Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Quick One This Week


I’m not really feeling like writing this week, so it’s going to be a quick one.

How is Jorge?
Jorge came to church and is doing well

How is Daniel?
Daniel didn’t go to church and I haven’t seen him this week. We are going to visit him tomorrow I think.

How are the sister missionaries doing in your district?
The sisters are great, I'm going to do a interview for them on Wednesday for a baptism on Saturday.

How are you doing as a district leader?
I'm doing fine as a leader, but really struggling with the example thing.

Are you still in contact with you best-est friends from the office and how are they doing?
I don't talk to them a lot — its kinda against the rules, but when they call I talk, a lot. But whatever... I'm trying not to do it now.

Elder Benedict and Jorge
Monday we went and did service with Alan the kid who cut off his thumb. It was good! I love the guy -- I think we were friends before this life! 

Tuesday we had our meeting and then we went out traveling to Mendoza for my Visa work,

Wednesday was Visa work and saying hi to all my friends. It was good! Then we taught the menos activos Torrez, and she is well. She came to church it was awesome!

Thursday we planned in the morning, and then visited Jorge — he was good and we taught the Word of Wisdom. I don’t know if he will struggle with it, but we are going to cover it some more. We taught Daniela and she is doing well too. She didn’t make it to church.

Friday we did some service in the morning and destroyed my hand, lots of blisters, but it was awesome! Then in the evening we taught Nestor, he is awesome, I love him! He has a lot of questions about the church and we taught him, he wants an answer bad, so he will get it! It’s awesome!!!! 

Saturday we did service all day and it was good! Nice people, but then we had lunch with them and they were drinking and then they all changed from cool people to not cool people. I hate drink, i dont want my friends to ever be drinkers. Then we taught someone, but I don't remember who.

Harold, Elder Benedict, Jole, and Elder Puyol
Sunday Jorge came and we had a good day. We went out on divisions with Jole and Harold it was awesome. I gave a blessing, taught about hope and prayer to some new people.

There is the week!

I love you guys! Be happy!

Love, Jayson

19 months as a missionary


I’m really tired of sending all my letters in the same way all the days and it never gives you any idea of me or anything…just my work which is lame! I mean I want you to know what I'm doing, but I also want you to know how I'm doing. I

I feel like a ton of people are now married and having babies and I didn't even know. McCall Elllet is having a kid? What? Melissa is married? What? That’s just weird, I need some heads up! I’m feeling really good, I got to go running this week and it felt good to go out in the mornings and get the blood pumping! I love the workouts! I’m glad that I now have the ability to do it a lot better then I ever could. I’m starting to really feel strong, like it feels good to be me! I still have a lot of stomach fat when I bend over, but its fine I'm getting there! ;) so now to the week!

Monday was p day. We played Ping Pong with Jorge — it was fun and nice, but nothing special and then it rained all night. No one let us in, but we taught the Funez  Familyat the end of the day! 

Tuesday we rocked a quick district meeting and then we went and did service with a kid named Alen who cut off all his thumb last week. Way sad, but a way awesome kid. I really like him! Then in the night we didn't have much luck! 

Wednesday we went to the ribera and it was good, but like no one was home. We taught a family named Torrez and it was awesome, but they didn't make out to church, but they even gave us a little dinner. :)

Thursday we taught Jorge’s wife that he is separated from named Nancy. Nice lady, but a little weird. It was nice to explain who we were and why I'm here from so far away, it was really good and then we talked to Jorge about it and he was so happy! He really wants his wife to see that he is changing and he is doing all in his power to be a good person and he is doing this of his own will! It’s awesome! I felt great!

Friday we went back to the ribera and taught Janina and she was good, but I left my agenda there and I was so sad. But it was good to talk to her. She said she was going to go to the church, but didn't make it. Then Quiroga’s, they were good, but Mira and Graciela a daughter and the mom had just separated from their men. The mom was married, I don't knows what’s going on there and Mira and Alejandro, the guy of hers have a 7 year old kid so it was just sad....

Saturday we went to a child baptism and chatted with Maxi and Sofia and they said they would go to church and then they forgot to wake up….sad. Then we taught Daniel Rojas and it was awesome to chat with him. He is such a great convert! He had to work Sunday, but him and another mormon friend who are buddies at work sluffed an hour and made it just for the sacrament in the other ward. He is so cool! I love how he speaks about the Holy Ghost— I think he gets it better then me.

Sunday we had a random miracle that happened, a new family came to church out of the blue! The guy Rodolfo is a member, but his wife? Or girlfriend? Is not so we are going to go this week maybe to teach them. They live like 8 km from where we normally work so we will see how we make it work, its kinda a hard game. Then that night we had ice cream with Jorge for his birthday and it was fun to chat with him an just make him feel loved. Then the Quiroga family we taught the restoration with them and it was great. Like awesome! Even Alejandro and Jose the moms husband were there. I don't know the situation, but maybe everything is okay. 

