Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Last Letter Home

25 July 2016

I am feeling really, really weird.... I don’t know, this is the last email that you will be receiving from me as a missionary and I just feel so weird about it and I really don’t know what to think! I know that I have done my very best my entire mission and I know that the Lord will bless me now and for forever because of it... I don’t know how to describe the way it feels to have my heart and my soul torn in two different directions at all times… it feels so weird to know that I don’t really have a lot of life left to do this. I don’t know everything, I just know that Christ is the Savior of the world and my redeemer and I can do this all through him and that he has blessed me to be strong in all my problems, no matter what it is and he will always help me, and protect me, and make all this worth it in the end!

I haven’t watched the videos of the U — the computers here don’t let me!

Monday we went and taught Pato the law of chastity, and word of wisdom, and tithing, and it was awesome! He is funny and couldn’t keep them straight. It was kind fun just to see him try to remember every law, but he is a sweet kid!

Tuesday we went and reviewed with Pato and then we went to the Ormeño family… it was good, but the kids are way crazy! We also taught a guy named David who served a mission and then we taught his wife who isn’t a member, because he messed up and had a baby before marriage. He is awesome though and we just talked about baptism and what holds her back from baptism and how she needs to ask the Lord to know if she should be baptized or not! Good stuff!

Wednesday I got bit by a dog! It was the worst — like it went way hard, but it’s cool, I’ll show you the cuts when I get home! Then I taught Brian and Gabrieal and it was good, and we gave the kid a blessing. They are ready to get baptized I think, but they need to come to church! Then we taught Juan a little and it was good, but he needs my help. He just needs to drop smoking... I don’t know he needs to really want it! 

Thursday we taught Franco and Diego and it was just like, well they don’t get it. I can explain it in every way and they just don’t want to change, but I love them a lot so it is hard for me...but I trust the Lord that he will help them progress someday so that they can be great members! Then we got robbed! I had all kinds of crap to say, but when someone has one of your best friends by the neck it’s hard to think was sad... but okay... just a wallet and a phone!

Friday we went and taught the Chafalas and it was awesome! We went and taught Gabrieal some more and it was awesome! Then Juan got a blessing of the priesthood and it was good, I think it’s what he needed! Then we taught Teresa and Alma, it was good. They are sweet ladies and Teresa totally accepted Joseph Smith and it was awesome! I love people! 

Saturday we talked to a lady who 2 days after an eye surgery went and did a home teaching visit and then walked all around it was awesome! That night we taught Daniel—he is awesome! He needs to come to church no mas and he is golden!

Sunday we had a great asado with the family Fernandez that I love a ton! They really are so awesome to me and I just love them to death! I hope they don't forget me — that’s all that matters to me! Then we taught a big family and they have great desire and it was awesome! I loved it! 

So it was a hard week, but a great week! I love the work and even though it has been hard, it has been awesome! I don't understand everything the Lord wants me to do, but I know that he has me here! I love the Lord and all the great blessings He gives me! I love this work and know that this is the church of God! 

I love you all and I'm signing out! I love you all until the end! 

Love, Elder Jayson Michael Benedict

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