Sunday, April 3, 2016

New Area -- New Companion

28 March 2016

Again I don’t really feel like writing much today. 

So I'm leaving Villa Mercedes which is really just the worst news I think I've gotten in a long while. I love this area and it is really the best area I have ever had in teaching and having a lot of investigators and people who actually come to church. I mean it is just an incredible place that I don't want to leave at all—I'm serious... I really love it here!

I’m going to be going to Bermejo Guaymillen so that is cool I guess. It is a really poor area… there has been a lot of robbings there of the missionaries, so that fun. Whats not cool is my companion. His name is Elder Plumb, he has been out about 12 months in the mission, if I'm not mistaken, but he is just rude to everyone and he is way just not easy to get along with. Two of my good mission buddies called him their Gethsemane of the mission so thats like it’s my life, I just have to endure it well right? Six weeks and then I'm betting I will train one of the newbies…I don't know, we will see. 

Monday we went to about 5 or 6 houses and 2 of those houses twice and no one was home. It was lame!

Tuesday we had a district meeting that I gave about the attributes of Christ and I liked it. Basically I just asked a lot of questions and tried that, the group taught more then me! It was awesome! I don't remember the night events!

Wednesday we went to visit Alan, but he wasn't there. I sat and chatted with his mom and it was nice. She is sealed, but they have stopped going to church. It kills me I want to help them so bad, I just don't know how. Then we went to a baptismal interview for the hermanas! It was awesome! Way great kid has 10 years and he is awesome. I love him to death! I love the hermanas also they are just great gals! My companion lost a bag of my clothes that day that he had asked to borrow... he still hasn't apologized... I hate that he never ever apologizes...

Thursday we planned and then I talked to the Warners, I love those people so much! Then in the afternoon we were out working and went to visit Jorge, he was awesome! We taught a little to him and then taught two of his friends, Franco and another lady with him and it was great, they seemed really interested! I love that feeling like I'm helping new people and Jorge talked about how the gospel was helping him and it was great! 

Friday we went to Flia Gulisa and I gave the lady a blessing last Sunday and she told me how perfect the blessing was and that I had said phrases and words that touched her, and in some form mentioned her dad and it was so cool. She cried as she testified of the power of the Spirit in that blessing. It felt good to know I was being guided. Then we taught the video of Easter to another family!

Saturday we cooked with the Funez family all day and I loved it! I love that family a ton and they make the world better for me, I am going to miss them with all my heart! Then we went to the hermanas baptism because the kid really wanted me to go. So we went and it was great, except there was no water, so I went running garbage can, by garbage can trying to fill it. We got it like mid-shin level and he kid got baptized fine! It was awesome! 

Sunday we had a great amount of the people in the church. I was way happy, and then in the night we did divisions with the young men and it was awesome, I taught four people little things and I loved it and then I  got the news of the changes and I’m good. I know the Lord is going to help me and everything is going to be better! 

I love the Lord and he is my rock and my salvation and I have no room to doubt in him. I love this gospel and I know what I share is true and that the Lord just wants us to be happy, even if we have to suffer a little, the joy he will give us is worth all the treasure in the world! 

I love you mamma!

Love, Jayson

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