Sunday, July 26, 2015

Life is good

25 July 2015

So this could be kind of a short letter, I'm in the offices and its not that cool of stuff and its just like I don't really have a lot of energy to write a really good letter about what I've done. We've played a lot of soccer today and its been way fun, but I'm way tired. One of our boys got strep throat (No sister Lawrence not your son! I know you are reading this) and thus we decided to go golfing next week! So life is good, I'm tired and just a bit homesick, but its cool!

Sunday I made rolls for lunch and I might have sluffed Gospel Principles to do it and I felt way bad, we made it in time for like the last 15 minutes, but they were a little doughy, I felt way apostate! We had roast mashed potatoes and my mammas rolls for lunch and it was absolutely boss! I loved it so much, and then that night we had a meeting to discuss all our plans for the week and thats about it! 

Monday we went to do Presidents visa work and couldn't due to the store being closed and so we are still waiting for another day! But all good the rest of the day!

Tuesday we had to send home a gal early, so we hit up the airport, dropped a ton of money for overweight luggage fees but its cool, and then right as we were sending her on her way to get on the plane and walking to the car, we see President Goats coming to see her off, so we sprint up to her and try to let security let her through so she can go talk to president. It was way close ,but we got her back out to talk to them! 

Wednesday we just did normal work, we went and paid some bills we had to pay, and we had to go get an emergency visa for ten days for a buddy who was going home early, I don't know if I'm not supposed to talk about this, but whatever—I do. I met an investigator of ours who stopped us on the street! It was nice because we still hadn't gone to our area, he got kicked out of his house and was just out working, but at least i met him! 

Thursday we took a new friend of ours who had been staying with us for a week home, that one hurt a little, we were getting to know him, he was way funny and we were just having good time, but he had one leg that was longer then the other so his hips got way bad here in the mission and he had to go home, hopefully he will make it back here or at least to the states! So that was hard! Then we went and did visa work with Elder Warner and his wife, they are in the offices with us, they don't do much, but she is the nurse for the mission so its cool and they are like parents. I call them mama and papa when I talk to them…not elder and hermana, and it was just waiting in line! 

Friday we finished the tramites for the Warners and then cooked lunch and then finally for the first time for me in the offices we made it out to go proselyting, its because my comp doesn't really like opening the mouth and I love it so I'm going to do my best to get out and get it done! 

Well and then today which I sort of wrote about at the beginning, so there is the week. The hardest part is not working and being a missionary and having to send the kids that have recently become my friends home, and then I love that I just feel important, I feel like people need me and I just like the feeling that I'm doing important things at least for someone! 

You could probably send me a package and I could go get it and it would be fairly easy! 
But don't send like a ton of ties or clothes in it, and definitely don't send any drugs, and that should do us fine. I really want a jump rope, but I want a really good one, and then I don't know….I guess stuff that will make me happy that I can put on my desk! 

I love you mom, you are the best! 

Love, Jayson

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