Monday, April 27, 2015

I have a new companion

So this week has been  little harder, but thats okay its been transfer week so not a ton to write about so thats a little sad for you. Something that I have realized this week is how many friends I have made in this area — thats what is awesome about being somewhere for almost 5 months now! 

  • So you got a new companion this week? What is his name and where is he from?
So my new companion is Elder Hamideh, he is Palestinian I think by birth and he is way cool! He is from Sandy, Utah — so all kinds of close again! 

  • How are you getting along with your new companions in the apartment?
We get a long really well, all of us — we are just four gringos and its just fun and I’m basically trying to teach two areas, because the two other boys have never been in this area and I know at least a little about it, but way awesome! 

  • When you go grocery shopping, do you walk, bike or take public transportation?
We just walk to the shop we use, it is less then from our house to the church, or maybe like going to the Walters house at the most! 

  • Do you buy enough food for the whole week?
I  try to buy for the week, but I usually have leftover food, it just depends, I usually don't eat dinner because its bad for us, but I eat a little breakfast—so its mostly what I buy! 

  • What are the stores like? Compared to Super Walmart, Smiths, Bowmans or 7-11??
It is like a Bowman's kind of store, but with a lot less selection—but not 7-11 status! 

  • Has the volcano eruption in Chili affected you at all?
I know nothing about volcanos in Chili! 

  • How is the teaching and sharing the Gospel going this last week?
This week we only taught one investigator this entire week but we had two investigators come to church! 

Monday and Tuesday we just went and said good bye to all the people that LeFleur wanted to and I made pancakes for a family that I really love! 

Wednesday my comp was supposed to get here at 11:00 but didn't get here until 7pm. In the mornings before he got here I made two cakes and I took them to my friends, one a lady gave me chicken, investigators that gave us lunch and a hotdog, a bike shop guy who opened just for me when he was doing family things and I don't remember who else, but I have tons of friends. I’ll make a recording about all of them next week! 

Thursday and Friday we taught some menos activos, but its hard because my companion knows nothing about the area — I have to do everything, plan and pick names and just it all falls to me so its a little hard, but its fine I know this area really well so I just have to do more then I'm used to, but its cool I'm not worried about it! 

Saturday we taught Joanna and Manuel and it was just awesome! We shared the Plan of Salvation and they loved it — the kids were crazy and they weren't really paying attention, but we shared “The Because of Him” video and they loved that!

Sunday Joanna And Manuel, Italo and Andrea all came to church! If you can remember Andrea and Italo from a while back they are all familiar so its just awesome!! Two of those are investigators, two are meno activos so it was just awesome! Way great sacrament time, I just loved it! Other then that nothing happened! 

So there is the week! I love you lots and I’m living to talk to you guys on Mothers Day! 

Your amazing! 

Love, Jayson

Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfers this week--I'm staying in General Alvear

I need to be a little fast—I'm already over my time, but thats okay you guys are worth it!  I had 44 emails when I got on today and it has been crazy! I have so much to tell you because it has been a way good week! The first picture is what I had to do for my tire to make it work for me, the second happened on Monday and the third is all the turtles I have collected so far in my mission! 

  • Did you get to teach Ruben, Manuel and Joanna, Ana, Marcus, Iya and Borrus, and or Flavia this week? How are they doing? 
I taught most of those people this week and I will explain it through the week! 

  • How are you and LaFleur getting along this week? I have been praying daily that you can get along and be happy!!
We got a long really well this week — so don't stress! 

  • Did you find out if you are getting transferred this week, or are you staying put?
We got transfers last night—I stay and LaFleur is out. I am the only one who is staying in my pension so thats weird, but its fine!

  • Did you cook anything yummy this week?
I made chicken last night, but I don't have a picture sorry! 

  • Will you let me know if and when you receive packages from me
I still haven't got any of the packages or letters besides the red birthday one! 

  • Besides your family, the Bros and Lexy…what do you miss most?
I really miss activities—snowboarding, biking, motorcycling and stuff like that!! I burn for that a lot that and just chilling and wasting time!

  • Did you know that you have been out in the mission field 250 days today!!
I’ve been out that long already…what!!! Thats absolutely crazy! 

Monday we didn't have any luck, but when we were playing soccer there was a small broken metal re-bar basically that was hanging from the goal to the fence and it was high enough that the Argentines wouldn't hit it, but I'm not Argentine and when I was following Elder Pyne who is really short sopriting I just got closed lined by that bad boy so that wasn't good, but it didn't bruise or get black, but it does still hurt! In the end we won the game because that wouldn't stop me from playing! 

