Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes

22 February 2016

So this could be a little crappy email. I don't really have any time like I didn't get to email today because the zone had us travel for a big group thing and so its just been weird. I need to go buy some stuff for tonight so I need to get a run on. To answer the question about my companion…. last Monday I think it was, I thought I was going to literally put my fist through his face because he pushed me, I told him not to and then he did it again, I told him that if he did it again I would punch him, and then he did it again. I almost fell because of the dirt road and I was about ready to go in for the kill, but then I stopped and told him I wasn't going to move until he talked to me and we solved our problem—he just walked away. I sat in the dirt and just prayed for love and patience. Then I went and apologized and we talked for about five minutes and I still felt like he was mocking me even though he isn’t—he was just offending me, but a recent convert has told me that he needs to change a little because he got offended by him. It’s good since then, we have been better.

Monday so basically I was mad at the comp and then we went and talked to some really great members—I love to get the spirit back!

Tuesday we went and talked to Luis and Marianna and it was so good. I think they are married, but I'm not sure. They are living together and she is a member and he is not. We talked about what they need to do to get a answer. This guy is doing everything right, he just needs to ask and there we are, but I think he is a little afraid of the answer! Then we talked to the Funez family and it was awesome! 

Wednesday we had district meeting and it was good! I talked about commitments and I really liked it. I mostly just asked questions and let the class do the teaching — it was really awesome that way! Then afterwards one of the new hermanas named Barnson was really depressed so I have started talking to her a lot, and praying a ton for her. I said to God if He would take all the strength and the support he gives me and give it to her so that she could keep going in the mission. I will tell you that it really happened.  We did divisions with my companion that night I went to the Ribera, that is what it’s called and it was awesome! I taught some really great families that I love! Like one named Mauro and he is just so cool! 

Thursday we went and worked and all was well, but then I got a call from the hermanas and they asked me to translate for them because Barnson was really sad and her companion was like, “I will not let you go home after 1 week”. So we talked to Barnson about it and she said that she will give us two weeks. So more prayers and I'm sending scriptures and calling everyday and it has been good. We talked to a great menos activo that day and it was fun just to chat about all the motos and stuff like that! Way fun! 

Friday we went and worked in an other section of the area and it was good, but we lost a lot of time looking for people. Then we visited the Quiroga family and it was nice to finally catch up with all of them and see them. They invited me tonight to go over, but I can’t so they invited me tomorrow! I love them! :)  So hermana Barnso was still really bad the next day so we called her and talked in the night, and then on Saturday we went and talked to her and her companion and I bought us all ice cream. They work about 45 minutes from our are so we got the Funez's to take us there. I just talked with her for two hours and then the Funez's took us back, but I think it helped! I also was fasting for her the moment I left that place!

Saturday we  went and talked to a lot of great people in the north of the area and it was good and fun, but nothing really special. We taught one lady who is really mad at God… her name is Veronica, but we are working on it! Then I called Hermana Barnson that night and she was doing better, she seemed semi happy and we just chatted and it seemed all was well! I was so happy that God had answered my prayers and my fast and that she was doing at least a little better — it really made my day! 

Sunday we had a good church where I had to prepare the lesson in five minutes from a talk they gave me minutes before in the Elders quorum and it was good I think. I think it helped the members understand there purpose and how to be friends and help people that come to church! Then we had a really good chat with Jorge Cortez and he was like “Why am I still suffering and why is it still hard even though I'm changing and I’m trying to be one with God.” We talked about how God allows us to pass through difficult moments to help us grow… it was really good. I love that man a ton! And then today was good a long activity and 2 hours of travel, but now I'm here and about to go enjoy a lot of pig! 
I love you guys and I hope you are well. Please pray for hermana Barnson, she really is awesome, and I'm doing all I can for her. I know God wants her here, and that she can make it, and be a really, really good missionary! She just needs to have patients and trust the Lord a little bit. 

I love you guys to the moon and back and thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!
I love reading them all and wish I had more time! 

I love you guys! 


Monday, February 15, 2016

New Companion

So this weeks been good, hard with the new companion, but good! I’m trying to be a good loving comp, but it has been hard! I’ll explain in the questions!

