Monday, February 15, 2016

New Companion

So this weeks been good, hard with the new companion, but good! I’m trying to be a good loving comp, but it has been hard! I’ll explain in the questions!

  • What is your new companions name?
  • Where is he from?
  • How are you two getting along?
His name is Omar Ignacio Puyol and he has almost 6 months in the mission. He is from the province of Chaco in Argentina and we are not really getting a long! He makes like way lame jokes and then he will make jabs out of his jokes — like they are rude to me and it’s just not fun. Then when he makes me upset I tell him to stop…I don’t want to be mad! I don’t want the spirit to be gone and then he’s like, but it makes me happy when you are mad, so I think I’ll keep i’m struggling, but I'm praying for patience  and I'm trying to make it good with him, but I struggle! I know its my fault, because I'm not Christlike enough… so don’t chastise me, I get enough of that from him!

  • Does he speak English?
No, he doesn't speak English.

  • Who are the new sisters and do you get along with them?
The hermanas are awesome! One is from Cali and the other one is from Salem, Utah. My best friend Elder Bingham is from Salem, so it’s a fun connection and so we are good there—it’s fun!

  • Did you get your package from the Masoners?
Yes! I got my package and I have already had a couple of families tell me that I should have asked for more of them! :)

Monday we said goodbye to all the people with Elder Mendez! 

Tuesday I went to San Luis and waited for my companion who never came. The family Funez happened to be in the terminal and brought me back. I was just with their son on divisions for the day and it was awesome! I loved it!! Then I got my comp and we went to visit Jorge. He cried when I told him Elder Mendez left, but he is better now… he’s over it! 

Wednesday we taught Jorge again and it was better. We talked to his friends and it was good and they said they want to learn too! I loved it! Then we taught Rosa and it was good too, but nothing special. Then the family Cejas and it was really good! We taught about baptism and gave them a date for next month. Hopefully they can get married and make it to the font! 

Thursday we didn't have much luck, but we taught someone that I can’t remember… but ya! It was probably awesome!

Friday we went to the Ribera, that is what it’s called and we taught some less actives! We taught a guy named Mauro and he was so cool! He had a way cool past, he was in the CIA for Argentina and he was undercover for 6 months living in cardboard houses. They made a call and the drug Lords found out and tried to kill him! He has three holes his stomach and shoulder and close to his eye! He is way cool! He had a dream where his dead father told him to come back to Villa Mercedes. He came home and found a menos activo and now they are dating and thats cool, but also living together, so less cool. At least we are helping him learn of God!

Saturday we went to the Cejas again, because they want us to pass by almost every day! It was good! We taught the 10 Commandments and it was fun and they liked it! I need to get the courage to get them to church, and once they come to church we need to get them talking about marriage! We then taught Rosa and there was a big fight at the house and it was bad, but we said like a 20 minute prayer with her and left!

Sunday we went to the house of Funez or the recent converts that are out of this world! The mom is having a ton of problems. She is the 2nd councilor in the relief society and she is awesome, but she feels like she can’t do what is needed. I calmed her down and now I need to talk to the bishop about changing the calling she has to something she can feel more comfortable in! Then we did divisions with my comp and it was awesome! I gave a blessing, and found work for our ward mission leader, and then we went and talked to people and it was awesome! But no time so thats all! 
I love you mom! Happy Valentine’s Day! Tell the grandparents I loved the cards I got! I also loved the Christmas card you sent me… I show it to everyone so they know who my family is. I love it! 

I love you so much! 

It is crazy how the Lord can change how we feel when we ask for his help! I'm now a district leader in my neck of the woods. I have been planning our meeting all week trying to make it a good lesson fitted to the needs of our two new gringo hermanas. I was planning and studying and then this morning I felt like I needed to change the topic! I was like... "But I have just spent the whole last week preparing the other lesson" and then I'm like, "Do what God wants, it will work out better!

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