Tuesday I had intercombois with a Peruvian this day and man are Latinos weird…it was Elder Charca! 

Wednesday we did a ton of menos activo work and it was good to just get to teach a little and get in a house! 

Thursday we went and taught Leo and Ana kinda. We went over to teach and then they invited us to lunch,we didn't have lunch this day so we stayed and just chatted to them for a while. The husband Leo just came out straight and told us that he loves weed and smokes all the time, but thats fine we are not really teaching him, just Ana and she is super busy, but still way good lesson stuff.

Friday we had interviews with President and that was awesome!! I love that man so much he really is incredible! Also that night we had a lesson with Ruben and it was incredible and we taught him about the spirit world and all that jazz, it was way good and then at the end we extended a baptismal date for the 23rd of May and he said yes so we are going to work for that date, so I'm way pumped for him! I think he is really going to make it, but we just need him to pray in the right form! 

Saturday we taught Marcus and he is reading his Book of Mormon and he is way awesome and was really trying to pay attention and learn, so now we are going to try putting a fecha with him for the 23rd maybe as well, we are not sure yet but it should be awesome! Then we taught a new guy and he was way weird. He shared a book of prayers with us, it was way weird!

Sunday we taught Flavia and she was way awesome and she told us that she knows that she needs to work on her connection with God, and that is why she is talking to us. We didn't have a Book of Mormon with us but we are giving her it today and she is interested and its awesome! 

That was my week and I have no more time, but I love you so very, very much and think of you all the time and I cant wait until the 10th! I'm going to talk to you so soon! Let Lexy know that she is invited to be there! 

I love you mom! 

Elder Benedict

Monday, April 13, 2015

Really Awesome Week!

So this week has been really awesome!! I was able to teach a lesson to an investigator every day—it was absolutely incredible!!! That almost never happens and until this point has never happened, but now it has! Also I have been exactly 8 months away from home now and  it’s just been awesome to be a missionary! I miss home so much it about kills me, but thats okay. I love the bros letters that I read, they make me burn more then anything! 

To answer your questions:

  • Ana, Ruben, Diego and Mariana,—did you get to go and teach them again?
We did teach Ana and Ruben, but Diego no.  

  • Is your bike all fixed?
My bike is all fixed and nice and better—it was a little pricy but thats okay, its all better now! 

  • 26 days until I get to talk to you—I am so excited!!!
I cant wait the 26 days to talk to you!! Can you remind me what my Skype stuff is?

Monday we taught Ruben with a member named Raul Espieres. He is the elders Quorum President and a way good guy. We taught this way powerful lesson about the Plan of Salvation and it was just amazing! Hermano Espieres testified and it was just amazing!! He bore testimony about how the gospel has changed his life, and made his life better, and saved his marriage! It was just incredible! 

Tuesday we taught Manuel and Joanna this night part of the Restoration up to the Apostasy. Joanna said the prayer to start the lesson. She said the first prayer she has ever said in our form… \at least and it was just way cool to hear her do it!  The spirit was way strong and I love it! Manuel then said the closing prayer and it was awesome! 

Wednesday we taught Ana this day. We taught prophets and she said, “Oh, so thats what that punk does.” It was way funny, but we tried not to laugh and just kept teaching and it was just a really good lesson. She is super down to learn for herself and know from the feelings of the spirit! 

Thursday we taught Marcus the boxer. We just re-taught because it had been two weeks since we last saw him, and so now we are going to go teach him on Wednesday with his wife who has never listened to us. It’s going to be great! 

Friday we taught Iya and Borrus — way nice people who are musical missionaries for another church, but way nice!! We went and taught them the new initiative the Church is doing which is “Because He Lives” in english I think. It’s way awesome and they are more friends then investigators because they are way firm in their church, but we do enjoy sharing with them! 
Saturday we taught Manuel and Joanna again and it was just amazing! She is already reading the Book of Mormon had questions about the two types of the priesthood and why it’s important  and then we talked a lot about how they can know. It’s been hard — her husband never got his answer, so we told all of them to do it again and to keep trying and it was really good stuff! 

Sunday we taught Flavia. She is way nice, she isn't really investigating but she is down to learn and its just nice to have people to teach to. When we taught her about the apostasy its like it made sense and it was just cool to see her eyes change as she understood more and it was really awesome!

So in total it was a really good week and we have had a lot of success! Me and La Fleur have been struggling a lot to get a along, so please pray that he can be happy and patient and all will be well, because I'm not sure how much I can give. 