  • What is your new companions name?
  • Where is he from?
  • How are you two getting along?
His name is Omar Ignacio Puyol and he has almost 6 months in the mission. He is from the province of Chaco in Argentina and we are not really getting a long! He makes like way lame jokes and then he will make jabs out of his jokes — like they are rude to me and it’s just not fun. Then when he makes me upset I tell him to stop…I don’t want to be mad! I don’t want the spirit to be gone and then he’s like, but it makes me happy when you are mad, so I think I’ll keep going...so i’m struggling, but I'm praying for patience  and I'm trying to make it good with him, but I struggle! I know its my fault, because I'm not Christlike enough… so don’t chastise me, I get enough of that from him!

  • Does he speak English?
No, he doesn't speak English.

  • Who are the new sisters and do you get along with them?
The hermanas are awesome! One is from Cali and the other one is from Salem, Utah. My best friend Elder Bingham is from Salem, so it’s a fun connection and so we are good there—it’s fun!

  • Did you get your package from the Masoners?
Yes! I got my package and I have already had a couple of families tell me that I should have asked for more of them! :)

Monday we said goodbye to all the people with Elder Mendez! 

Tuesday I went to San Luis and waited for my companion who never came. The family Funez happened to be in the terminal and brought me back. I was just with their son on divisions for the day and it was awesome! I loved it!! Then I got my comp and we went to visit Jorge. He cried when I told him Elder Mendez left, but he is better now… he’s over it! 

Wednesday we taught Jorge again and it was better. We talked to his friends and it was good and they said they want to learn too! I loved it! Then we taught Rosa and it was good too, but nothing special. Then the family Cejas and it was really good! We taught about baptism and gave them a date for next month. Hopefully they can get married and make it to the font! 

Thursday we didn't have much luck, but we taught someone that I can’t remember… but ya! It was probably awesome!

Friday we went to the Ribera, that is what it’s called and we taught some less actives! We taught a guy named Mauro and he was so cool! He had a way cool past, he was in the CIA for Argentina and he was undercover for 6 months living in cardboard houses. They made a call and the drug Lords found out and tried to kill him! He has three holes his stomach and shoulder and close to his eye! He is way cool! He had a dream where his dead father told him to come back to Villa Mercedes. He came home and found a menos activo and now they are dating and thats cool, but also living together, so less cool. At least we are helping him learn of God!

Saturday we went to the Cejas again, because they want us to pass by almost every day! It was good! We taught the 10 Commandments and it was fun and they liked it! I need to get the courage to get them to church, and once they come to church we need to get them talking about marriage! We then taught Rosa and there was a big fight at the house and it was bad, but we said like a 20 minute prayer with her and left!

Sunday we went to the house of Funez or the recent converts that are out of this world! The mom is having a ton of problems. She is the 2nd councilor in the relief society and she is awesome, but she feels like she can’t do what is needed. I calmed her down and now I need to talk to the bishop about changing the calling she has to something she can feel more comfortable in! Then we did divisions with my comp and it was awesome! I gave a blessing, and found work for our ward mission leader, and then we went and talked to people and it was awesome! But no time so thats all! 
I love you mom! Happy Valentine’s Day! Tell the grandparents I loved the cards I got! I also loved the Christmas card you sent me… I show it to everyone so they know who my family is. I love it! 

I love you so much! 

It is crazy how the Lord can change how we feel when we ask for his help! I'm now a district leader in my neck of the woods. I have been planning our meeting all week trying to make it a good lesson fitted to the needs of our two new gringo hermanas. I was planning and studying and then this morning I felt like I needed to change the topic! I was like... "But I have just spent the whole last week preparing the other lesson" and then I'm like, "Do what God wants, it will work out better!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Digging Trenches and Sharing the Gospel

08 February 2016

It’s been a good week, a little harder—we didn’t really teach much, but we worked hard and thats all that matters! I’m feeling good! I am sore and tired but good. I got my butt in gear and ran 3 segments of 2 kilometers separated by 200 jump rope, 15 mountain climbers, 60 crunches or Russian twists, and 15 push ups! It was a lot of work, but I can feel the difference in my body! I love it! I’m going to shock you when I get home! :) 

My new bike get-up for when I hit the mountains!

