Monday, May 16, 2016

Taught more this week

So I need to do this fast—I have like no time!
But it’s been good I'm feeling some mad seasonal depression, but I'm doing my best to be okay with it and not care and just keep going on with out any problems, so I mean that is the goal at least!

Monday we taught a family that I can't remember… it was a new investigator called Cornejo and she is awesome! Her name is Venessa not Cornejo, that is her last name. She is awesome! The elders helped save stuff from their burning house, so now we are going to teach them! 

Tuesday we taught Franco and it was awesome! He is a really nice guy, but I don't know his intentions, but I like teaching him! Then we taught Cristopher who is Aldanas man and he was nice, he has no interest, but he told us that Aldanda loves what she is learning and is reading. I'm like so down for her to make it, at least we will see what happens! 

Wednesday we worked normal, but we had nothing. Then we helped the family Lopez—great people, I love them!

Thursday we went and just got to visit a great family named Nico and Katy, but they are just less actives, but I love them! They make me happy!

Friday we got our hair cut because a less active member offered us to do it! Awesome free hair cut! Then we just taught— the rest was just rejection.

Saturday we taught Aldana and it was a awesome lesson!! I was so pumped, she was asking a ton of questions about the plan of salvation, hell and what we believed. She seemed to understand everything and she was absorbing everything really well…. I feel like she accepts everything we teach. I just like that I feel like she wants to know what I have to say—it’s awesome, then we did service working on a roof in the night!

Sunday we went and  taught Romiro, but we also found out that we had a guy who we thought was a menos activo who came to church that was baptized, but never confirmed. We are teaching him now and he has two times at church, so we can make it happen! :) 

So that was the week.
Be safe and be happy, I will keep trying! 
I love you! 


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Staying in the area

It was a rough transfer call last night… I'm staying in the area, but the real hard thing is that my comp is staying too. So I don't know, I just have to fight through these last two transfers because I really am thinking that I will end my mission with him. I don't know if I can do it, but I guess if it is what God wants me to do I can do it!  Pray that I can!

Monday we went and had P day with a bishop in Godoy Cruz, it was awesome and I loved it! We got no work at all and it was rough, because of like you know the struggle.

Tuesday we had a good meeting and it was awesome, I love talking to the guys and we took a good picture I’ll send you of my district as avengers it was fun! Then I don't think we taught anyone.

Wednesday we were doing the service, I don't have any pictures, but it was awesome and a ton of work!

Thursday we went and taught Romiro. He is doing well, but still struggling to make a decision. I had to tell him straight up that if he didn't get baptized with all the knowledge he has that there won’t be as much forgiveness. I just don't know how to explain to him that baptism is just a step not the end, but I guess that is my job.

Friday I did more service with a shovel and I was so tired and my body was just like “Can we please not?” I don’t know, my body is funny like that!

Saturday we didn’t have much of anything. We tried, but didn't get in anywhere. We made tacos with a less active, but that’s I think all, so I mean not really a good week for numbers.

Sunday we had Juan Jaque come to church and it was awesome! Then we had to Skype and my comps dad couldn’t do it until 8 o’clock our time so we just didn't make it to the area. So I mean it was a rough night for me!

I’m doing okay, pray for me, maybe put my name in the temple, the struggle has been real!!! I need to keep going. 
I love you all. 

I’m sorry I talked so much, but I like to talk now. 
Be safe! 

Love, Jayson

Monday, May 9, 2016

God will bless me for my efforts

2 May 2016

So this week has been good. Not a lot of lessons, but I really tried and that is all the matters…God will bless me for my efforts, thats the beautiful thing about the mission, I don't have to worry about how many lessons I teach or how many people I baptize, or how much this or that, but that I'm trying and as long as I keep trying as hard as I can I know that the Lord will bring to pass what he wants to happen and that I will be there ready and willing and that is all that matters. If I'm where the Lord needs me to be that will make all the difference. I failed once this week and it was hard because God told me I was screwing up and I felt horrible, but the Lord is merciful and he will forgive us when we fail. I don't have doubt I love the Lord and he will make me be what he wants me to be! I love him for that, he always will forgive as long as I look for it! :)

  • Are you starting to get to know the people there?
I’m getting to know everyone well, I take after my mom in the way that I can talk, and talk, and talk, and its easy for me so I do that and it help me to have good relationships with everyone. 

  • Who is it that you just LOVE there?
I love Brian and Antonella Oliva. They are awesome, they got back from there missions like 2 years ago, married and are about to have twins, but Brian understands how my comp is and loves me and helps me be happy and we can just talk for hours with me and both of them. I love it, thats the nice part of speaking well is that I can really make good friends! :) 

  • How is the weather? Getting colder?
It’s cold, we had no heaters from Monday to Thursday so it was freezing like 42 degrees in my house so that sucked... But I guess that happens. Other then that I'm good on the cold…I bought a new jacket today that I love, but I’ll send pictures next week.

  • How are your clothes holding up?
My shoes are struggling and my pants are huge, but I'm good on clothes!

  • How is it that you got to spend Pday with Romiro and Bingham?
We sometimes have p days where we get together from all the parts of the capital and hang out together and we did that last p day, the assistants planned it and I just hung out with them!

  • How do you motivate your companion to get up and go out to work?
I just try to make him do it, there is no good way to motivate him… I do all the work, I do all the talking, I open the mouth, I talk to members, its just a lot of me doing everything and carrying him around.

  • What time are you calling you mom next Sunday?
At about 2:15pm your time I can Skype, but I need to know what time your church is for you guys?

  • Are you going to send me pictures of you cute face? I need them!!!
I’m sorry no fotos—I lost my converter, so I need to go buy something so I can send pictures.

Monday we visited a guy named Umar and he is awesome, but a lot of deep doctrine and its a lot of work for me because my comp dosent talk, the guy kinda chastised my comp for not being interested in anything that was said… it was funny for me a little...but my comp was way mad!

Tuesday we had lunch with the Bustamante family (Antonellas mom) and while we were there they got the call that the family would be having twins, I was so pumped! Then we taught Romiro that night, it was a really good lesson really! He is awesome… pray that he reads!

Wednesday we visited a less active named Hugo and it was good. I dropped cane using a parable of Christ where he talks about two servants, the one said he would do what the Lord asked and then didn’t, and then one who said they wouldn't do it, and then changed and did it and how those who really did it will be blessed much more then the liars and told them that with the baptism we promise to do stuff and they are not doing it. It was good...

Thursday I don't remember, but we taught and thats all that matters!

Friday we had a zone meeting. My stomach tripped out (explained in dads letter) and then we just went looking to teach, but no one ever was there. It was hard, but we did teach Romiro with Issac and it was good, he needed the Book of Mormon and it was just a good little chat!

Saturday we had a family night with a good family that I love and I made one almost cry with the activity about why we need to read the scriptures it was awesome!

Sunday we had nothing. We did watch a gang fight start, heard three bullets, watched as a kid ran by us with a a revolver and then we just got out of that neighborhood. Then my comp didn't want to work so we went to some recent converts house and I just sat and talked with the member. It was good, not really, but whatever.

So yup!
I love you guys be safe!

Love, Jayson