Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Last Letter Home

25 July 2016

I am feeling really, really weird.... I don’t know, this is the last email that you will be receiving from me as a missionary and I just feel so weird about it and I really don’t know what to think! I know that I have done my very best my entire mission and I know that the Lord will bless me now and for forever because of it... I don’t know how to describe the way it feels to have my heart and my soul torn in two different directions at all times… it feels so weird to know that I don’t really have a lot of life left to do this. I don’t know everything, I just know that Christ is the Savior of the world and my redeemer and I can do this all through him and that he has blessed me to be strong in all my problems, no matter what it is and he will always help me, and protect me, and make all this worth it in the end!

I haven’t watched the videos of the U — the computers here don’t let me!

Monday we went and taught Pato the law of chastity, and word of wisdom, and tithing, and it was awesome! He is funny and couldn’t keep them straight. It was kind fun just to see him try to remember every law, but he is a sweet kid!

Tuesday we went and reviewed with Pato and then we went to the Ormeño family… it was good, but the kids are way crazy! We also taught a guy named David who served a mission and then we taught his wife who isn’t a member, because he messed up and had a baby before marriage. He is awesome though and we just talked about baptism and what holds her back from baptism and how she needs to ask the Lord to know if she should be baptized or not! Good stuff!

Wednesday I got bit by a dog! It was the worst — like it went way hard, but it’s cool, I’ll show you the cuts when I get home! Then I taught Brian and Gabrieal and it was good, and we gave the kid a blessing. They are ready to get baptized I think, but they need to come to church! Then we taught Juan a little and it was good, but he needs my help. He just needs to drop smoking... I don’t know he needs to really want it! 

Thursday we taught Franco and Diego and it was just like, well they don’t get it. I can explain it in every way and they just don’t want to change, but I love them a lot so it is hard for me...but I trust the Lord that he will help them progress someday so that they can be great members! Then we got robbed! I had all kinds of crap to say, but when someone has one of your best friends by the neck it’s hard to think was sad... but okay... just a wallet and a phone!

Friday we went and taught the Chafalas and it was awesome! We went and taught Gabrieal some more and it was awesome! Then Juan got a blessing of the priesthood and it was good, I think it’s what he needed! Then we taught Teresa and Alma, it was good. They are sweet ladies and Teresa totally accepted Joseph Smith and it was awesome! I love people! 

Saturday we talked to a lady who 2 days after an eye surgery went and did a home teaching visit and then walked all around it was awesome! That night we taught Daniel—he is awesome! He needs to come to church no mas and he is golden!

Sunday we had a great asado with the family Fernandez that I love a ton! They really are so awesome to me and I just love them to death! I hope they don't forget me — that’s all that matters to me! Then we taught a big family and they have great desire and it was awesome! I loved it! 

So it was a hard week, but a great week! I love the work and even though it has been hard, it has been awesome! I don't understand everything the Lord wants me to do, but I know that he has me here! I love the Lord and all the great blessings He gives me! I love this work and know that this is the church of God! 

I love you all and I'm signing out! I love you all until the end! 

Love, Elder Jayson Michael Benedict

Monday, July 18, 2016

16 More Days

It has been a really awesome week filled with a ton of work and it has been awesome! I'm working hard so thats good and the Lord is blessing me with all the work I'm doing I know he is seeing my sacrifices and he is making all this worth it! He is keeping me worthy! :) 

To the questions!

  • So will you be leaving most of those ridiculously large clothes in Argentina??
I am leaving almost all my clothes, besides like my normal clothes, like t-shirts and the stuff I have bought and I'm going shopping today. Is there anything you want? I can get stuff here in Argentina for only two more weeks! 

  • Are you excited to go buy you new clothes that fit??
Yes I am excited to go shopping for clothes!

  • Where do you want to go to lunch once you get home? (We went to Litza’s Pizza when Taylor got home)
I want to go to lunch at China Hill. 

  • What is the food that you have most missed while in Argentina? It
I have missed Chinese food more then anything else, and your desserts, and muddy buddies!

  • I am trying to decide what to have for lunch for your homecoming Sunday? Suggestions?
Food for the homecoming… what time do we get out of church? Lunch? I miss chicken salad sandwiches like the Hadfields always did. They are way yummy on croissants! :)

Questions for you!

  • Did you know that the plan for my first day back is go to the Ogden Temple as soon as you get me there, then go to China Hill, then go to the house to show you all my fun stuff and try the Argentine things I bring you. Then when I get released we will be going straight from there to the grandparents house to have a swimming party with anyone that wants to come from my friend group? 

  • Did you know that on the thirteenth on the way home from California, me and who ever wants to is going to make a four hour detour to Arizona to see my trainers wedding reception? Thats actually a really long drive home through the night. Maybe I just fly there from Cali and then take the flight home, I don't know, but i want to go.