I should be getting a good surprise this Wednesday from the Masoners…I’m excited! I got the camera functioning again so it looks like I might have two now! Who knows maybe I need two! ;) 

So to the questions—transfers will be answered in the letter!

  • Approximately how far do you walk each day?
We walk a lot maybe 10 to 15 kilometers every day, or more! I’m not positive, but we do walk quite a bit! But it’s good!

  • How are your studies coming? What are you studying?
My studies are great! I’m loving Doctrine and Covenants, but wow is there some hard doctrine there… like resurrection of the sons of perdition in 76 is still confusing me, but its cool I

love it!

  • Are there restaurants in your area? What kind of eating establishments?
We don’t really go out to eat a lot because its expensive and the members are good to feed us almost everyday! There are places, but they are family owned little houses that people just use the front room as a restaurant! Thats how it always is, but in Centro there are nicer places!

Monday we went and had a Argentine barbecue called asado with the Hermanas for P-day and then we had a way good noche de hogar (or family night) planned for that night, but the family couldn’t. We went all the same and chatted with those who were there. I love the Quiroga family!

After interviews with President

Tuesday we wrote in the journals of everyone who left and it was sad to see the hermanas leaving! Then we went and taught some menos activos, but it’s hard—they are hard to get back, but it’s good work and I love all the people here!
Wednesday we walked a ton, and I mean a ton! We went and taught a lesson to a lady in a wheelchair and it was good. My comp loves the woman… she makes him think of his mom. Then we visited a menos activo with our ward mission leader. It was good, but nothing special. We also did some service and it was way awesome. I learned a lot of pipework and how to protect it and the work, and how to do stuff—I liked it!
I think I like MEAT now!

Thursday we went and did a ton of work in the farm of a recent convert named Mario Funez, way awesome guy really. But we worked all day digging a trench for the water. It was about 15 to 25 meters long and it was so hard. It had not rained out there in like 2 weeks, but whatever it was way good work! Then we taught Daniel, he is a way stud. I love him to death!

Digging a trench for water.

Friday your birthday!!! We had a meeting in San Luis and I said goodbye to more of the girls from my MTC district. It was sad, but it was good! Then we had the activity. We had about 40 people show up, except the menos activos who were going to come didn't make it so that was sad, but it was good. I sang three songs…A Team by Ed Sheeren, Stars from Les Mis, and Thats who I’ld be from Shrek the Musical. It was awesome, but I can’t belt like I could before. I haven't been practicing like I used to... so my voice isn't quite used to it--- it was weird that it was hard to reach the notes like I could before, but it’s practice!
Cool Selfie

Saturday we went and had a meeting in the evening about the area plan and it was good, I feel like they taught us good stuff, but the ward leadership isn't going to do anyth,ing to follow it, but that’s fine, we are working on it! Then that night we taught the Sejas family—I love them so much—it was way good. We read chapter 31 I think of 2 Nephi and then we talked about the last part of the plan of salvation. They like when we come over, we can never leave on time, and we told them late that we had to leave, but the wife said, “We are sorry we always keep you so long, we just don’t want you guys to leave because we feel really peaceful when you are here and then it gets all hard when you leave...we need you guys!” I feel like we were getting through to them, but its hard because I don't think they have any desire to get married, but they have a kid— it’s hard! 
Sleepy Jayson
Sunday two recent converts brought friends to church and it was awesome! We talked to them and I think we will start teaching them soon. It was good! Then we had lunch with the Funez family and one of their kids who isn't a member speaks English and I gave him a Book of Mormon in English and it was good. Then later we sang while he played guitar, he played Tears In Heaven by Eric Clampton and I sang and it made me think of Taylor a ton... I miss that man! Then a couple other good lessons! It was a good day! 

So it has been a good week! I'm staying here. Elder Mendez is going to Mendoza as a zone leader, he is way scared but he will do really good. I’m getting another Argentine elder, he has about 7 months so it should be fun and then yupp! Life is good, it will be fun to see what these next seven weeks bring! 

I love you mamma be safe and happy! 

