Monday, June 1, 2015

Transfers this week

  • Are transfers this week?

So yes you are right this week is transfers and president Goats doesn't like keeping anyone one anywhere for more then 4 transfers and that is what I have in this area so I'm heading out to a new area! I’m heading to a place called San Juan, its not even in the same province that I'm currently in — its called San Juan, it’s the area los pinos and its awesome, my new companion will be a porteño or he is from Buenos Aires so that should be all kinds of interesting, I will also be moving up as district leader of a district of eight people! So that’s pretty crazy! I’m now starting to move up in the mission world I guess! Its going to be really interesting! 

  • Any success with the your investigators this week? How is the Romero family doing? Margarita?
The Romero family is doing good, Italo and Andrea came to church and that was awesome, we also gave a ton of blessings to other people of their family because they really like me so thats fun! 

  • Why was Valle Grande your best P-Day and why and who took you there? Why don't you have more opportunities to go on more field trips like that?
It was the best p-day because I was doing stupid hiking like I love to do up in Moab on the red rocks, practically rock climbing and it was awesome! I loved it a ton! It cost us about 150 pesos a person to go, so its just a little pricy and we have to find stuff to do like that and its kind of hard! 

  • Did you finally pull out your sleeping bag and start staying warm?
Nope, I still haven't had to use it, when I get to my next area I'm going to pull it out and use it. I think its starting to get cold, but we have heating forms in the pensions so its not to bad with out it! 

  • Did you cook anything yummy this week?
We made bbq wings and I made cookies, but I don't think I have pictures of the cookies! This is me looking like a child from the wings, they were really good! 

Monday, we had to work because it was a big National holiday here and it was rough, but the other ward had a big old activity that we went and participated in and it was awesome and way fun and just a nice way to waste some time on a hard day when we didn't really want to have to be working, but then that night we taught Margaritia with a friend of hers and it was awesome, and she is currently praying to know if she should be baptized! 

Tuesday which was our p-day this week, we didn't really do anything special we napped and I went and bought me some stuff like drumsticks and a mate! Ya, I now have drum sticks! I love just messing with them and just letting my mind drift back to the old beats I knew, you should see if you can find me some sheet music to some songs I might know like some olders, or just some of the old stuff I had in emails so I can print them off! That would be cool! That night we had a Noche de Hogar (family night) with a way awesome family they gave us real waffles and it was just fun to be with them and enjoying some time and teaching a little! 

Wednesday we had a kinda harder day where there wasn't a ton of people home, but I finished my journal that day so I have a whole journal filled with just stuff from this area so that’s kinda cool! 

Thursday we went and taught the Abuelos. I call them that, they are this way old family that are great, great, grandparents and they are just awesome! I included a picture so you can see them now! It was awesome! I love those hats too! 

Friday we just had a normal day and I don't really think that we taught anyone, actually we were in intercombios (exchanges) for the day and it was fun to be with elder Stephen and just see a different world with him, it was way fun and nice and just relaxing because I didn't have to do anything! 

Saturday we went and had an asado or bbq with the bishop of the other ward who I'm a really good friend of and it was awesome to just be with him and his family for awhile. That night we went and taught his daughter and her husband who isn't a member and it was also good, we watched part of the Croods and it was funny to remember the date me and you went on a date to see that mamma, and it was just a cool little thing! Then that night I got food poisoning and wanted to die I'm not even kidding, it was awful! I was throwing up from 11:30 till about 1 in the morning, just completely miserable, but thats okay I lived with it and just kept going! 

Sunday I woke up and felt like death still, and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go to church, I just felt like throwing up the whole time and it was way nasty, but I went and the Lord blessed me and I slept through sacrament with Andrea and Italo next to me, I felt so bad it was crazy, but it’s cool I made it! That night was nothing, I felt too horrible, but Marou brought me medicine to the pension (apartment) and it helped a ton!! I’m feeling a lot better now! 

So that was my week—I'm heading out and got to do a ton of stuff before I leave, but it should be okay I’m a big man and can get it all done I think before I leave, at least I hope! I love you parents a ton, and hope all is well this week! 

Love, Jayson

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