Monday, August 3, 2015

Leaning on the Savior

1 August 2015

So I'm doing better, Kristen is helping me a lot by letting me think in other prospects that I can possibly pursue with this new whole thing I have now, being single is something I haven't thought about in a long time and now that it’s here! I don't want to say I need to get back in the game because I'm a missionary, but I do feel like I should get my flirt on through email, don't stress I'm not going to do anything from where I'm at.   ;)

  • So how was your week?
So the week has been way hard, but its cool I think God wanted me to struggle and learn! So that is what I've been doing — really struggling! It’s like a fresh wave comes every couple minutes of pain, all the memories flood you and kill me sometimes, but I'm leaning on the Savior or at least trying to, and no one has seen me with puffy eyes recently so I'm good!

  • How are you and Elder Lawrence getting along?
Elder Lawrence is way sick (like awesome, tranquilo Sister Lawrence!) and we have a ton of fun — it’s way stressful what we do, but its been way fun. We sing a ton of weird indie music and its just been fun to talk and he listens and its just been nice! 

Elder Benedict and Elder Lawrence

  • What does an Elder getting strep throat have to do with golfing?
We didn't go golfing last week because the kid with strep really wanted to go and we weren't going to go two weeks in a row! 

  • Did you cook anything yummy this week?
I didn't really cook much, but we had a ton of good food... 

  • Were you able to get Presidents Visa work all taken care of?
We still haven't done Presidents tramites, but its cool—we will the 14th and it should be fine! 

  • Do you have quite a few missionaries that go home early?
I have sent home 4 people early now, the average for 6 months is about 16 people. But we will see, I think I'm going to send more then that. 

  • Were you able to go out and open the mouth this week?
Nope, I never made it to the area this week. 

  • Really? What should I send you if you you don't want ties or clothes?
I do want ties! I lied — just not a ton if you are sending it through the country. For the Hamidehs…I'm down for it to be only ties. If it’s through the country it could be all foods and candies and I would be way happy! 
I have the numbers for the Hamideh parents if you want them, I asked him the other day. Ask them like your son was his comp and was wondering if you could send a package with them, and I just want as many ties as you can send to me! I love candy!

Saturday soccer, that’s about it and then Dear John.. I accidentally drank fermented sparkling grape juice and it was kinda funny, that was basically the only time I cried. I’ll try and send you the picture it was way funny, we didn't know it could ferment and it definitely did!

Elder Lawrence gave me is grape juice bottle that we drank out of sadness!

Sunday I just prayed a ton to make it through the day, and then I just prayed most the night because I couldn't think about anything good, so it was hard! I did have chili and corn bread from the Warners! That was good!

Monday we had consejo (council) and we got home at about 10:20pm and we are supposed to be in bed at 10:30pm and we weren't and then at 10:35pm President Goats walked in to see if we were having a party — me and 6 Elders were sharing a literal pot of cereal and I was just sitting in my garments and President Goats is talking to us! It was terrifying and awful…but then we sat and talked in bed for about 4 hours, so it was fine! ;)

Tuesday, I had to get everyone home and then we had new people coming to the offices — one kid who got injured, but other then that I don't remember, I swear there was something but I don't know! 

Wednesday we went and did Binghams tramites—he is going to be my companion next transfer and he is way sick, but he needs to be legal and he isn't so we are doing what we can! So we did that and then we just picked up a kid from the terminal, and then I had to go at 11am to the terminal to go get some hermanas and take them to the hospital…that was exciting! 

Thursday we did 4 peoples tramites just all these newbes and it was way fun to see them all scared, and it was great just to see how far I have come. I miss home, but I'm halfway there! Then I had to go get Elders from the terminal at 12:30.

Me driving like a BOSS!

Friday I took 3 Brazilians to go do their visa work or tramites it was way fun, they all just spoke Portuguese like I would with English kids, so it was fun and their Spanish is a little rough, and they use a ton of random Portuguese words that were way fun!! Then my way good buddy Elder Added who is from Brazil invited me to his house, and I made a promise that if I wasn't married in one year after going home, as in the summer after I go home…i would go visit him, so it should be fun!

Saturday we played soccer and golf and I sucked way bad at golf, but it was way fun just to play around, and it was all kinds of fun! 

So ya its been a good week! But way hard and I'm still really struggling a lot, but I'm getting over it one step at a time…at least I'm trying to! 

I love you mommy! Be safe and happy please!

Love you tons, 


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