Monday, June 15, 2015

We taught 22 lessons this week

You know what? I really miss marshmallows... its a weird thing to miss, but you don't know what you got until its gone. 

I'm honestly not okay with Mike coming home, not because I'm worried about the health or anything—he will get the treatment he needs and be fine, I'm just not okay with coming home from my mission and him not being there with me, thats whats hurting! I didn't know how I was going to do with the whole two year game with that kid and I, now I have to wait even more months.... thats just not fair, what is God thinking on this one... its okay I’ll keep praying and I’ll feel better.... 

How was this past week with Elder Kremer?
Me and Elder Kremer taught more this week then I think I taught in my entire last six weeks in General Alvear... everyones a lot more receptive here and we just have a ton of investigators... Its awesome!! We taught 22 lessons this week! 

Do you have other elders in your pens?
I live with another kid from Buenos Aries and I live with a kid from Syracuse who goes home in one month, I'm going to send him home with stuff for you guys and Lexy! Should be awesome! Elder Downs actually was friends with Lexys sister Ari so thats fun to talk about and it makes me want to come home some times, but I'm a big boy! 

When you say broken water pump to he bathroom —what do you mean?
We don't have water in the bathroom unless you turn on all forms of water in the bathroom or turn on the water down stairs—so its just kinda hard! 

When are you moving to a new pens/condo? Same building or else where?
Just some new place with better stuff! 

Tell me about your ward? Do you work with the members, less actives, or non-members?
Our ward is huge, we had 120 people this last week and it awesome, we do a lot of all those things, anything so we just don't walk around! 

8 hours on a bus?? Do they show movies on the bus like in an airplane? 
Ya they played the movie Expedibles 3 with Mel Gibson and Sylveseter Stallone and then The Fault in our Stars, and then some other one I didn't really watch! But I missed the end of Fault in our Stars when the author showed up to the funeral is when I left, what happens next? 

How did it go with Favio this week?
Favio is good, but he didn't come to church!

Monday we taught someone with a member but I don't remember who it was — a way long week and I just cant even remember! 

Tuesday we went to my favorite barrio in my area, like neighborhood I guess in English and taught the Quiroga family and it was awesome, just some little boys who are learning from us and the parent are members and we are trying to help them activate and get the boys baptized! Then to famila Vega and we taught a 14 year old girl who is 8 months pregnant by a 23 year old member who served as a mini missionary... weird but it was good! 

Wednesday we had a zone meeting and then we taught Favio in the night time just a little about mission work and stuff, it was really good and Favio is ready — he just needs to come to church! 
Thursday back to my favorite barrio for the same two families, and we had a activity with the little boys or the Quiroga family where we had a movie theater and watched a 15 minute video of the Restoration with them and then kinda taught 1 to them, it was awesome, I think we had 10 kids from other families and it was just a blast and all the kids gave me a hug and its just fun! 

Friday we taught Favio in the morning and then a guy named Cristen in the night, he is a good guy who smokes a ton, but is way awesome, he likes the States and American stuff and we taught them a little bit about the Plan of Salvation! Its way good and fun I think I also heard some serious 80’s music that night or it may have been Saturday, I don't remember! 

Saturday we had 4 lessons with members this day and 1 other lesson, 2 menos activos and 2 new investigators all on this day, those are really good weekly numbers in my opinion, and it was all in one awesome day! We taught Melisa and Enzo the girlfriend of Favio and her son with a member named Romina that lived in New York for 10 months once upon a time, and then we taught Favio with her and then we learned how to dance a little. We then taught a menos activo and a non-member and there daughter and they invited us to dinner for next week and said they would for sure read and it was way cool! Then we taught in the night time a couple of kids that were dumb… but we taught them, and then Cristian and Laura again, and we taught his sister-in-law as well and then we ended the night…way crazy!!! 

Sunday I'm trying to learn the piano and its way hard, because no one plays in our ward and I can play everything but the chorus of ‘God Be With You Til We meet Again’ on the right hand! I'm cool, and then me and my comp did divisions with members so we could get some more lessons in and I taught the famila Quiroga the Plan of Salvation and it was awesome! I loved it! We will see what else we can do with them! 

So that was my week, there was a ton of other stuff, but I don't have the time! I love you a ton and hope it’s another good week!

I love you forever and always! 

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