Monday, August 17, 2015

Nothing went right this week....

15 August 2015

So its been a way crazy week and I have a ton to say about it and really not a lot of time!  We got back from doing the shopping that we did really late and I may have just barely eaten lunch and it’s time for dinner, but thats cool we go on! Just so you, I know literally nothing went right this week, always, always, always there was some weird problem that we weren't ready for! 

Sunday was just like any other Sunday…way normal, but I woke up and couldn't open my right eye at all, it was glued shut and then through out the day I would cry mucus out of my eyes and it was way gross! I had Pink Eye, it was awful!! So that night late we went to the hospital so I could go and get the medication I needed for this week so I could keep working — I had lots to do so I did it. I also had an interview with my bishop because he thought my pink eye was me crying a lot, and then we just talked about girls and life and he helped me a ton — I really love Diego! 

Monday we went and did Presidents tramites. Funny thing he served in Bolivia and where we go to do migracions it's just a ton of Bolivians, so President walked in and said, “Wow, this reminds me of my mission!” Way funny, but then as we are doing his paper work they tell us we have to pay another fee and do another step meaning my President still isn't legal, so its just been a weird, hard, crazy day. Then that night as I was preparing myself for the 3 people I had planned for the next day, I found out one of them didn’t have the papers I needed while he was already with me to stay the night, way annoying really!!

Tuesday we go and do the tramites for the boys, only 2 of them not 3, but whatever! I did what I could, and then we came home and I got them all to their areas. When I got back, I left immediately again to go take checks to President to sign with my buddy Elder Bingham, the elder in charge of finances. It was an awesome day full of way cool experiences that I will share later.

Wednesday I took 3 Brazilians to do treamitez and got them started and as I'm waiting in line for the last part, the system crashes and they don't get to do it that day, so I tested one of my new plans and sent them on intercombios for the day, and it was really good. They came back for the night which was also my night of be set apart the year before, so I went and bought real Chinese food. It was way good and I loved it! 

Thursday my Brazilians all got taken care of and it all went smoothly. That was good, but they didn't cost as much as I planned so I had a lot of excess money, that I'm not allowed to have — that was really stressful, but fine. Then that night I just did my thing and planned my day for elder Bingham the next day and talked to this guy from the states that is coming to get his daughter, so that was fun! Which reminds me, have you talked with the Hamidahs at all? Then we went to the pension and there was no light, so we decided that we would go sleep in the pens of the assistants because they were on a trip doing exchanges, and then it was just fun to be there at there house! That is where I took all those photos, and then burnt my one year shirt so that was all fun! The assistants weren't happy that we used their pens.

Friday we went back to the offices to go do Elder Binghams tramitez and as we are getting ready to head out the door I grabbed his packet and I couldn't find his passport. If I lose a passport I'm way screwed because he would have to travel to Buenos Aires to get a new one, so we were freaking out! Then as we pray and look, I find it it was behind a table due to recent cleaning, so that was scary! Then we went and did all the stuff without a problem. Then as we went back to cash a check for 10 thousand pesos to go pay the bill for the lights, but then we got a call from the boys who stayed here, they had locked themselves out of the offices and the pens, so we went home and unlocked some stuff for them because it was like 6 degrees Celsius outside, (I don't really think in Fahrenheit any more...) and it was rough because I didn't really get to pay my bills! But whatever…we will do it Tuesday I guess!

Saturday shopping and soccer. Its been way fun and good! 

So I love you guys a ton!  Kyle shared with me something cool that inspired me to type this and I like it — so here!

That’s what I'm doing, don't stress it because I'm going and doing the best I can and I'm getting over the girl thing and it is in the past, I'm not letting it hurt me as much anymore. I'm just here to do what God has asked me and that is make this mission legal and get transfers done and I'm going to do it with all my might, mind, and strength and that is what matters. When we sacrifice for God, he will open the windows of heaven and pour out his blessings upon us and I know it’s true! That is the promise of just ten percent of money, with this ten percent of time and then with what we lose or maybe have lost, we will have never ending gains in the future and then in the world to come, I know it. I have no doubt that God is making me stronger through this so that I can be the tool in his hands that he needs me to be! 

I love being a missionary and one of the un-ashamed and I will not be ashamed of the name of Christ nor the cause that I am a part of!

I love you parents — have a way good day! 

Be safe and enjoy the flight ma! 

Love, Jayson

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