  • Did you know that I also have plans for when I go home? ;) 

To the week! :)

Monday we went to a mall and bought popcorn — it was awesome! Then we taught Pato (Luciano) and it was good we are just trying to make him all ready for the 26th, and so thats all good! 

Tuesday we went and taught Gabriela. She is good and still excited for her baptism and thats good, but I wont be here to see it! But that’s okay, I don't mind I know God does things his way and not my way so I don't worry about the stuff that is out of my control! Then we taught the Jofres and it was normal, just talking about why they need to change! Good stuff!

Wednesday we went and taught Aldana and it was awesome! She is way cool, but I just don't see her as ready to get baptized, but thats okay! Then we taught Teresa and Alma. It was good, more of a chat then anything, but I liked it. I felt like it was good. I just feel like they are way receptive and will love the gospel!

Thursday Elder Vilche, the old guy came and visited me and took met o lunch and it was awesome! I loved it! We then went and taught Pato again and it was good! We taught his grandma too! Good stuff! Then that night we taught the Ormeño family, good people, but mostly just talked and we don’t teach! Then we taught a way Catholic family. She is a pediatric nurse and she asked us, “Where do unbaptized babies go?” I talked about how they are saved in Christ and how they are pure. Then we talked about temples and how our church is true! :) Good, good!

Friday we had an awesome asado with a way awesome old lady that I love a ton! :) Then we taught some little girls, 11, 14, and 16 years old, it was awesome! Great people who want to progress!

Saturday we taught Teresa and Alma. Alma had told her mom that she wanted to be a Mormon! So thats cool! :) Then Danial normal! We also had an asasdo that day! I met a women who is the Latin version of really she is you — we shared fotos and everyone laughed. 

Sunday we had Pato there and a 16 year old who had a 5 month old baby that is precious her name is Aldana, but she is a different Aldana so I mean that’s awesome!! We have that going for us and she wants to be baptized,  we taught her the restoration, so awesome!!! :) Then that night we taught the Ormeños ams o menos, so good week! 

So you should write me back with what you think. I have another fifteen minutes! 

I love you guys! 


Monday, July 11, 2016

Working A Ton

This week has been way good — just a ton of teaching so that was so nice like I'm working a ton and seeing a ton of great things because of it! So at least you know I'm still trying! :) 

Monday we taught Luciano and his mom Adriana and they are great. I love them a ton, and he chose me to do the baptism for him... He will be getting baptized the 29th of this month, the Friday before I go home... I feel so blessed by the Lord to have such great opportunities to be His instrument... It feels good.

Tuesday we taught Juan Jaque and he is going good! He’s read a ton of the scriptures and he is progressing! He is down to s So moking only 4 or 5 cigarettes a day now now so we are getting there! :) Then I was in a plaza talking to the kids where we had taught in a group and I asked about the gun fight that had happened last Friday, they told me that all my guys were okay. As I was going to leave a kid about 15 or 16 years old looked at me and asked if we could do a blessing with him before we left. I sat down next to this child and taught him how to pray. Then as if he was four years of age, I said the words and he repeated them asking for the safety of his friends and forgiveness... as I finished with him he just looked at me with a huge smile, and I realized that it was the first time this boy had talked to his Father in Heaven and he felt good about it... I feel so blessed to be a missionary for people like him!

Wednesday we taught the Jofre family and Gabriela and then we went to visit a lady who is like 73 or something like that still going to church like a stud and then we talked to her sobrino and I just realized how many kids are just not listening to us because the missionaries don’t apply it to their life, they don’t make it personal. Because I was nice to him he listened and wanted to be there, it was really cool! Oh and Gabrielas cousin had recently died, so we taught the plan of God and she accepted a baptismal date...for after I'm home! But oh well!! :)

Thursday we taught Adriana and Luciano and some less actives and all that, but the lesson I loved most was from the lesson where I was teaching people and as we walked out my comp looked at me and told me he needed to burn his boats.The vikings when they tried to take over a island would burn their boats, and then raid so there was no retreat—it was die or win. I had shared that about how we need to work in the church! My companion had had a way bad relationship and he gave me two ties from her, and a watch from her, so he had no way back to that life and it was way cool! I felt like I had done my job for that day! :)

Friday we had a BBQ with a guy who is way cool to us and it was awesome, and I made him a birthday cake! Then we taught Gabriela and it was awesome just to answer all her questions! Then we taught Mecha and he is doing good — he is down to one pack a day, so I mean at least we are going! I feel good about it!

Saturday was the Argentine Independence Day and we had a huge church activity. I played soccer for three hours and it was awesome! I play really well for a gringo… like I beat out Latinos now I really enjoy the sport!! I'm one of the fastest runners and I can control the ball well. I get picked first instead of last now, and I always play on the team with less players! It’s awesome! So we had a ton a of investigators there that felt a ton of love! Then we worked the tarde and a drunk guy hugged me and picked me up and we fell over and knocked over his beer and he asked me to pray for peace for him and I did. As I prayed I truly felt how much love God had for this son of his, even though he won’t even remember that prayer, I will because I learned about Gods charity.

