Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Week

I'll be honest Christmas day was just normal we didn't get home until like seven thirty-ish because we visited our branch president and that was nice! We just chilled as a group of four talking and having a nice little night as we listened to a ton of fireworks it was a blast really! We have some families who do okay at taking care of us, I have two that i love—family Burnet in the picture and family Franco so they are way cool and I love them. I don't think we really do anything for p-day i think I'm going to cook or sleep or something, I'm still waiting for the rest of the cookbook and the measuring cups! ;) and thank you I love getting Spanish compliments they are the best! 

Monday we had to travel to Centro of Mendoza and it was fun, but a lot of driving and it was just a lot in a bus in less then a week, but it was fun to chat with some old friends I haven't seen from the MTC so thats nice! 

Tuesday was the Christmas party and it was fun we watched President kiss his wife and that was way funny, so ya and we just had fun. There is this a lady named mama Rasteli to me and I love her. She cooked the food for the party so i just went and helped her and talked with her. She is my mom  when I'm with her she just tells me all the time that I need to tell you good things about me, but nah she is just a sweetheart! She asked for your email i don't know if she used it, but she has it! Then we were on buses again for forever!

Wednesday on Christmas eve we weren't allowed to leave the pens (apartment) if we didn't have appointments because it was dangerous and everyone is drinking tons of beer and shooting off tons of fireworks, it was just weird. That night we went and had dinner with family Burnet, I sent a picture I think and i love them! We are trying to reactivate the husband, the blond one and its going very well so I'm happy with them!

Thursday we didn't get to leave the pens so we went and helped a member do a Christmas tradition and then we went and cooked our tacos included in picture form and it was just a sad waiting for the call! Then i got to talk to you it was way dope! I liked it a lot when me and tay talked about Lex in Spanish and you guys didn't know so that was way fun for me! Then we just chilled afterwords.

Friday was just a day normal and we had a fun family night with family Burnet and another investigator and it was fun! I just love that family, they are just funny and we just mess around.

Saturday, again normal day of hard work I think we biked more then ten miles that day because we gave the pedometer to a walking elder and he got four miles in his area walking and teaching two lessons so thats like he was only walking for two hours and we bike forever and I tested some distance by walking places first and we ride pretty far everyday, and WOW is my butt sore! But Saturday we just taught menos activos (less actives) and I was just tired. I hate everyones excuses its just tiring—they know they need to go to church and we can supply a car, but they still wont go. I hate it!
Sunday, church and some other meetings for a mission plan for the rama and the rama is way burnt out so its hard to get anything going but we are trying and we need to reactivate some serious priesthood and get this work going!

So thats what my week was! I’m way tired from biking and we started this thing called Body of a God and its like six months to sexy, but way freaking intense, I’m way tired but way good! I feel like I really worked out this morning so thats awesome!

I’m doing good but miss you way bad—let me know how everything goes this week with everything and I’m always praying for you guys! Be safe and happy!

Love, Elder Benedict

Monday, December 22, 2014

First week in Alvear General

Yes it is way dumb to make me leave my companion when he goes home in two weeks, but it’s okay I like it here too! I was there for 12 weeks so it’s not too much stress, but I’m good! I don’t know if I will love here like I loved there, but I do like it here! My comp is Brandon Glenn Perez and he is a good kid from Arizona near Mesa and we have a four man apartment and its way great! We have a kid elder Houghton who is way freaking dope that I love a lot and elder Charca de Peru  who is way dope! He is always trying to learn English and I love helping him! I love all my new friends a lot! Dad has the info about biking and yes its awesome! Its Alvear General not Dos—silly, that’s just my area of it! I haven’t recorded my talk for you yet, but I will and I will send it next week! I try to always think in Spanish and sometimes I have to change my grammar in these letters so its English and not Spanish. But I don’t always think in Spanish I still speak a lot of English with my companion! Requerdos are things that remind us of Argentina! I think the word is recorditorial or something like that in English, but I don’t know!

I  sorta told you how I was with all these dying missionary’s and just burnt a fool and then we just went way hard at the area and then said goodbye with Alberto and Stella and they didn't believe me but it was true and they gave me a thing to remember them by--so that’s cool!

We went and said goodbye to everyone and that was fun and I loved it, but also I got robbed! I was walking with Elder Evans at five to noon and someone told us to go over to them and so we did and  I started to explain what we share with them, and then his friend asked for the time, I told him--he pulled out a knife and told us to give him our phone and everything we had, they were new to robbing people so it was fine, they took my watch and chap stick though so I could use a new watch—hint,hint! And ya that was exciting!

I lent a wardy my carry-on bag and he gave it back to me Wednesday at six ten so I finished packing and then just hurried and went to the terminal for my trip. Alviar is about 6 hours south of where I was and is south east corner of Mendoza so that’s cool! I just chatted with a hermana and felt like I was going to hell for a few hours and then we just sat and waited for ever it felt! But then I was here, then me and my comp left and my area is way big and way

We taught two new people and they were Marcos and Lucus so that was way dope! I’m in the city, but I also have fields about twenty minutes away by bike when we push--so they were out there, we have more luck out in the fields and stuff so we spend more time there!

We were on the radio here and sang some hymns and preached and it was cool, way dope!! My companion was in charge of it so that was cool! He has 9 months in the mission right now, and has been in this area for as long as I have been in the mission so that’s funny! We then had a ward activity where we sang and that was good too!

We found another person out in the fields and they were good so we have one kid with fecha (a baptismal date) now so we are way cool! We had a young men’s activity where I took two young men out with me to teach three families and that was good and fun--so ya I can do this all on my own at this point I don’t even need a comp--I’m too cool for comps ;)

We had church and it was good other than that nothing really happened--all our plans fell through and we talked to a lot of people! Yup the mission life!

