Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Best P-day

Hey cutie bu-tooties! Life is good down here, and yesterday was a huge National Holiday of the war they fought for there Independence. It sucks when we don't have p-day right, that and Lex didn't write me again so that also sucks, but whatever it’s cool, I'm not stressing! God knows whats up! 

  • Who should we be praying for?
I don't really know probably Margarita and the family Romero that should do us good in the prayer game. 

  • Who is your very most favorite person in Argentina?
My favorite person in all of Argentina? Uhh I don't know I really love Roberto Gerry and I really love Mario Burnett but I don't know who my favorite person is in the country is... 

  • Do you guys keep your apartment pretty clean or is it a pig stye?
Our apartment is a mess, its better then some but the other guys never wash their dishes and my study desk is just always a mess, because I am never there to clean it. 

  • Do you know I miss your face?? Send me pictures of it!!!
I'm sorry pictures are hard and I don't like sending them, they waste a lot of time and then I need to take more photos to send them! 

  • Have you talked in church lately?
I haven't spoken in church in a long time, but its been a rotation with my companion every transfer so it was my comps turn 3 weeks ago. So ya thats my life! 

Monday we went to a place called Valle Grande and it was the best p-day I have had in my entire mission I loved it all of it—it was incredible! We rock climbed more or less, its more like we just walked up a fat rock area that was just way fun and it made me way happy, then we went to a dam and just this huge lake…the temptation was way hard, but I didn’t swim — I'm a good boy! 

Tuesday we went to Andrea’s and found out the Joana and Manuel broke up…photo included of Manuel and Joana and thats sad, but it saves us from the awkward law of chastity lesson, but still sad. I had to give a blessing of council to Andrea so that all could go well with her lawyer stuff and it was awesome! 

Wednesday we just had no luck and it was a rough day.

Thursday the same.

Friday we had a good day, we taught Johnaton Sosa and it was just awesome and his kid Augustine who is ten and not baptized. Johnaton is menos activo and his kid just likes to learn and talk with us and its just fun to be with them and help the kid  understand more about us and the church, and he really likes it so we are going to see what we can do with him it should be awesome! 

Saturday, is the journal entry picture I sent you...rough day....

Sunday was stake conference and it was good, but it was transmitted to us from an 1 mile and a half away and we couldn't understand a word…even the Latinos didn't get a single thing out of it so that was rough, but thats fine and thats life so its cool! Then we didn't get to teach anyone.

So it was a little harder week, but it was good and I'm happy so don’t stress, all is good with me. I love you guys so very much and I pray everything is good with you! 

I love you guys more then I can ever say! 

Love, Elder Jayson Benedict

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