Sunday we had three people at church who are not members. One of them is the wife of a return missionary who screwed up and they have a kid, but I want her to make it to baptism, so we are headed for that! Then that night we taught a lady named Dominga and she is sweet, but I taught her nephew how to pray, and he prayed for her and it was beautiful! I loved it all! 

So yupp I'm happy. It’s hard, I'm not ready to come home, but I am! I don’t know… pray for me that I can be less stressed. I’m good! 

These are the books I've bought…two are Argentine, the others are “Pride and Prejudice”, “A Fault in our Stars” and “The Book Thief”! So I'm pumped! I haven't found “Good Night Mister Tom”, but I'm looking for it! 

Love, Jayson

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Really Little Time

I’m doing good this week, but I have really little time…I mean this could be a little short! 

Yes I’m being safe! We were in one neighborhood after a big gun fight and that was weird! Other then that good, my comp and I are good!

Monday we went and taught two kids who were awesome and invited us for soccer on Saturday!

Tuesday we taught Gabriela se llama bnd she is cool, hopefully I can teach her tomorrow and get her to go to church she wants to be baptized I think so I need to just help her get there!

Wednesday we just taught a less active that wants to come back!

Thursday we taught the Jofre’s so that was good—a lot of testifying!

Friday we had a way good bbq and it was awesome!

Saturday we played soccer and taught a guy named Daniel!

Sunday we had a good meeting, and then we had surprise lunch. We then had a bunch of less actives and I drank a ton of good mate cocido! :) 

I love you mom!! Sorry for the sucky email! 
I’ll see you soon! 

Love, Jayson

Friday, July 1, 2016

My New Companion is Sic

27 June 2016

This week has been so good!

I have no time, but here is what I have for the questions and my week!
Elder Benedict, Elder Bingham, and Elder Romero

  • What is you new companions full name ?
His name is Zachery Morgan Mollis. He has 8 months in the mission and he isn't very good at Spanish, because he gets nervous when he is with members, but when it’s me and him alone his Spanish is way good. I’m just trying to help him have more confidence! He is from Boise Idaho and they are motorcycle people and crazy! His family sounds totally loco! So I mean he is way sic and I love him a ton, we get a long way well and it makes the time go even faster because we talk all the time about everything so it’s awesome!!!! :) 

  • Are you getting out and working hard?
We are working hard, my comp is sick and he wanted to sleep yesterday, so we did that. It was hard for me, but I guess thats life!

  • Does the mission secretary usually send out information to the parents about missionaries departure dates and times?
I don't know if the secretary will write you, he should and he should write Chad Webb with all the info too! But I have already told you everything you need to know! :) 

  • Are you Happy and Healthy???
I am happy and a little sick, but thats good, just pray that I can resist all temptation as I come to an end. Satan is throwing everything at me and thats hard and I don't like it and I need the extra Spirit help! Thanks!

Monday we just went and said good bye to the people Elder Plumb wanted to, and then I cleaned the floors on my hands and knees! 

Tuesday I got my companion and then we went and taught the Jofre family… they are well! So it was good and I feel like my companion is a stud! We also taught the family Garcia. He is less active and his kids know nothing about the church, but the youngest is 15 so we are just trying to help them be better and get to know God! 

Wednesday we were in my most dangerous part of the area and we were just walking and some of the bad kids in the neighborhood yelled out about how Argentina had kicked our butts the night before, so I started chatting with them about it. I dribbled the soccer ball with them for a few minutes and then they asked me why I was in Argentina? I testified of the love I have for my Savior for about 5 minutes and then to close my testimony I said, “If you want to know more lets sit here on the curb and I’ll tell you about how Christ restored his church today”.Then me and twelve kids who had weed cigarettes in their hands and were probably heavily armed talked about the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ and then at the end I asked them if they felt it was true and they did, and then I told them about new starts and baptism and it was so cool! I think the drug boss who was wearing 100 dollar shoes was the most interested so it was awesome! I’m working that angle!

Thursday we taught Juan and now I'm calling him every night to make sure he smokes less and he is doing better…we are down to six a day! It’s awesome!

Friday we did intercombios (exchanges)—it was awesome, I was with Elder Rawle and I love him to death! 

Saturday me and Rawle taught a lesson and I just told the guy that he needed to think about how he can make it to heaven and just make the decision, and then my comp just dropped a huge spirit bomb of his testimony and it was so great! Then that night I played a little soccer with the kids! Then we visited the Jofre family, but they didn’t come to church!

Sunday we had a lady show up to church with her son and he is needing baptism so we are going to work that, and other then giving a blessing to a guy who had a hip replacement who is less active, my comp just slept and I just struggled to not burn. But thats life!

So it was a awesome week! 
I love you mom! 

Love, Jayson