Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Missing Muddy Buddies

23 June 2015

  • I know you can’t get peanut butter easily, and marshmallows…what else do you miss
I miss muddy buddies like crazy, but I think I'm going to find a way to make them with out the Chex—thats the only thing I don't have. I also miss brown sugar, I can't find it in this area which sucks, but I'm going to see what I can do to find it. It is weird ma, I don't really like marshmallows either, but I think a s’more sounds awesome! 

  • 22 lessons last week?? Wow!! How did you guys do this week?
So we taught a ton last week, it was awesome! This week we taught a lot less, like 17 I think, but still it was a really good week! 

  • Did Favio make it to church yesterday?
Favio didn't make it to church, but we had a family that is menos activo come that has a kid for us to baptize! 

  • Do you do service? What kind of service do you usually do?
We do service when we can find it, we have helped Favio do some service when we tore out his cement, and then when we filled it in, and then we just do what we can as we go! 

  • Are you making new friends in this area? Who are they?
I haven't been able to make friends like I did in Alvear…I have friends that are investigators, but just random friends no tanto... It’s a little bigger area and Alvear was just a small city. I’m just like in a suburb of the main city here so its a lot harder! 

  • Uhhhhh….since when do you play the piano? Do you have an easy LDS hymns piano book?

I don't play the piano, but I can now play “God Be With You Till We Meet Again” on the right hand and it almost sounds right! I know music so if it doesn't have sharps or flats i can handle it with enough practice. Remember when you tried to teach me the piano and I gave up, i still understand enough and remember a little to kinda play! its honestly really fun! 

Lunes! We went and worked out with Favio for our p-day and it was fun, he is kinda teaching me how to box so thats fun and then we taught a lady named Maria she is nice, but I had the kids so I just helped the little kids be happy and my comp taught! 

Martes! We went and taught the family Quintero which is the family that came to church this week and it was way awesome! We taught The Gospel of Jesus Christ which is faith, repentance, baptism, spirit ,and the endure till the end. We used hard boiled eggs and a bottle to do it. If you don't know what that is ask me next week!

Wednesday we taught a lady who is a really crazy recent convert and it feels like she just wants attention, but no matter what we teach her and do our best to help her! Its hard but we do what we can! 

Thursday we played karaoke today, we went over to a house of menos activos and they were watching a TV show about karaoke and they saw me singing along, and then they brought out all the gear and we did it for real. I don't listen to music in the mission, so I don't know any Spanish songs, I just was trying to read it and sing and I was so off and it was so funny, because this gringo can sing, but I need some words. Then we taught  a lesson and had dinner with the famila Arisa, they are a lady that is menos activo who was never a member, but was baptized if you know what I mean. We taught her and her family and they are awesome, the husband is trying to quit smoking and they are just awesome! 

Viernes! We had intercombios and I got to teach the Quintero family again! It was awesome I love these kids. We taught them that they need to read and pray and go to church and they liked it! We used knives and cups in a demonstration because little kids don't really like to pay attention to anything else! But it was good! 

Saturday we taught Cristian and Laura and it was fun, we sang oldies music that he had playing and it was just a fun little game and then we taught the end of lesson two and they liked it, but they can’t have kids and they struggle with that, so we are praying to help them! 

Sunday my comp had the flu so we didn't really go out, but we threw him a birthday party, and I had my first really disobedient moment in the mission, they invited the ward mission leader, but the party was in the pension and thats not allowed and I felt bad, but it’s okay I won't let it happen again. Besides the kid loved it, he is borderline depressed and it made him feel loved, so i guess I will justify it that way! 

Dad asked if I had any spiritual stories and the answer is yes and no. My life is a big spiritual game, it is all I do is the spirit and sometimes I get confused because its almost always spiritual, but I would like you guys to talk about Joseph Smith there is something special about that story and how that man is a Prophet. I just read what happened to him and the spirit is there, I love that story and I love that Joseph had the courage to do what he did and ask the Lord for the help he needed! I know we can do the same and that God will bless us and if we have the faith he will even bless us with visions because nothing is impossible to the Lord! Now I don't like to get to preachy in my letters but there is at least a little spiritual thought! 

I love you guys and tell the ward I love them and hope all is well! 
Love, Jayson

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