Monday, April 13, 2015

Really Awesome Week!

So this week has been really awesome!! I was able to teach a lesson to an investigator every day—it was absolutely incredible!!! That almost never happens and until this point has never happened, but now it has! Also I have been exactly 8 months away from home now and  it’s just been awesome to be a missionary! I miss home so much it about kills me, but thats okay. I love the bros letters that I read, they make me burn more then anything! 

To answer your questions:

  • Ana, Ruben, Diego and Mariana,—did you get to go and teach them again?
We did teach Ana and Ruben, but Diego no.  

  • Is your bike all fixed?
My bike is all fixed and nice and better—it was a little pricy but thats okay, its all better now! 

  • 26 days until I get to talk to you—I am so excited!!!
I cant wait the 26 days to talk to you!! Can you remind me what my Skype stuff is?

Monday we taught Ruben with a member named Raul Espieres. He is the elders Quorum President and a way good guy. We taught this way powerful lesson about the Plan of Salvation and it was just amazing! Hermano Espieres testified and it was just amazing!! He bore testimony about how the gospel has changed his life, and made his life better, and saved his marriage! It was just incredible! 

Tuesday we taught Manuel and Joanna this night part of the Restoration up to the Apostasy. Joanna said the prayer to start the lesson. She said the first prayer she has ever said in our form… \at least and it was just way cool to hear her do it!  The spirit was way strong and I love it! Manuel then said the closing prayer and it was awesome! 

Wednesday we taught Ana this day. We taught prophets and she said, “Oh, so thats what that punk does.” It was way funny, but we tried not to laugh and just kept teaching and it was just a really good lesson. She is super down to learn for herself and know from the feelings of the spirit! 

Thursday we taught Marcus the boxer. We just re-taught because it had been two weeks since we last saw him, and so now we are going to go teach him on Wednesday with his wife who has never listened to us. It’s going to be great! 

Friday we taught Iya and Borrus — way nice people who are musical missionaries for another church, but way nice!! We went and taught them the new initiative the Church is doing which is “Because He Lives” in english I think. It’s way awesome and they are more friends then investigators because they are way firm in their church, but we do enjoy sharing with them! 
Saturday we taught Manuel and Joanna again and it was just amazing! She is already reading the Book of Mormon had questions about the two types of the priesthood and why it’s important  and then we talked a lot about how they can know. It’s been hard — her husband never got his answer, so we told all of them to do it again and to keep trying and it was really good stuff! 

Sunday we taught Flavia. She is way nice, she isn't really investigating but she is down to learn and its just nice to have people to teach to. When we taught her about the apostasy its like it made sense and it was just cool to see her eyes change as she understood more and it was really awesome!

So in total it was a really good week and we have had a lot of success! Me and La Fleur have been struggling a lot to get a along, so please pray that he can be happy and patient and all will be well, because I'm not sure how much I can give. 

I love you parents so very much and I hope you get better and dad can handle his trip! 

I love you with all my heart! 

Love, Jayson Benedict

Elder Zacharie La Fleur sent this with the caption "He didn't even know though"

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