Thursday, June 2, 2016

Good Day!

30 May 2016

So this week was good we had sunshine until Thursday and then we haven't seen it until today and then I had to take a bus ride to help some people who had no money and it is all socked in with fog so that sucks, but that is life I guess... 

Monday we didn't make it into anyones house... sad but it happens!

Tuesday we also were unable to make it into anyone house, but we did some service in the morning and that was fun!

Wednesday we did more service and then we had a way cool activity in the church for patriots day in this country! It was way fun. We had Cristian Santos there and then we had a less active named Fidel there, it was awesome! I played american football and taught them how to play and throw and then we wrestled in the grass and I whooped on them even though they are training in the gym and all that jazz! So then we taught Cristain and Fidel and they just talked about all the clean fun we can have in the church, then they said that the mormons are like “The little house on the Prairie” and I laughed. I thought it was  funny just how they see the mormon culture, so loving and there isn't any people drinking or mad or anything and we sing and it’s awesome! I was just like we are cool! We do have happiness in the church, we are a happy place! I loved it way good lesson!

Thursday we had a district meeting that I sent you pictures of, where we all ended up in bed. My district is way apostate, but I mean that happens I say what I think, and they do what they want, but doing the meeting in the pension was fun and afterwards just chilling in bed with six guys was cool I guess! ;)

Friday we taught Franco and Diego. I was really honest with them and I just looked at them and told them I love them and I would like to see them in heaven, but they wont make it there without the baptism that we have to offer, and I just strait asked them if they wanted to change? They said yes! It was awesome! I love them—it was a good day!

Saturday we taught Romiro, we read from Alma 5, then I asked if they died right then if they would be ready? Then we taught Juan Jaque finally and we set a date for his baptism for the 25th of this next month I’m pumped! Then that night we had a lesson with he family Avila and it was awesome! We tried to put a date and the wife accepted, but the husband a little less! So awesome still!

Sunday Cristian came to church and it was awesome! I love that kid he is only 20, but he is on his way to being a great member! IT’S awesome! 
Then that night we taught Aldana and it was great, she is awesome!! I should have asked for a fecha (baptismal date), but I lost all my courage! I  know I'm a baby! 

So that’s the week! You are right I had no help out this week, I just have to keep going!  I think — I mean I just need to aguantar! 

I love you mom! 


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