Monday, May 16, 2016

Taught more this week

So I need to do this fast—I have like no time!
But it’s been good I'm feeling some mad seasonal depression, but I'm doing my best to be okay with it and not care and just keep going on with out any problems, so I mean that is the goal at least!

Monday we taught a family that I can't remember… it was a new investigator called Cornejo and she is awesome! Her name is Venessa not Cornejo, that is her last name. She is awesome! The elders helped save stuff from their burning house, so now we are going to teach them! 

Tuesday we taught Franco and it was awesome! He is a really nice guy, but I don't know his intentions, but I like teaching him! Then we taught Cristopher who is Aldanas man and he was nice, he has no interest, but he told us that Aldanda loves what she is learning and is reading. I'm like so down for her to make it, at least we will see what happens! 

Wednesday we worked normal, but we had nothing. Then we helped the family Lopez—great people, I love them!

Thursday we went and just got to visit a great family named Nico and Katy, but they are just less actives, but I love them! They make me happy!

Friday we got our hair cut because a less active member offered us to do it! Awesome free hair cut! Then we just taught— the rest was just rejection.

Saturday we taught Aldana and it was a awesome lesson!! I was so pumped, she was asking a ton of questions about the plan of salvation, hell and what we believed. She seemed to understand everything and she was absorbing everything really well…. I feel like she accepts everything we teach. I just like that I feel like she wants to know what I have to say—it’s awesome, then we did service working on a roof in the night!

Sunday we went and  taught Romiro, but we also found out that we had a guy who we thought was a menos activo who came to church that was baptized, but never confirmed. We are teaching him now and he has two times at church, so we can make it happen! :) 

So that was the week.
Be safe and be happy, I will keep trying! 
I love you! 


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