Monday, April 27, 2015

I have a new companion

So this week has been  little harder, but thats okay its been transfer week so not a ton to write about so thats a little sad for you. Something that I have realized this week is how many friends I have made in this area — thats what is awesome about being somewhere for almost 5 months now! 

  • So you got a new companion this week? What is his name and where is he from?
So my new companion is Elder Hamideh, he is Palestinian I think by birth and he is way cool! He is from Sandy, Utah — so all kinds of close again! 

  • How are you getting along with your new companions in the apartment?
We get a long really well, all of us — we are just four gringos and its just fun and I’m basically trying to teach two areas, because the two other boys have never been in this area and I know at least a little about it, but way awesome! 

  • When you go grocery shopping, do you walk, bike or take public transportation?
We just walk to the shop we use, it is less then from our house to the church, or maybe like going to the Walters house at the most! 

  • Do you buy enough food for the whole week?
I  try to buy for the week, but I usually have leftover food, it just depends, I usually don't eat dinner because its bad for us, but I eat a little breakfast—so its mostly what I buy! 

  • What are the stores like? Compared to Super Walmart, Smiths, Bowmans or 7-11??
It is like a Bowman's kind of store, but with a lot less selection—but not 7-11 status! 

  • Has the volcano eruption in Chili affected you at all?
I know nothing about volcanos in Chili! 

  • How is the teaching and sharing the Gospel going this last week?
This week we only taught one investigator this entire week but we had two investigators come to church! 

Monday and Tuesday we just went and said good bye to all the people that LeFleur wanted to and I made pancakes for a family that I really love! 

Wednesday my comp was supposed to get here at 11:00 but didn't get here until 7pm. In the mornings before he got here I made two cakes and I took them to my friends, one a lady gave me chicken, investigators that gave us lunch and a hotdog, a bike shop guy who opened just for me when he was doing family things and I don't remember who else, but I have tons of friends. I’ll make a recording about all of them next week! 

Thursday and Friday we taught some menos activos, but its hard because my companion knows nothing about the area — I have to do everything, plan and pick names and just it all falls to me so its a little hard, but its fine I know this area really well so I just have to do more then I'm used to, but its cool I'm not worried about it! 

Saturday we taught Joanna and Manuel and it was just awesome! We shared the Plan of Salvation and they loved it — the kids were crazy and they weren't really paying attention, but we shared “The Because of Him” video and they loved that!

Sunday Joanna And Manuel, Italo and Andrea all came to church! If you can remember Andrea and Italo from a while back they are all familiar so its just awesome!! Two of those are investigators, two are meno activos so it was just awesome! Way great sacrament time, I just loved it! Other then that nothing happened! 

So there is the week! I love you lots and I’m living to talk to you guys on Mothers Day! 

Your amazing! 

Love, Jayson

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