So there is the week, it was a little dry not a lot of teaching, but it was good. I’m good! Yesterday I hit 19 months of being a missionary with His name on my chest and I love it. I have less then 5 months to go and I'm feeling weird about it, but I know that God will make it all good and I will be strong and able to help his children for the time that I have left. I love the Lord and I know he wants me to have success! I’m doing this for him! 

I love you mom be safe and happy and way to go on getting revelation — the Lord is a champ! I’m glad it all worked out for you! Be strong and keep killing it! 

Love, Jayson

I love being a missionary!


I can’t send videos they are too big for this email to handle, but when I get home I have a ton of videos to show you!!!!! 

So me and my companion talk, but when we are in the street and he says something to bother me I just don't react. We are getting along a little better now, but it is still not like a good relationship. He just never asks forgiveness ever, ever, ever... It’s probably the hardest part for me, he doesn't ever feel bad for it even though he knows I'm really upset, but I forgive him even still, at least I'm trying to...

So this is the World Wide 7 week transfer, so we are in week 5, so I have three to go, like 20 days and then I'm in the clear! So that’s awesome! Hopefully I stay here!! I love this area a ton—like really it’s the best!

No we tried to ask for it normally, but they didn't answer so I didn't think anyone was home or lived there! They were apartments that said rent on front so I was like no harm done, but there was a little harm done, but like its all over now.

The Ribera is a entire different neighborhood that doubles the size of my area. It would be from Uncle Don´s house to the church and keep going until Layton high. It’s big and it makes the work harder because we need to work there too. We never made it there this week... if you look up Villa Mercedes you will find it in google maps its right next door—Like south west of Centro.

She was struggling really bad, like it got to suicidal thoughts so that’s why she went home. The MTC wasn't hard for her, it was all the culture shock and having a latin companion and not understanding anything and not having hot water and just a lot of weird stuff that she wasn't ready for that lead to a lot of depression, but she really was so sic, look her up on Facebook, her name is Taylor Partrica Barnson. Really a great gal!

We did call those people and they told us they would be there and then they had a emergency, but they didn't have any credit on the phone to call us. People here pay for minutes in like credit and the people never have it, we always do so we can call as we want, but others can’t really call us because we work with people who don't have money... It’s hard to explain...

I did do better this week, we worked really hard and saw a ton of blessings for it, I wasn’t perfect, but I was blessed for trying! We had 10 lessons with member and then we have 7 new investigators!!!! 

Monday we taught the Funez family and their daughter and her husband it was really awesome, but we were there really late not by choice, but it was awesome and they for the first time seemed interested in listening to us! It was awesome!

Tuesday we went north and talked to some really awesome less actives who are really cool, but it was weird and hard to see some of the situations —like one kid cut off his thumb and he is way in the dumps about it, but we are going this week to go chat with him and try to help! 

Wednesday we went and talked to a member about her son that ran away recently and we really just listen and listened and listened. It was what she needed, to cry and tell us her problems and just vent to us about it all and it was like she was praying to God about the problem, but we were the ears.. It was cool to sit and think of how Christ must listen to us when we vent to him and tell him our problems and sadness and he is there to make it feel at least a little better.

Thursday we taught a lady named Noelia and it was really good! Me and elder Mendez taught her back when, but now we recently found out she is living here again and it was so cool to just chat with her and teach her. She accepted a baptismal date. It was so awesome! I loved it! Then a good lunch with a non-member, way awesome and then we talked to the hermanas who are stuck out of the area because Barnson went home, it was sad, but good. Then we had a family night with the Funez family and their daughter and son-in-law and taught about Joseph Smith and watched the video of the restoration it was awesome! Then ice cream and pizza — ahh yaa!!! 

Friday we had a meeting in San Luis that was good and fun and then we taught a family, but I don't remember where or what we did, but it was good I'm sure and it helped them I'm sure! :)

Saturday I went with Harold Funez on divisions and it was awesome! He was really struggling with some law of chastity problems and it was nice to chat with him about how he can talk to bishop and fix his life and get it all in order and what he needed to do to put it all in line. Then we taught 3 families— Jorge Cortez, the 10 commandments, Maxi and Sofia, prayer and reading, the family Disisares, prayer and reading and all of them came to church the next day! Way good lessons and I was way happy!

Sunday tons of people that haven't come in years to the church it was awesome, we had 8 from our efforts that made it to the church! I was so happy! Way awesome, day! Jorge cried in the gospel principles class and I was just so pumped for him to know he liked it! Then that the night we taught a family of less actives where the kids are not members the Puscamas and it was awesome! The daughter is mad at God for taking away her friend and it was sad to see that, but I was able to talk to her and help the Spirit testify of how she can be okay and accept it and she promised to pray! 

