Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pretty Rough Week

29 February 2016

It was a good week, but a rough week at the same time. I know God is blessing me to be a better person and trying to teach me through all the things that happen in this life! He is kinda cool that way!

So my birthday asado or barbecue was awesome! I'm not a huge fan of pig meat, I don't like the way it smells, but it was way awesome! I ate the bone marrow of the spine and took a video you will love it! 
My Birthday Barbecue!
My comp and I are doing good. I’ve just learned to not talk and then I don't get as mad at him, so if he says something that angers me, or that I don't like, I just don't say anything! It helps me be a better comp and do what I should!

So I told dad what happened with Hermana Barnson so just look on his email for that question.

Monday we had the barbecue and it was great! We had 6 investigators who came to the church for the food and it was awesome!!!! But the young men I love lost my Frisbee… so I climbed some roofs and got it, but some old lady came and chewed me out and was starting to  yell so I might have gotten a little mad and not been very Elder like with her, but that happens, hopefully God will forgive me.

Tuesday we did service and I cut down a tree it was awesome!!! Then in the night we we went and worked in the area, but I don't know what we did…I can’t remember!

Wednesday we had a way awesome broadcast with Elder Bednar and learned a ton about faith…. like it just blew my mind! Then that night I went with Joel to the Ribera and taught some great families and it was really great! I love Joel he makes me happy! I want him to be my companion! Also we hung out with the hermanas that day and she was as right as rain and happy — it was awesome!

Thursday I woke up to a text that said that Hermana Barnson was having panic attacks and what should they do? I was just like noooooo!! But after helping with that for awhile we worked in the area and then we went above in the area. There was a huge rainstorm, we were in a menos activo home and it was awesome to chat and just enjoy them and have some dessert with them! 

Friday I got a call in the morning that our hermanas were going to go to Mendoza that day to call her parents and go home. I was broken! Way sucked!! We had lunch together before they caught their bus and it was way sad... really sad! Then we worked in the area and it was good, but my companion lost the key, so we really just looked for the keys and tried to get the house open. 

Saturday we walked like 10 kilometers to get to one house and then  they weren't even home, so that was rough. Then we had some time with the young men doing mutual and it was fun! Then I took Joel to go teach Rosa and then the Cejas — it was good, but nothing special…we read a lot of scriptures and it was good.
Sunday we had a good service and then we just had divisions. I taught some less actives and it was really good, but then we made it back to the house at 8:30 and I had to wait for my comp for 2 hours….the leaders were way mad, but like whatever, life goes on! But lots of good stuff!

So the week was hard and I feel bad for not being better, it was a really big test for me and I kinda failed, but I'm repenting and trying to be better and happy and focus on the work... I’m getting tired too, like I have like a little over 5 months left and I'm feeling it, but hopefully God will make me strong so I can keep going and finish strong"! 

I love you mom be happy and safe!
Love, Jayson

Elder Benedict and Sister Barnson

Sounds like your week has been really horrible! I'm way sorry for that! I hate being sick, it sucks so bad... I’ve kinda been in the dumps this week too. The Hermana Barnson that I talked about last week is going home tomorrow and it was really hard for me. I put forth a ton of effort helping her and trying to make things better, and then finally things got better like she was happy and stuff. Then on Wednesday when I saw her she was excited and animated for the work and then the next day had a couple panic attacks for no reason and it got all worse and she just couldn't do it anymore and was getting suicidal and it was just really hard! So she is going home. It made me way sad and kinda killed my drive to do stuff. Like I was like why try? I know it was Satan, but it’s hard when things don't go how we plan them... I know God lets us have trials so that we can learn and I feel like I learned a lot, but I had a bad week. My studies went down, I had no energy, I didn't work out, I didn't try to make good lesson plans, but I'm getting back on the horse today and I'm going to do much better this week! I know the Lord is trying my faith to see what I do. He wants to make me stronger and teach me how to be the best even in the worst of situations, so its all alright. I know my Savior lives, what more do I need? I’m sorry that the meetings were really hard, but I'm sure you will get better soon!

I’m praying for it and God is really good to answer me… most the time! 

I love you dad! 
Love, Jayson 

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