I love you parents so very much and I hope you get better and dad can handle his trip! 

I love you with all my heart! 

Love, Jayson Benedict

Elder Zacharie La Fleur sent this with the caption "He didn't even know though"

Monday, April 6, 2015

My Broken Bike is Ridiculous!!!

Mom, I know your not a baby when you can see me, and I can smile at you and tell you I’m cold and steal your sweater and all that, but when I’m over 7 thousand miles away I don’t think you are as tough! When you can hear me say that tickled, or just tell you I’m fine every ten seconds — its a little harder! 

  • What did you do for Easter?
So for Easter we watched a lot of conference and we also painted some eggs—I forgot to take pictures of them, but I do have one I think the one I made for my comp, I have no time to send it, but it was fun. I love president Gerry so much!! I can’t even tell you, he makes me feel so loved when so few people make me feel that way, he just really takes good care of me! I love him to home and back! 

  • Tell me about the Peanut Butter lady—did you ever get to go back and teach her?
So Olga Dubroesky is this cool lady and yes we taught her again and then this week we went and made cheesecake with her, but she doesn't want to listen to the gospel at all, so thats a little rough! But way cool nice lady!

  • Taylor is trying to find a girl to double date with you when you get home—it might take him awhile at the rate he is going. He needs to stay home to meet any girls—he is never home!
Haha — tell him he is silly! He is going to be married by the time I get home. Sin duda, he is a little crazy face ;) but I’m all downs for coming home to people who want me ;) 

  • Were you able to get your bike fixed?
I can not even begin to describe to you how badly my bike broke this week it’s ridicules. The rim has been breaking over time due to daily use for four years and it got broke and sharp and cut the outside tire and the inside tube. We were almost three kilometers from home when this happened and so I took out the tube cut it up into pieces and used it to tie the big tire around the rim that is broken so I could ride home. Because I need to buy new parts for all that—a rim, a new tire, and a new tube so that sucks! I’ll send that picture next week too! 

  • How is you tummy? Do you ever get sick from anything that you eat there? Are you still losing weight or are you pretty stable weight wise?
I'm pretty much just flat on the weight right now, but I'm not working out like I should I'm just way too tired in the morning so I usually just shower and count that as exercise ;) 

  • Yes the weather cooling down as you go into the fall season or just rain? By the way—maybe you need to go buy yourself a rain coat — something that is truly waterproof!
Ya its just cooling down, not a ton of rain — it doesn't rain much here really,so don't stress that. 

  • Are you sleeping good?
I sleep okay…but the bugs do love to eat me, so that’s rough! 

My week! 
Monday tons of looking and we taught this nice family they don't really want much from us, but they were nice enough to let us in and then we are going back I think tomorrow night. Their names are Deigo and Marianna! 

Tuesday we got to go teach Ruben! Way cool guy…he read a tiny bit of the Book of Mormon and that was awesome and then we read with him part of chapter 11 in 3 Nephi and you could feel the spirit! He couldn't make it to conference due to his buddie needed him to take to the hospital, but he wanted to! 

Wednesday we got to teach this girl named Ana, way nice lady she is studying to be a scientist who studies the pollution's in the air and water of Argentina. She is way smart!! I told her I was going to go into science and she offered me an old text book. I was so tempted, you don't even know, but I didn't take it!! She is way cool and just asked us a lot of questions about our beliefs and then she asked us how we could know that our church is true?  Explaining it to her was awesome!! Way cool lady, I can’t wait to teach her again! 

Thursday and Friday we visited a lot of meno activos and shared a thing the church is doing in english — I think it would be because he lives or something like that and its cool so we are trying to share that with everyone and get some references! That was all we did that day and telling lots of people about conference! 

Saturday and Sunday —  conference, it was a little weird because we had no choice but to listen to it I Spanish usually there is a room for the gringos to go and listen in English but no!! It was way sad, but I still understood most of it, I just missed a few things when people were talking too fast, but really great stuff! My comp refused to go out and work during conference, but finally with enough of twisting his arm we went out for an hour and a half on Sunday, honestly I was just tired and done. I’ll be honest — I'm pretty ready for transfers! 

So that was the week! Honestly a pretty good week, hard and long as always— but a good week! Way jealous of the fun you had, it looks awesome!! I want you to know that I love you guys like crazy and I hope you have a great week to come. Tell David Hibbert he needs to write me back please! 

I love you mamma! Give everyone my love! 

Love, Jayson

**Quick question — who is the guy who sings the song about the sinking of the Edmunds Fitzgerald? I was thinking the other day, and I can’t remember his name!