So it was really a top notch week!! I loved it all! I’m really glad I'm a a missionary. Sometimes it’s hard and it doesn't make sense, but it’s so worth it! God wants us to be happy! Even if the ex-girlfriend get married, or the people don't do what they say they will, its all worth it in the end because we are doing it for God! He will make our small strengths worth it all in the end! I love this gospel with all my heart and I know that this church is true and as we are faithful the Lord will bless us with the strength to keep going and to endure all trails! I love the Lord and I love being a missionary! 

I love you guys a ton and tons! 

Love, Elder Jayson Benedict

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pretty Rough Week

29 February 2016

It was a good week, but a rough week at the same time. I know God is blessing me to be a better person and trying to teach me through all the things that happen in this life! He is kinda cool that way!

So my birthday asado or barbecue was awesome! I'm not a huge fan of pig meat, I don't like the way it smells, but it was way awesome! I ate the bone marrow of the spine and took a video you will love it! 
My Birthday Barbecue!
My comp and I are doing good. I’ve just learned to not talk and then I don't get as mad at him, so if he says something that angers me, or that I don't like, I just don't say anything! It helps me be a better comp and do what I should!

So I told dad what happened with Hermana Barnson so just look on his email for that question.

Monday we had the barbecue and it was great! We had 6 investigators who came to the church for the food and it was awesome!!!! But the young men I love lost my Frisbee… so I climbed some roofs and got it, but some old lady came and chewed me out and was starting to  yell so I might have gotten a little mad and not been very Elder like with her, but that happens, hopefully God will forgive me.

Tuesday we did service and I cut down a tree it was awesome!!! Then in the night we we went and worked in the area, but I don't know what we did…I can’t remember!

Wednesday we had a way awesome broadcast with Elder Bednar and learned a ton about faith…. like it just blew my mind! Then that night I went with Joel to the Ribera and taught some great families and it was really great! I love Joel he makes me happy! I want him to be my companion! Also we hung out with the hermanas that day and she was as right as rain and happy — it was awesome!

Thursday I woke up to a text that said that Hermana Barnson was having panic attacks and what should they do? I was just like noooooo!! But after helping with that for awhile we worked in the area and then we went above in the area. There was a huge rainstorm, we were in a menos activo home and it was awesome to chat and just enjoy them and have some dessert with them! 

Friday I got a call in the morning that our hermanas were going to go to Mendoza that day to call her parents and go home. I was broken! Way sucked!! We had lunch together before they caught their bus and it was way sad... really sad! Then we worked in the area and it was good, but my companion lost the key, so we really just looked for the keys and tried to get the house open. 

Saturday we walked like 10 kilometers to get to one house and then  they weren't even home, so that was rough. Then we had some time with the young men doing mutual and it was fun! Then I took Joel to go teach Rosa and then the Cejas — it was good, but nothing special…we read a lot of scriptures and it was good.
Sunday we had a good service and then we just had divisions. I taught some less actives and it was really good, but then we made it back to the house at 8:30 and I had to wait for my comp for 2 hours….the leaders were way mad, but like whatever, life goes on! But lots of good stuff!

So the week was hard and I feel bad for not being better, it was a really big test for me and I kinda failed, but I'm repenting and trying to be better and happy and focus on the work... I’m getting tired too, like I have like a little over 5 months left and I'm feeling it, but hopefully God will make me strong so I can keep going and finish strong"! 

I love you mom be happy and safe!
Love, Jayson

Elder Benedict and Sister Barnson

Sounds like your week has been really horrible! I'm way sorry for that! I hate being sick, it sucks so bad... I’ve kinda been in the dumps this week too. The Hermana Barnson that I talked about last week is going home tomorrow and it was really hard for me. I put forth a ton of effort helping her and trying to make things better, and then finally things got better like she was happy and stuff. Then on Wednesday when I saw her she was excited and animated for the work and then the next day had a couple panic attacks for no reason and it got all worse and she just couldn't do it anymore and was getting suicidal and it was just really hard! So she is going home. It made me way sad and kinda killed my drive to do stuff. Like I was like why try? I know it was Satan, but it’s hard when things don't go how we plan them... I know God lets us have trials so that we can learn and I feel like I learned a lot, but I had a bad week. My studies went down, I had no energy, I didn't work out, I didn't try to make good lesson plans, but I'm getting back on the horse today and I'm going to do much better this week! I know the Lord is trying my faith to see what I do. He wants to make me stronger and teach me how to be the best even in the worst of situations, so its all alright. I know my Savior lives, what more do I need? I’m sorry that the meetings were really hard, but I'm sure you will get better soon!

I’m praying for it and God is really good to answer me… most the time! 

I love you dad! 
Love, Jayson