Friday, July 1, 2016

My New Companion is Sic

27 June 2016

This week has been so good!

I have no time, but here is what I have for the questions and my week!
Elder Benedict, Elder Bingham, and Elder Romero

  • What is you new companions full name ?
His name is Zachery Morgan Mollis. He has 8 months in the mission and he isn't very good at Spanish, because he gets nervous when he is with members, but when it’s me and him alone his Spanish is way good. I’m just trying to help him have more confidence! He is from Boise Idaho and they are motorcycle people and crazy! His family sounds totally loco! So I mean he is way sic and I love him a ton, we get a long way well and it makes the time go even faster because we talk all the time about everything so it’s awesome!!!! :) 

  • Are you getting out and working hard?
We are working hard, my comp is sick and he wanted to sleep yesterday, so we did that. It was hard for me, but I guess thats life!

  • Does the mission secretary usually send out information to the parents about missionaries departure dates and times?
I don't know if the secretary will write you, he should and he should write Chad Webb with all the info too! But I have already told you everything you need to know! :) 

  • Are you Happy and Healthy???
I am happy and a little sick, but thats good, just pray that I can resist all temptation as I come to an end. Satan is throwing everything at me and thats hard and I don't like it and I need the extra Spirit help! Thanks!

Monday we just went and said good bye to the people Elder Plumb wanted to, and then I cleaned the floors on my hands and knees! 

Tuesday I got my companion and then we went and taught the Jofre family… they are well! So it was good and I feel like my companion is a stud! We also taught the family Garcia. He is less active and his kids know nothing about the church, but the youngest is 15 so we are just trying to help them be better and get to know God! 

Wednesday we were in my most dangerous part of the area and we were just walking and some of the bad kids in the neighborhood yelled out about how Argentina had kicked our butts the night before, so I started chatting with them about it. I dribbled the soccer ball with them for a few minutes and then they asked me why I was in Argentina? I testified of the love I have for my Savior for about 5 minutes and then to close my testimony I said, “If you want to know more lets sit here on the curb and I’ll tell you about how Christ restored his church today”.Then me and twelve kids who had weed cigarettes in their hands and were probably heavily armed talked about the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ and then at the end I asked them if they felt it was true and they did, and then I told them about new starts and baptism and it was so cool! I think the drug boss who was wearing 100 dollar shoes was the most interested so it was awesome! I’m working that angle!

Thursday we taught Juan and now I'm calling him every night to make sure he smokes less and he is doing better…we are down to six a day! It’s awesome!

Friday we did intercombios (exchanges)—it was awesome, I was with Elder Rawle and I love him to death! 

Saturday me and Rawle taught a lesson and I just told the guy that he needed to think about how he can make it to heaven and just make the decision, and then my comp just dropped a huge spirit bomb of his testimony and it was so great! Then that night I played a little soccer with the kids! Then we visited the Jofre family, but they didn’t come to church!

Sunday we had a lady show up to church with her son and he is needing baptism so we are going to work that, and other then giving a blessing to a guy who had a hip replacement who is less active, my comp just slept and I just struggled to not burn. But thats life!

So it was a awesome week! 
I love you mom! 

Love, Jayson

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