Monday, July 11, 2016

Working A Ton

This week has been way good — just a ton of teaching so that was so nice like I'm working a ton and seeing a ton of great things because of it! So at least you know I'm still trying! :) 

Monday we taught Luciano and his mom Adriana and they are great. I love them a ton, and he chose me to do the baptism for him... He will be getting baptized the 29th of this month, the Friday before I go home... I feel so blessed by the Lord to have such great opportunities to be His instrument... It feels good.

Tuesday we taught Juan Jaque and he is going good! He’s read a ton of the scriptures and he is progressing! He is down to s So moking only 4 or 5 cigarettes a day now now so we are getting there! :) Then I was in a plaza talking to the kids where we had taught in a group and I asked about the gun fight that had happened last Friday, they told me that all my guys were okay. As I was going to leave a kid about 15 or 16 years old looked at me and asked if we could do a blessing with him before we left. I sat down next to this child and taught him how to pray. Then as if he was four years of age, I said the words and he repeated them asking for the safety of his friends and forgiveness... as I finished with him he just looked at me with a huge smile, and I realized that it was the first time this boy had talked to his Father in Heaven and he felt good about it... I feel so blessed to be a missionary for people like him!

Wednesday we taught the Jofre family and Gabriela and then we went to visit a lady who is like 73 or something like that still going to church like a stud and then we talked to her sobrino and I just realized how many kids are just not listening to us because the missionaries don’t apply it to their life, they don’t make it personal. Because I was nice to him he listened and wanted to be there, it was really cool! Oh and Gabrielas cousin had recently died, so we taught the plan of God and she accepted a baptismal date...for after I'm home! But oh well!! :)

Thursday we taught Adriana and Luciano and some less actives and all that, but the lesson I loved most was from the lesson where I was teaching people and as we walked out my comp looked at me and told me he needed to burn his boats.The vikings when they tried to take over a island would burn their boats, and then raid so there was no retreat—it was die or win. I had shared that about how we need to work in the church! My companion had had a way bad relationship and he gave me two ties from her, and a watch from her, so he had no way back to that life and it was way cool! I felt like I had done my job for that day! :)

Friday we had a BBQ with a guy who is way cool to us and it was awesome, and I made him a birthday cake! Then we taught Gabriela and it was awesome just to answer all her questions! Then we taught Mecha and he is doing good — he is down to one pack a day, so I mean at least we are going! I feel good about it!

Saturday was the Argentine Independence Day and we had a huge church activity. I played soccer for three hours and it was awesome! I play really well for a gringo… like I beat out Latinos now I really enjoy the sport!! I'm one of the fastest runners and I can control the ball well. I get picked first instead of last now, and I always play on the team with less players! It’s awesome! So we had a ton a of investigators there that felt a ton of love! Then we worked the tarde and a drunk guy hugged me and picked me up and we fell over and knocked over his beer and he asked me to pray for peace for him and I did. As I prayed I truly felt how much love God had for this son of his, even though he won’t even remember that prayer, I will because I learned about Gods charity.

Sunday we had three people at church who are not members. One of them is the wife of a return missionary who screwed up and they have a kid, but I want her to make it to baptism, so we are headed for that! Then that night we taught a lady named Dominga and she is sweet, but I taught her nephew how to pray, and he prayed for her and it was beautiful! I loved it all! 

So yupp I'm happy. It’s hard, I'm not ready to come home, but I am! I don’t know… pray for me that I can be less stressed. I’m good! 

These are the books I've bought…two are Argentine, the others are “Pride and Prejudice”, “A Fault in our Stars” and “The Book Thief”! So I'm pumped! I haven't found “Good Night Mister Tom”, but I'm looking for it! 

Love, Jayson

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