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Starting my job solo

22 August 20115

So it has been a way good week! I had to send one of my friends home, but I also went and picked up a new kid who went home for a year, so it was way good! But hard week! 

So I have a ton of questions to answer:

  • Now that your P-day is on Saturday, how do you communicate with the bro’s? Do you email them on Saturday and wait until the next Saturday for their replies? 
I still just write the bros and they respond on Monday and I am just way tempted all week to look at my email and see what they said, even more on Mondays when I'm bored and could get on and just chat, so I just try and write them today! 

  • What is the hardest thing about being the Secretary?
The hardest part is that people kinda think I know everything, that this is really easy, and that I'm screwing them over every time I need them to come do tramitez for me! But it’s cool—I don't mind it too much. Also sending my friends home early is really hard for me.

  • What was your hospital visit like (pink eye)? Are they pretty much the same as here?
The hospital was really crappy — I went at 9:30 on a Sunday night and had to wait for 30 minutes. So still kinda the same, but way gross…

  • Did you finally get all the paper work done for President to get him legal?
President is almost done, we need his fingerprints and thats it at one more place and he is way good and ready! He is legal now, but he just won’t get the card until we finish this last step! 

  • How often do you have to do this paper work for each missionary during their two year stay?
People who are not from South America have to do it once a year, like I will go home illegal if I don't do it again for myself! Then people from South America is for 2 years so they do it once, and then Brazilians are legal for 15 years so they are way easy!

  • Is this the week you get a new companion? Who is he? Where is he from? What does he do in the office? Where does Elder Lawrence go?
I will be Elder Binghams companion next transfer, I don't know that, but I assume. His comp is leaving and my comp is leaving and then the rest of us stay the same…so it should be easy! But we don't know until tonight late!

  • How do you know that Elder Lawrence’s mom reads your blog?
His mom always get worried about stuff I write on the blog, like when I said he was sick, so she knew only from my blog and not her son, so it’s just a joke we have now! 

  • Where do you buy REAL Chinese food? What do you order?
We have this place called Tiape by our house, not really that we went to, I got almond chicken and a spicy one and it was really good! I'm getting way good at chopsticks now so be ready to be blown away when I get home! 

  • I have not called the Hamidiah’s. When do they come pick up their missionary?
Elder Hamideh is going home in six weeks in October like the Wednesday after conference!

  • How far from the assistance do you live, and how did you get into their house?
The assistants live less then half a block from the offices, get on google earth and type in Cabildo Abierto 161 Godoy Cruz, Mendoza and you will see where I work!

These are all my boys -- starting with Elder Villacillo, a sick kid in the offices, elder Kreling who had kidney stones, elder Bingham, me, elder Solomon, elder Lawrence, elder Olguin has bad knees and is in the offices with us. Elder Child who is from Kaysville and Mallory Mills's next door neighbor,  and elder Mortensen.
All the white ones are from Utah, Villa is from Ecuador, Kreling Brazil, and Olguin is Chilaen

Sunday was just Sunday-ish and normal, we didn't do anything special! 

Monday was like my prep day. I got ready to do nothing but tramitez so I just did everything to get ready for the week! That night I was taking an elder to his area and we got way lost, really fun! 

Tuesday I had 4 Peruvians with me and we got them all done, but as I was doing the second part of them I got in a lot of trouble for showing up late to the last half of it. The place is called Ranar and there is one gal who always gets happy when she sees me and is way nice…and then there is one who is constantly rude to me! But it’s good, I also sent one of my buddies home that day, and then Elder Ford who had to go home for a year arrived that day, so it was cool!

Wednesday we did a full day of Hermana tramitez this day and it was kinda a lot of work, but it was good. There was a gal from my group named Hermana Ellgen and it was way fun to talk to her and kinda reminisce about the MTC and it was kinda weird… like talking to a friend that was female. I didn't know how to act, I was natural flirty Jayson, I had to not be there and it was weird and kinda hard! But don't worry I'm under control!

Thursday we did 4 more peoples tramitez, but they were all my friends throughout the mission and it was way fun! I liked it a lot! But I still got tired and inpatient. My day kinda ends at like 11:30 in the morning on tramitez its fun. But then I went and paid some fees and got more fees — yay me!

We hit up the casino thinking we would hit it big...left with 5 pesos!
It was a rough day for the church! Hahaha!
In reality that is where I pay all the bills that I pay...we did use quite a bit of money!

I asked Jayson if he was nervous carrying so much money around with him?
He answered, "Yes....Always!"

Friday I did Hermana Goats tramitez with another matrimonios so it was good and fast!Then I went and paid all my fees, so that it should be easier to get my people legal and it was nice! Then we went out and worked at 6:00pm and it was awesome! We taught 3 less active people and I loved it! One guy named Joshua was way cool, covered in tattoos, and his house was dank with the scent of cigarets, weed, and cheap alcohol. We taught with power, and he is going to come to church with us tomorrow and it will be awesome! 

Saturday it was my comps birthday and he was gone all week doing some other stuff, so I bought him his favorite candies, and I gave him some of my states candy, I made him crepes in the morning, we played soccer, I made literally the best chocolate spice cake ever!! It was so moist and tasty—I can’t even tell you how I did it, but it was so good! I also made six batches of bread this week to make breadsticks for the guys. I just made like our christmas ones, and they were so good mom, you would be way proud of how I can cook bread now! I just do the recipe from memory, and I just go and then I knead like a champ ;) and everyone is always impressed when I do it, so I feel cool! Basically what I'm saying is that girls husband me ;)

So that was my week! My new comp is Elder Bingham and he is the financiero and I love him to death, he is a way sick kid. Elder Lawrence is going to Chimbas or San Juan up there where I was just at, well a neighborhood away! So yup, I'm now starting my job solo! Pray and if you have a chance fast for me to be able to do all this! I'm kinda scared, but I think I can do it. I trust my God, that if I am doing what he wants me to be doing here he will make me the best secretary this mission has ever seen and I can change the face of this mission! If I have his power and I know I can and I know I will! 

I love you guys!  Dont forget it! 

Elder Benedict
Misión Argentina Mendoza

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