Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfers this week--I'm staying in General Alvear

I need to be a little fast—I'm already over my time, but thats okay you guys are worth it!  I had 44 emails when I got on today and it has been crazy! I have so much to tell you because it has been a way good week! The first picture is what I had to do for my tire to make it work for me, the second happened on Monday and the third is all the turtles I have collected so far in my mission! 

  • Did you get to teach Ruben, Manuel and Joanna, Ana, Marcus, Iya and Borrus, and or Flavia this week? How are they doing? 
I taught most of those people this week and I will explain it through the week! 

  • How are you and LaFleur getting along this week? I have been praying daily that you can get along and be happy!!
We got a long really well this week — so don't stress! 

  • Did you find out if you are getting transferred this week, or are you staying put?
We got transfers last night—I stay and LaFleur is out. I am the only one who is staying in my pension so thats weird, but its fine!

  • Did you cook anything yummy this week?
I made chicken last night, but I don't have a picture sorry! 

  • Will you let me know if and when you receive packages from me
I still haven't got any of the packages or letters besides the red birthday one! 

  • Besides your family, the Bros and Lexy…what do you miss most?
I really miss activities—snowboarding, biking, motorcycling and stuff like that!! I burn for that a lot that and just chilling and wasting time!

  • Did you know that you have been out in the mission field 250 days today!!
I’ve been out that long already…what!!! Thats absolutely crazy! 

Monday we didn't have any luck, but when we were playing soccer there was a small broken metal re-bar basically that was hanging from the goal to the fence and it was high enough that the Argentines wouldn't hit it, but I'm not Argentine and when I was following Elder Pyne who is really short sopriting I just got closed lined by that bad boy so that wasn't good, but it didn't bruise or get black, but it does still hurt! In the end we won the game because that wouldn't stop me from playing! 

Tuesday I had intercombois with a Peruvian this day and man are Latinos weird…it was Elder Charca! 

Wednesday we did a ton of menos activo work and it was good to just get to teach a little and get in a house! 

Thursday we went and taught Leo and Ana kinda. We went over to teach and then they invited us to lunch,we didn't have lunch this day so we stayed and just chatted to them for a while. The husband Leo just came out straight and told us that he loves weed and smokes all the time, but thats fine we are not really teaching him, just Ana and she is super busy, but still way good lesson stuff.

Friday we had interviews with President and that was awesome!! I love that man so much he really is incredible! Also that night we had a lesson with Ruben and it was incredible and we taught him about the spirit world and all that jazz, it was way good and then at the end we extended a baptismal date for the 23rd of May and he said yes so we are going to work for that date, so I'm way pumped for him! I think he is really going to make it, but we just need him to pray in the right form! 

Saturday we taught Marcus and he is reading his Book of Mormon and he is way awesome and was really trying to pay attention and learn, so now we are going to try putting a fecha with him for the 23rd maybe as well, we are not sure yet but it should be awesome! Then we taught a new guy and he was way weird. He shared a book of prayers with us, it was way weird!

Sunday we taught Flavia and she was way awesome and she told us that she knows that she needs to work on her connection with God, and that is why she is talking to us. We didn't have a Book of Mormon with us but we are giving her it today and she is interested and its awesome! 

That was my week and I have no more time, but I love you so very, very much and think of you all the time and I cant wait until the 10th! I'm going to talk to you so soon! Let Lexy know that she is invited to be there! 

I love you mom! 

Elder Benedict

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