Monday, May 11, 2015

Good Day Talking to You

I’m glad you liked the flowers—they were really awesome! I heard the story of dad that’s pretty funny! Probably a good call to write me before you go to Skype me, I'm a pretty boring person though, I'm sorry I wasn't more fun yesterday! 

I love the rain so much I want to go play in it so bad, but I'm a missionary and we don't do that! One time when it was pouring rain here we all just ditched our clothes, put some basket ball shorts  and we went outside in the cold and just played in it, but that was like 10 seconds nothing more so I need some good rain playing! 

I miss American pizza so much! The pizza here is just not the same, but thats okay we can't always have everything we want! I don't know if you know this, but from the Mexicans I've talked to about Cinco de Mayo, its not really a thing for them, they like don't even realize it happens when it passes nor celebrate it! We go harder for Cinco de Mayo then the Mexicans!

I need the braided bread recipe — that sounds way good and I know I could cook it here with out any problem and it sounds way good! 

227 days until Christmas -- is a long time you know that right? I have so much time until then, but whatever its cool I can make it! 

I think I explained my companion poorly. I love him to death, he is one of my favorite people and we get a long great!! He just isn't the hardest worker without me putting forth the first effort!  But I love him to death! 

Monday we taught some less actives and gave a blessing and it was way good, nothing super special, but at least we weren't just riding all night!

Tuesday we had a lesson with some really old people that I love, they are kinda my way of doing something when I'm beyond tired of not getting into any houses, but at least I have them for that! I don't think I'm going to ever get that old man to the church, but I will keep trying! They are my great, great grandparents ;) I forgot to mention that on I met a guy from Utah in a BYU hat and a Yankee baseball jacket and we talked in English for a long time. He lives in Orem and is way cool, but his family is less active and lives in my area so we are going to start working with them as soon as we can!

Wednesday we just sat on a bus for 6 hours!

Thursday we had the conference with Elder Zabillos and it was awesome! Then in the night we went to Andrea and Italo and it was good to chat with them, we are going to see if we can get them married or separated, and then get that man baptized! 

Friday we had lunch with a way cool family that have non-members as part of the family and we taught them a little and it was way fun! I had a blast in that house! But it is in the Hermana’s area so they will probably never go by, and baptize the dad that just needs some chastity lesson and is there! He had a vision that he needs to join the church, but he just cant because his wife isn't ready to marry him, but she could be! Then we found this lady and she talked about something I had said the first time I met her that she loved, and it was just a cool new investigator!

Saturday we ran by this guy Areal as a last moment thing and he was way cool and we got to teach a lesson so that was cool, but I'm not sure they will really ever progress.

Sunday we spent all day talking to you guys, so yup it was a good day! 

So that has been my week,  I love you mama and I cant wait to see you again when we can! 

I love you to the moon and back! 


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