Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Quick One This Week


I’m not really feeling like writing this week, so it’s going to be a quick one.

How is Jorge?
Jorge came to church and is doing well

How is Daniel?
Daniel didn’t go to church and I haven’t seen him this week. We are going to visit him tomorrow I think.

How are the sister missionaries doing in your district?
The sisters are great, I'm going to do a interview for them on Wednesday for a baptism on Saturday.

How are you doing as a district leader?
I'm doing fine as a leader, but really struggling with the example thing.

Are you still in contact with you best-est friends from the office and how are they doing?
I don't talk to them a lot — its kinda against the rules, but when they call I talk, a lot. But whatever... I'm trying not to do it now.

Elder Benedict and Jorge
Monday we went and did service with Alan the kid who cut off his thumb. It was good! I love the guy -- I think we were friends before this life! 

Tuesday we had our meeting and then we went out traveling to Mendoza for my Visa work,

Wednesday was Visa work and saying hi to all my friends. It was good! Then we taught the menos activos Torrez, and she is well. She came to church it was awesome!

Thursday we planned in the morning, and then visited Jorge — he was good and we taught the Word of Wisdom. I don’t know if he will struggle with it, but we are going to cover it some more. We taught Daniela and she is doing well too. She didn’t make it to church.

Friday we did some service in the morning and destroyed my hand, lots of blisters, but it was awesome! Then in the evening we taught Nestor, he is awesome, I love him! He has a lot of questions about the church and we taught him, he wants an answer bad, so he will get it! It’s awesome!!!! 

Saturday we did service all day and it was good! Nice people, but then we had lunch with them and they were drinking and then they all changed from cool people to not cool people. I hate drink, i dont want my friends to ever be drinkers. Then we taught someone, but I don't remember who.

Harold, Elder Benedict, Jole, and Elder Puyol
Sunday Jorge came and we had a good day. We went out on divisions with Jole and Harold it was awesome. I gave a blessing, taught about hope and prayer to some new people.

There is the week!

I love you guys! Be happy!

Love, Jayson

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