Saturday, April 9, 2016

First Argentine Hospital Visit

So its been a whole new adventures this week. I found out I now only weigh 165 pounds which puts me at 40 pounds down from where I started so thats fun! I went to a hospital in Argentina that for the first time…it didn't look sketchy. I got my blood drawn by a nurse and watched her do it, like i was way afraid, but I watched like a big boy. I had Burger King for the first time in 20 months and it was awesome. So that is the fun stuff that happened this week. 

So to answer the questions:

  • What is Elder Plumb’s first name and where is he from?
His name is Alec Plumb and he is from Idaho. 

  • Do you like your new Pens? Does this apartment have an oven?
To see how I like the new pension look at the pictures, it was made for small people, but it does have a working oven.

  • Do you feel safe in your new area? Are you taking precautions to feel safer?
It’s a dangerous area, but I don't feel worried ever… God has protected me so many times I have no doubt he will keep doing it!

  • Is Elder Plumb a rule follower? Are you?
Elder Plumb hasn’t really cared for the mission work. He is very lazy, but he is willing to follow the rules when I do… if I don’t he doesn't. So that’s hard, but he does go with me in the mornings when I want to run and watches me outside. 

  • How far from the mission home do you live?
We live about 20 minutes from the mission office in car, about an hour by bus.

  • What is your new ward/branch like?
It’s a branch, but I don't know how it is because I haven't met them yet! 

  • Do you walk or bike in your new area?
We walk every where, my comp likes taking busses everywhere but i am way to cheap for that so we walk a lot now that im here. I mean i dont mess around!

Monday we said goodbye to the Hermanas in my district and it sucked… really they had become some of my best friends, I mean when my companion was weird to everyone, we just chatted us three a lot, it was like we were way tight! Then I said goodbye to the rest of my friends it sucked.

Tuesday I rode a nice bus to Mendoza and I saw the “Giver” on it. I loved it! Way awesome movie! It made me think of how the mission is kinda like the society, but not really. It was cool. Then I talked to 4 kids from London for a while and it was way cool. They had seen Book of Mormon the musical, but I was the first real missionary they had ever met! Then we got to the area. We had left the pension for maybe three blocks and my comp said his crotch hurt and we had to go back to the pens (apartment). Then we went to the pharmacy and I bought him baby powder so he could walk for the rest of the day. It was awesome. We taught a gal all about chastity… so that was weird... :)

Wednesday we went to the offices to pick stuff up for my companion in the morning. Then in the tarde we went to a house just to talk to anyone… to open the mouth, the man told us to try next door, so we did. It turns out they are awesome members that we didn't know where they lived, and then they gave us 8 references, and then 3 references to less actives, so it was just a huge miracle. Then we went and taught one of them and he was so awesome, Romiro. He was nice, such a cool miracle!

Thursday we went to the hospital for me, and that was nice…. not really. I have a way slow resting pulse of 52 beats per minute, I think so thats cool. Other then that I'm just under weight and really tired... :) So then I got the order for the blood test, but that had to be the next day. So then we went back to our pension, I made my comp walk forty minutes to get to lunch and he was not happy with me... but we arrived early still, so I mean I wasn't going to be early. Then in the night we went and visited 5 less actives that day with the ward mission leader. He just took us from house to house in his car. It was awesome!!! 

Friday we went and I got the blood taken out… it was really weird to watch it come out of my vain. I mean it was weird because I have pretty nice veiny arms now so it was like I could see that it was inside it and you could see as my heat beat the thing got more full.... it was really weird! Then I had Burger King. Awesome! Then in the night we got taken by a bishop of another ward to visit people in our area, the family Jaque, it was awesome. They are cool and then the husband said like he just wants to be on the path that is closest to the path of Christ, because he knows there has to be one path. It was awesome to tell him that he could find it for himself by the Spirit. He seemed to like all we said and then the bishop talked about it too and how he had felt it… it was awesome! :) 

Saturday way awesome conference! But thats really all we did!

Sunday we had more awesome conference and then in the night we talked to a family, it was the same lady we taught the law of chastity to. We talked to her husband who is a less active and I shared Corinthians 10:13 which is on my plaque in the church. He cried and it was awesome, so I felt like the Lord was helping me rescue. My comp doesn't like to do anything, unless we have something really set up and placed well… like no matter what it will happen, but I was like boom… listen to the Seventy speak. We need to go to the rescue now, we need to worry a little less about the procedures and rescue. I loved it! It was awesome! I loved conference… I told dad my favorites Uchtdorf in priesthood, Eyring to start the conference, and Holland to end, and then there was one other by just a random Seventy, I loved it! 

I know my Savior lives and he loves me, and he wants what is best! I know that this transfer won’t be easy for me, but at least I have the Lord to help me, and help me get better and get better.

I love you guys with all my heart! Never lose faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, he will never let you fall. Get closer to him and he will get closer to you! We get credit for trying to keep trying! 

I love you all! 

Elder Jayson Benedict

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