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29 August 2015

I have never been so stressed, or so tired in my life easily, its not even close... but thats okay, I'm sure the Lord will make up for it by finding me a smoking hot wife and making me happy for the rest of forever! That’s how this whole thing works right? At least that’s what I'm banking on. So if I'm honest through all the things I've done wrong in my life, through all the mistakes I have made through my entire life, I have never had a harder week ever! I have never been more stressed, confused, excited, sad, angry, or just blatantly drained in my life. I know that sounds kinda harsh and not  true, but I can promise you it is! Somethings have happened this week that I cant talk about until after my mission, and its been really hard... I'm not ready to have that responsibility I have... 

But thats okay, so moving on to questions.

Are you and Elder Bingham companions?
Elder Bingham and I are companions kinda, we don't really stay with each other much, we both have to get our jobs done so we separate a lot and at the end of the day its kinda fun because I get to ask him what he did that day because I honestly don't know. His name is Bryce Jared Bingham and he is from Salem Utah, he is a way sick kid and I love him a lot...

Is President legal now?
President is legal, but we will see when he gets his DNI, its a card that says he is we will see.

What bills do you pay in the Casino? Why do you pay the bills—shouldn’t the Financial guy do that?
We pay our bills at the casino because of all the banks that we can pay bills at, it always has the smallest lines so I like using it personally! Its not too far out of the way, but a nice drive that is calming and then we can pay everything without waiting in lines for over an hour. My finances guy doesn't have a card called a DNI, he is legal, but doesn't have the card to prove it yet, so I have to pull out all of our checks. I do lots of stuff and sometimes he isn't with me, so i just pay them with the moneys he gives me! 

Do you and your new companion have more opportunities to go out and teach and share the Gospel?
Nope, I haven't even been to my areas with Elder Bingham yet, but we will see. I don't think I will get the chance to until next month either, the way things are looking now.

Besides ties, is there anything else you would like me to send you for Christmas?
I’m not sure, I want six matching ties for all of us here in the offices, I want a Real Salt Lake Jersey, it doesn't have to be a real one, just some cheap fake. I also want a really nice jump rope, so that I can get in better shape... I’ll keep thinking though, okay?

Sunday so we got some more of the transfer plans. In total we had over 50 people moving to different areas that I had to handle, and there was about another 25 that I couldn't handle until the day came, so i just worked on all the buying of tickets and just got started for the week of work. My bosses also called me and I told them not to come this week because of transfers, so they will be here the 2nd and the 3rd so pray for me on those days... 

Monday we kinda just kept working on all the stuff we did on Sunday. It was just a lot of paper work really, making sure everything was ready for what we had to do. I don't really remember, but it was really sad! Elder Child my assistant friend who is from Kaysville is leaving us to go train, so that’s sad, but good for him that he isn't stuck here in this place.

Tuesday we took all the old kids home, and it was sad! One of my best mission friends Elder Houghton went home, if there is any of my mission buddies homecoming that I hope you could attend his would be one of them, but he is from Provo and you both have callings, so I bet not. But after that I had to take two of my good friends to the airport to go home early, from what I know both of them were for past sins...that one sucked! I'm so tired of taking home my friends early, it sucks!! Also the newbys arrived— one of them was from Layton and it was cool to chat with him! Nice kid, but a little odd. 

Elder Benedict and Elder Houghton

Wednesday so this was a weird day, we did all last minute preparations and got ready for Thursday when all the changes were going to happen, plus I had all the trainers traveling in so they could get their new companions, and had to have busses for them when they left Thursday. Then it turns out I messed up and bought some tickets for the wrong day and it was just bad!! I worked on all that. Then in the night I got to go out with one of the newbys his name was Elder Lavender and he is was good kid, his Spanish is really rough, but he was way fun and way excited about what he was doing! There was this one girl who walked out and started to flirt with us, she was just in her tank top and was trying to show us way too much, and my newby just like turned away as I finished telling her about faith in Christ and Repentance. It was really funny when we left because he didn't even know we were getting flirted with! It’s kinda fun that they don't have any idea what they are doing! 

Thursday all the big changes hit! I was out working in the terminal to get tickets and stuff and get people on busses from 8am to 1pm and people were missing busses! I was trying to change tickets, trying to buy new ones, and just working like a fool, but it all worked out! About halfway into that mess an Elder Vilche showed up wanting to talk to me, I was busy doing transfers, so I ignored him as I ran around the terminal not taking him as anything really worth my time, but it turns out he is one of my main five bosses so that was weird. Then when we got home and talked in my office we established a plan where I go to San Luis for two weeks and go and do all the tramitez for about 60 people in two weeks. Which would be absolutely crazy—and it’s really the plan.

Friday I just tried to fill out all the paper work I had to to make our giant tramitez in San Luis all day. Then something horrible happened that is partially my fault that I can’t talk about! When I finish my mission we will talk it about maybe, but lets just say Friday was a hard day!

Saturday because I don't think I'm going to have a spare second to breath this coming week, I worked a little more today on my San Luis tramitez, and I took 3 groups of people to the terminal at 6 this morning, and took one of my good friends who without him I wouldn't have made it through the last two days to the airport to go home. He has bad knees and couldn't walk so we will see what happens. I hope he comes back, I love him a ton. I also have the birthday of my new assistant Elder Cahoon this week, so I made him a carrot cake and we will see here soon how that goes.

We are doing a fast for us as the Elders of the offices today and tomorrow and I invite you guys to do the same. If you can please keep us in your prayers, we are in need of miracles! I also need miracles, but I'm hoping to make those happen in San Luis. So yup thats my week! 

I love you mamma -- so much, be safe and be happy! 
Elder Benedict
Misión Argentina Mendoza
Oficina - 011-54-261-424-4165

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