet doing? Any blisters?
My feets are good, my companion is struggling with his, but he is tough so no problems!

  • How do you like the jump rope? Is it working for you?
I love my jump rope!! I make my own workouts and they are brutal, but it’s good—its like cross-fit, but with jump rope and not running because my comp doesn't wake up really!

  • What have you been cooking lately? Real food? Treats?
I don’t cook really… like rice and onion and stuff like that, but we don't have an oven that works so I can’t cook, it really sucks!

  • What is the name of the guy that got baptized last week? I’m so sorry you missed the confirmation. Who baptized him? Who confirmed him?
The baptism was Daniel Rojas, he is awesome! He is the biggest blessing ever! His friend Federick baptized him and a guy named Franco from the ward confirmed him! Way stud! We will talk about him in the week!

  • Have you talked to the Senior Elder (Moroni on the temple) guy? Any luck getting you package from Buenos Aires?
Elder Vilche hasn't visited yet, so not yet! No news on the package from my end! Sorry ma!

  • Man it looks like it is going to be toasty HOT in your neck of the woods. Super COLD here! How are you keeping cool?
It’s really hot, but we work the same and just roll with it! I don't know its not too bad!

Now that you have been in Argentina for 1-1/2 years…

  • What is your favorite food there?
My favorite food is milanesa napolitan, its basically just dads favorite, Parmesan Chicken! I love it! 

Where is your favorite place you have visited while serving there?
I loved Aconcagua—I loved the snow!

  • Your most favorite investigator?
Probably Daniel, the guy who just got baptized!

  • Your most favorite member?
I would say President Gerry or Diego Peaz my last bishop!! I love those men! I love this place!

Monday, paddle ball with the hermanas and then we taught a guy named Jorge, he is awesome! His daughter loves english music and I started to sing. It was so fun! She picked a song from two years ago, or I told her the song and we sang… it was a blast! Then we taught about Christ suffering for us so that we can be happy. Jorge is passing the separation from his wife, so it was what was needed! Then we taught Daniel, this man is incredible every time we teach him! I feel like I'm getting stronger spiritually more then he is! He told us that now that he has the Spirit it’s like he always wants to smile, when before it hurt his face a lot to smile! He is awesome! 

That is Daniel. I love him!!

Tuesday we went and taught a menos activo and when we were there some people came to talk about health and it was cool, but they also talked about Christ and they were 7th day of Adventist, I think or something like that, they have church on Saturday, and when we talked about the Book of Mormon and how Christ visited the Americas it was awesome! He said he was going to come to church, but didn't make it! Way awesome though. Do you guys ever think about why we go to church on the 1st day of the week instead of the 7th? It’s way hard to explain with the Bible, but there is a way.  God rested on the 7th day not the first, but it all changed with the resurrection of Christ and in 1 Corinthians 16:2 sorta talks about it, but its a hard topic!

Beating my fears and touching cows!

Wednesday Jorge again, his son stabbed him about two months ago when he was fighting with his wife. He talked about even though he has tried to raise him right something went wrong and why. We tried to talk about how God has done everything in his power to help us be good and we still sin and go astray. We need to decide, but we can help other choose better! Then some awesome menos activos! Then we taught the Quirogas. So I told you about Diego and Eliana, but the family is huge! We have the parents and 7 kids and all of them but 1 live in our area! And all of them but one set of kids are not married and 6 of the couples are not members! So we work a ton with this family! We went and taught the parents and there was Mira and Alejandro (Alejandro isn't a member, Mira yes) and Brian and Macarana (Brian member, Macarena no). So we chatted and it was awesome and then we shared Alma 7:11-13 and it was so powerful! The Spirit was so strong as we talked of how much Christ did for us and then Mira and the father started to cry and it was awesome! I felt the sprit working through me!

Us eating the barbecue with Jorge, Daniel and Federick

Thursday we taught Rosa the skinny old lady! She is coming along, we will try and baptize her this week. We taught Jorge the first half of the Plan of Salvation, and then we taught Daniel that night and he was awesome again. He talked about what has changed in his relationship with his son and how they are more friendly and how they talk now and how the spirit helps him to know how to help his son! Way awesome!! He got the priesthood yesterday and is planning on going to the temple this week!

The recent converts I talked about

Friday we taught Brian and Macarena and we chatted and talked a lot about life—mine and theirs, and just got some confidence in them from us, it was awesome! They plan on going to a talent night at the ward and it should be awesome! We just shared a small thought because Macerana is way shy, but it was good!

Saturday we taught David the menos activo from Tuesday and he is good, but he is totally struggling with the family situation. Oh, in the morning we did service with the Zarate and it was good. We helped build half a wall — it was fun! I sent a picture of it! Then we had an Asado or barbecue with Daniel and his friend Federick and it was awesome! We got Jorge there because him and Federick are cousins so it was awesome! Way good food too!

I'm not really swimming, but it is when our apartment got flooded

Sunday was way rainy and a lot of houses got flooded, so a lady didn't make it to church and so I gave a talk about the day of rest, it was good because I've been studying it a lot since the 7th day thing came up, but it was way good! Then that night we taught some recent converts and it was way good! They are great! They have one son who isn't a member, but I'm working way hard on him! He is way good at a video game I used to play with Mike and the boys, and so I chat with him about it and he knows English so I'm doing what I can with him! Its been good!

So that was the week! Its been good and I’m sending ton of fotos mom! 

I love you a ton and be safe and happy! 

Love Jayson

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