Love, Elder Jayson Benedict

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Teaching and Serving

1 February 2016

I need to hurry, but let me answer the questions! 

  • Since I can send you a little package for your birthday what would you like me to send with the Masoners besides a Frisbee and the camera? I thought I would put whatever will fit in the Frisbee and send that.
So I don’t really want much, some thin socks like little nylon socks would be cool, or I don’t know something to share with my companion or the people anything that will make me think of you guys! I love that kind of stuff! 

  • I didn't realize that her daughter and you are in the same area right now. How often do you see the sister missionaries? Did you know Sister Masoner in the MTC since you went out at the same time?
She isn’t in the same area, but she is right next door. We see her two or three times a week at least and its fun she is a great gal and yes I knew here in the MTC, but very little because she was in another district there, but ya I knew her!

  • Do you get along with them pretty well?
We get along well, but I think they think we are lazy! Our area is really big so it is hard to get to everywhere. Sometimes they pass us references that are impossible to get to for a couple days due to the distance and then they get mad at us when we haven't talked to them yet! Other then that its great—we are about to go have lunch with them! 

  • Adria Masoner said that transfers are this week…are you being transferred, or are you staying in the area?
We will not know what is happening until next Monday, but I’ll let you know!

Monday we went out and worked a little and taught Jorge Cortez. It was really good and fun to be with him for a little while and help him more—he is a great guy!

Tuesday we had a meeting with our ward mission leader that was good, and then in the night we went and taught the family Lucero and it was good. They had a friend there that when we showed up commented on the light in our eyes and liked what we were sharing, and it was really awesome! Then we taught the Quiroga parents and it was awesome! We just really are trying to get to them, but its hard! 

Wednesday we taught so much this day it was awesome! We did service in the morning, and then in the night we taught a couple named the Sejas and they are awesome. The like to listen, they are interested and it was so good! They seem to believe everything we teach, and we are getting there with them! Damian the husband I think believes its true, but the wife Noelia not really! Then we taught Daniela and she is awesome, she already has a testimony we just need to get her to church. We went and talked to her with the elder quorum president and it was so good… a ton of great spirit when he testified! Then we taught Daniel the recent convert and it was awesome, we taught lesson 1 and then we prayed with him and his son who never wants anything to do with us! It was great!

Thursday we had interviews with President—awesome! Then we had to do planning and then we taught Jorge Cortez and he was awesome, we taught about the Book of Mormon and reading and he said he would do it and then we blessed his home where he is at because at night he feels uncomfortable there, but it was awesome! 

Friday we went and had lunch with the Quirogas and it was so great! We had a great time with them and we had Alejandro and Mira and it was great! He has had the lessons of the missionaries before, but he gets to marriage and just says no. So I was really persistent and followed it all the way down to the bottom of the rabbit hole and got the dirt… they have a complicated relationship and when they separated once he had had relations with another women and he might have another kid, so its rough. I promised, no God promised if they prayed as a family they would have the strength and the unity to go on through the problem! It was the most spiritual lesson and best lesson I've had! I loved it! Then we just were around there teaching less actives!

Saturday we did some service in the morning with less actives and then I had lunch with Elder Vilche—it was so awesome! He came just to visit me with his entire family and he took us to lunch and it was so much fun! After lunch I talked about my plans to work in the church offices and how I wanted to do it, and he promised me he was going to help me get in! Way pumped! I also gave him the paperwork for the package and he told me that he would go see what he needs to do to get the package out… it was awesome! He also gave me one of his name tags and told me I need to send him one of mine! He is awesome! Then that night we taught the Quirogas about forgiveness and it was awesome! When I say Quiroga there are 7 kids and they live everywhere, so it was some of them in the main house! It was so good, and one of them said they were going to go to church, but they didn’t make it sadly! 

Sunday we taught Jorge and asked if he had read and he said yes and he prayed and he felt way good, a lot of peace and we know he is ready and we now just need him to come to church so he can be baptized. I love that man, and then we just went to visit less actives!

So that was the week! It’s been good! I'm happy and officially tomorrow I have 6 months until I will take a plane home!!! It’s getting real! 

I love you guys! 

Love Jayson