Monday, July 13, 2015

Holidays are hard, but I got God

Way to go, making me cry like a child in the ciber. These holidays kill me you know, its hard to think of you to all alone on the fourth I would have been there just like last year — you don't know how much I want to be with you guys....Is my 24 months up yet? I’m not okay, but its cool, I got God...what more do I need right? 

So your questions—
  • How many lessons did you teach?
We only taught 6 lessons this week, but I will explain! 

  • Have you found a new apartment?
We do have a new apartment, but this butt in the office won’t call the guy for the last week so we can’t move. We’ve called him like 20 times and it just isn't happening, it’s awful!  

  • We have  not heard from the Hamadiah’s—do you have contact information? I will call them if you can get me a number. When are they going to picking up their missionary?
So I’m going to call Hammy this Sunday and I will see what I can do. I will see if he has still got the number memorized, but the Facebook of his parents should be Mike Hamideh, or Beth Hamideh and if that doesn't work I can ask for emails or do what I can! I love Elder Hammy so much — such a great guy! It was an awesome transfer with him! 

  • The weather in Mendoza looks like it has been in the 60’s, but looks like it is going to start getting wetter and colder. Are you COLD?
Its not that cold, I'm still going out in a shirt normal, but I do use my sweater sometimes! 

  • How tall are you now? Have you measured to see if you have grown in the last year??
So ya, I don't know how tall I am. I think I'm six two now, but I don't know I'm just me still, I look skinny now—I might take a little flexing picture for you guys shirtless soon, I'm looking pretty dang good! It feels nice to feel not fat! I’m loving it! 

Monday we went running with Favio, way awesome and then we had a noche de hogar and it was fun! We taught and then played some karaoke that was just fun and nice! 

Tuesday we went and taught in Cipoleti the Quinteros and then the Pasten family, its always fun with them — sometimes hard, but fun!! I really love them! Then my comp wanted to go watch the big game so we did and thats when I got the hermana to send you that message, did you tell Lex to go look at her Facebook? Or have you not even gotten that message?

Wednesday we taught Favio and it was good but nothing special! Then we went and taught the Cipoleti family again and it was good, it was only Pasten this time we didn't have a lot of time! Way good family really! But they struggle! 

Thursday way cool day, I'm a district leader, meaning I do baptism interviews for those who need them in my district. I got to do three of them this day for the zone leaders, it was way cool just getting to talk to these young children and getting to see what they know, see them talk to God, and talk to me about it — I loved it! Hard in another language but it was alright they seemed to understand me! Way cool experience! 

Friday I stayed in the pens with a sick elder so the other parts of my district could go to the meeting we had! Then that night back to Cipoleti to teach the family Pasten and then Quintero. It was good again and the Pasten family told us something awesome, their son Luis who is almost 18 had some like really big cist on his butt and he asked us for a blessing and then we did and then left. He seemed to be really struggling when we left, like a lot of pain, they told us that it was all fixed half an hour after the blessing that he was just fine and there wasn't the cist — it was way cool because through the blessing that this 19 year old boy gave, and the faith of the family God choose to heal him and make him all better to help show the family that it is their time, and that they need to come back to the fold of God! 

Saturday we had a way fun party at the pens and it was a blast because we couldn't leave due to the big game so we just cooked and ate!

Sunday we brought the Pasten family to church and the the family Quinteros came and it was awesome — we had 10 investigators and menos activos in total there, it was way cool! It made me way happy! Then we had a hard night, but we will be okay! I’m happy! 
So I made real rolls and they almost tasted right, but not quite they were just a little off in flavor, but it was close, we shall see what I can do! 

I love you guys a ton and I hope you know I'm praying for you guys a ton! 
Love, Jayson

Dude???? Who is Joni? You guys use the name and I don't understand!!! Is
this what Taylor felt like when I wouldn't write him about Lex? This sucks I
just want some detail!!! 

I honestly did like the running we did it was more in the mountains more then anything else!  We didn't run a ton in continuation, but we did run and it was fun! I really loved it dad, I can’t even tell you how excited I am to get home and to go train with you! I have a good game plan as of right now how it will go — I plan to work in the morning till 9 and then swim for an hour on the days I don't have class till 11 and those that I have class at 10 I will just go to school and then when I get done with school, we will go riding or something maybe in Salt Lake if you take the bikes after my classes and work and then we can go home and it will just be a blast and we will run all the other days we don't bike together everyday we will be working out something!!! I'm so excited you dont even know!!! I just kinda want to finish already but its cool, I can wait I guess! 

It sounds like your chest is still bad, could it be all the elevation changes you are doing traveling, could that be at least effecting it? 

I love you dad and want you to know that I miss you like crazy, it was a really hard week for me but thats okay I'm a strong boy and will keep going 13 more months we are almost there sometimes its hard to think that it will never end, but I just need to put more trust in my Savior and just be happy with what I have. I know that all I have at home will be there when I get back, actually not true—I think Taylor will be married, and I think that Lex might find some man but its cool, I don't worry too much, well maybe I do but you know how we Benedict’s are we are little worriers sometimes! Even if it kills us! 

I love you dad! Hey quick question do you and mom have any pictures in front of the temple together on your wedding day? Just wondering! 

I love you dad have a really good week and be safe!

Love Jayson

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