Thursday, April 14, 2016

Really Hard Week

11 April 2016

This week has been really hard, like dry! We didn’t really get to teach like at all... so thats no fun, but I guess it happens! We are trying at least! kinda...

I put a pocket on the scripture cover

Monday and Tuesday my comp was sick, so I was just stuck studying and bored out of my mind... It was fine. I put the pocket onto the scripture cover. I sent you a picture! :) 
Wednesday we went out and contacted a lot of references, but they couldn't see us that day…that and my companion thinks our area is super dangerous and just won’t go almost anywhere, unless its morning or five to six at night. I’m really struggling to make it all work, but ya so no lessons that day.

Thursday we went to visit some people who couldn’t visit with us, and then we did open the mouth for a while. Then we had a meeting with the ward mission leader. He is a good guy, but old, but he wants to help! :) So good stuff and then we went and talked to a good guy who is not a member, all his family is, but he has no interest, but I love the guy! :) 

Friday we went and got in with a menos activo and his last name is Umar. He knows a ton of deep doctrine, like look up Gods real name. It’s not what we think it is… look in the journal of discourses section 2: 242 . He doesn’t go to church because he just wants to fight deep doctrine.

Saturday we visited the family Chafala and it was awesome!! She is a nice lady, lived in the states for a long time and then she stopped going to church because he got divorced and was sealed and all that. She just feels like she can’t go to church and talk about the plan of God knowing that she failed in it. We told her not to worry, it’s not her fault, God forgives, so I mean it was good. Nice lady!

Sunday we had a good service with 30 people and then we had an appointment with family Jaque and it was going to be awesome, we have a married couple who is in the same boat as them or who was and he is the branch president so it awesome, but they were sleeping, he talked to us for a minute, but just a little and then we didn't get in anywhere else... It was a rough week.
But I know with a lot of work we can have a lot of success here, we just need to really go to work and we can change the area. I just need to put forth everything I have and God will bless us in ways that I'm sure I can’t even imagine... I love being a missionary even though its hard, but I know it will all be worth it in the end! 

I love you mom! Be happy and be great! 
Love, Jayson


I got my blood test results the other day and they said that I had too much bilirubin in my blood. So thats weird! It’s a enzyme that our liver or kidney should process that mine seems to not be doing. The most common thing is called Gilbert's Syndrome which doesn't sound horrible, but it can also be linked to other problems. So I have to go back on Tuesday to get more blood tests! So I will be getting more results on it here in another week, but for now we are just waiting. Other then that I was trying to wash clothes this week, and as I walked down the flight of stairs that are way too short for people my height (I always hit my head) my shoe stuck to the floor, but my foot kept going! I fell down a flight of stairs with all this soapy water and all my clothes. I was  confused more then anything, as I tried to clean out the water I was thinking “Man my elbow hurts!” So finally I checked…. just a ton of blood.... it’s right on the elbow, I can’t even see it without a mirror, but man did I feel dumb! So that’s my health! I will keep you all updated on what happens! Pray for me! :) Photo included of my new cut! Feeling like I'm awesome! ;)

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