Monday, June 29, 2015

Good Week

I had a new record for emails this week, I got on and had 54 new emails that I need to read and respond to so if this one is a little weak its because of that and I'm way tired, but its been a good week, and we taught 14 lessons to investigators! 

Monday we had a good p-day where I bought me two new ties and then I bought a new watch and just some fun stuff like that! And then that night we talked to an investigator that isn't really going anywhere and its because he doesn’t want to, so that sucked but he is a way awesome guy! 

Tuesday I had my first district meeting — that was scary, i also might have stayed up late talking and making the Oreo truffles for my district, but its cool—we all had lots of fun and it was a pretty good one. I could have done better, but it was what it was! I don't think we got in to teach anyone that day! 

Wednesday we had a good day where we taught Favio in the morning and then I'm not positive… usually I have my planner that tells me what I did because it has everything, but we did stuff already today so I'm a little unarmed! We did teach the 10 commandments to my little kids Quintero and it was fun because we used signs and stuff! 

Thursday we taught Favio for sure this day with his girlfriend and it was iust really good, he teaches her really well so he like helps us teach so thats really nice and then we taught others too, but I cant remember who.

Friday we taught a little girl about the importance of the Book of Mormon, she will be baptized next transfer, so that should be awesome! Then I taught my Quitero kids the Word of wisdom—way fun ;)

Saturday we taught Favio again and then another lady who said she wants to be baptized and we are going to see what we can do to get her there. Then we went to Cristian and Laura’s and we had a way good lesson where I shared a scripture and talked about it and I felt the spirit way strong, and then the guy said, ¨Wow! What peace can these boys bring by just the words and power of God.” I felt so good, I cant even tell you, I felt like I finally had done what I was supposed to do with my mission and it was incredible! Later my comp told me that I need to change so I don't change my voice when I feel the Spirit and it made me so mad, just bad timing in the comment but we are good now because we talked it out! 

Sunday we did divisions and the guy I was with started bumping Eminem and it was awesome and we taught a family to pray! 

So I'm sorry that this week doesn't have much — it was a good week and then today I went running in the mountains with Favio and it was awesome! I’ll tell you about it next week! 

I love you mom!  
Love, Jayson

Dad, it’s been a good week for me too, way hard, you wouldn't think that the thoughts of Jes moving and all that and then Lexy’s birthday tomorrow and then a 1 year and a half with Lex the fourth of July and then its the holiday and then I'm living with a guy that is going home in 2 weeks who lives in Syracuse and its just a big burn fest but it’s cool — I'm still going hard and working hard! Here is a little spiritual thought if you need more of that crap ;) But I've been doing really good, today we went running with an investigator and it was awesome, when we got to the top of the mountain I said a really good prayer and it was just something I needed so much, I know we don't have temples in our mission and how the scriptures always talk about going to the mountains to pray and how they are like the temple, I took the opportunity to talk heart to heart with my Father in the heavens and it was just so incredible, I felt a peace and it felt good, and I realized that God asks a lot of stuff always, but he loves us and is helping us always to overcome them and it was just something I really needed and liked! 
I love you dad and I know God answers our prayers! 


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