Monday, May 4, 2015

It is starting to get COLD!

So that really sucks that both the packages you sent me came back unclaimed! All I really want is ties though, I really, really want ties. I need more ties to give to my comps! Don’t stress—if I get sent back into the Mendoza area I’ll be able to go pull it out myself and then it will be fine, so just wait for me to leave the very South of the mission. 

  • What is your companions full name? How are you two working together? What is his personality like—quiet, shy, talkative, boisterous???
My companion is Nicholas Steven Hamideh, he is part Palestinian and part Peruvian and half gringo and way awesome. He is kinda one of those elders who isn't a hard worker, but he is not going to hold me back from being as obedient as I want. We work good together, but he likes working way far in the area so we have biked a ton this week! He is way fun when it is us in the pension or when we speak English, but when we enter a house he is super quite and then I just have to lead a lot of the stuff we do! 

  • Is it fun in your apartment, or do you get on each others nerves? 
The apartment is way fun, I love them so much—its awesome! 

  • I noticed you were wearing your sweater in your turtle picture—is it starting to cool down a bit? Do you have heating in your apartment?
It’s way cold now and we have no heat in the house, so its just freezing always!! I’m going to have to break out the sleeping bag here soon, and no I didn't buy sheets, Elder Evans gave me one of his fitted sheets for my bed! 

  • I loved hearing about your grocery shop—do you ever go out for dessert, or do you just make all your own desserts? If you do go out, where do you go for treats, snacks or desserts?
We go to dessert at Grido its a cheap ice cream shop!  ¡It’s fun! 

  • Are the YM/YW activities pretty much the same in Argentina as they were here home?
Young men and young women is like the same-ish.

  • How did teaching go this week? Any success now that you have been together with your new companion for a week or so?
Not a ton of success teaching, but thats okay! 

Monday we learned how to make a way good Argentine tortita!  I love it! I’ll show you when I get home, but  they are super fatty! No luck that day! 

Tuesday we didn't get to teach this day! 

Wednesday we had lunch with Joana the lady who came to church, but we didn't get to teach her a lot so thats sad, but it was a way good lunch! 

Wednesday we did a ton of menos activos and it was good to help them and just teach them. I like to help menos activos and its nice to have something to do that and we went way far that day — like five kilometers just for one house! 

Thursday we did service and then we just had so little luck that night, we go and work a lot, but its not like we always get to teach which is sad! 

Friday we were in San Rafael. It was just for a meeting, but we were there all day so that sucked, but I got to talk with Elder Houghten who I love a ton and it was just a nice little day, I met a Hermana missionary who has a personality equal to Lexy's and it was really, really weird....

Saturday we taught a guy who didn’t even remember who Joseph Smith was! He is a member and his family is too, but he promised to read and today we are going to pass by and teach him again! 

Sunday no investigators came and then we just had a normal Sunday. We taught Flavia though and it was awesome—she is ready, but she had some concerns about Nephi and Laben so we addressed that! 

I’m all out of time, but I love you a ton and can’t wait to see you Sunday!

Love, Jayson

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