That’s my week I think! I love you guys a lot! Don’t forget to send me what account I’m supposed to use to call you guys from Skype because I still don’t know okay! Let me know like right now!

Love you all so much!
Sincerely, Elder Benedict

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sad about Transfers

I’m really struggling right now with everything; I don’t know how I can leave all that I have come to fall in love with in my last area. I loved Municipal so much and I love the people there so much, but I’m  trying my best to be okay. It’s just hard for me to know that all the close relationships I've made and have, are just going to end here soon its way weird for me. My new area is called Alviar Dos and it is more south and a little bit colder there... my comps name is Elder Parez, but he is a gringo I also believe that I will be in one of the only biking areas in the mission which is exciting, but it’s going to make it harder to talk to people and contact.... this week was way amazing and I’m way sad it is getting ruined by transfers...

Monday: I have pictures of my journal for you.

Tuesday. We taught Gladis and she is crazy, but I will probably never ever see her again so that’s weird and sad. Then we taught hermana Corfield and she is good and trying to be better and she thanked us a lot for helping her come back to church and God and learn more of what she needs to be doing!

Wednesday: Elder Evans birthday and I have a picture for that day too!
Christmas Photo

Thursday: It hailed! We had stones about the size for the tip of your finger like if you had a ink print of your pinky and it was way cool and just a nice change that I loved a lot but other than that that day wasn't super special or anything!

Friday: we had a Christmas party for the ward and it didn't end till one in the morning and it was way fun we had to leave at 10:30pm but the ward went hard until one o clock--our ward is way cool, and it was just way fun to see all the ward and have a good time chatting and having fun!

Saturday: We did some service for a hermana and then just did normal work, nothing special or cool, but rain and that’s always way awesome!

Sunday: I had to give another talk on missionary work and I will try to record it and send it to you guys it was good, but I had prepared ten minutes and only had four so it was a little rushed and it was just hard but way good, I got a lot of compliments on my Spanish, oh and then when I was at the Christmas party a guy thought I had a year in the mission by how good my Spanish was! So I felt way cool for that and ya that was about the week. This was the night I got the call that I would be leaving my beloved Municipal and it was sad for me, that’s okay I’ll just have to deal and prove that God has a plan for me by going and doing some serious work for him.
Foto de la Conferencia de Zona      

Honestly today has been way hard I bought me some good requerdos and happy stuff like that, but I’m way sad that I have to leave my area. I get to say good bye to everyone tomorrow, but I should be okay. I love you mom more than I can say I’ll let you know how it all goes next week, and hey you should run to the five dollar tie lady and see if she has that blue and brown paisley tie that I bought forever ago. I have a friend here I want to give it to someday so see if you can find me one! I can’t wait to get all the packages and  most likely is Christmas is this next Tuesday the 23 or the 19 I don’t know yet! Love you lots!

Love, Jayson Benedict

Monday, December 8, 2014

First confirmation and he was nervous!

So this week has been crazy hard and good and we did fine—to answer your questions first!

I’m all better, no more sick and now just do what I can--we didn’t rest lots to get better we just kinda pushed through and waited for the sickness to go away! It has been way HOT, but God blesses us and makes it possible for us to sleep! We did way fun things--we sloughed part of district meeting, meaning we went fast and then went and got ice cream, then later we had a calzone to celebrate the baptism and then this morning we woke up at three in the morning for a activity for our ward!  It was way fun  and I love the boys in my ward, we have seven kids preparing for missions and they all look to us as examples it’s just crazy! This morning we had a fireside by a river side by a fire and it was about missions and I got to bear my testimony of the work and the blessings of it! It was just awesome-- then after we had an asado or barbecue kind thing for like two hours, we were just talking and having a good morning! It was way dope!
Elder Benedict and Elder Peters

Monday: All citas fell through but p-day  was just calm and nice and relaxing! We just chilled really!

Tuesday: We had an investigator named Alijandro and he needed the plan of salvation because he just asked a ton of questions about where we were, what we did, where we go--so we taught it and it was great. We can’t find him anymore but if we can we think he is really going to do great!

Wednesday: We taught some families in the morning and then just had a way long night until the intravista interview for Alberto happened and he is all good and ready.  We explained about the priesthood and he is excited for it all!

Thursday: We did service for hermana Alveres and then that night we had no lessons or nada, but that’s fine we just got to walk a lot and try and find more people! A lot of what we are doing is “El is la dadiva and its Criste is the gift” and its way good except for Jehovás witnesses--but good all the same!

Friday: We had zone conference meaning we just sat in a room all day and learned good stuff.  We didn’t get back to our area until eight o’clock but it was fine. We talked a lot about working with members! Always, always, always have Elder references when they ask! We need them!

Saturday: Baptism day! It was a great service! Elder Evans did the baptizing at Vetos request and it was all good and nice and happy! I really think this kid is going to go far and do good things for the world and continue my work when I end the misión!

Sunday: Confirmation day! I had to do the confirmation and I was way nervous! I didn’t want to screw it up for anything, especially because you speak in tu for a blessing and I don’t know tu, I barely know usted and some vo’s so that was exciting, but I was told I did good--who knows! Then that night we taught one of our talker s and it was good weird, but good!

I don’t have much else for this week but I freaking love you and know God is blessing you for the service me and Taylor are giving! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Be safe and happy!

Love your son,
Jayson Benedict

Monday, December 1, 2014

We were really sick this week

To the elders I sent this to, just take pictures and read it throughout your week, that and I want your weekly letters so love me back!

Today is the first time letters have made me cry in public, but it’s not a sad cry, well it is, but it’s more of a remembrance of my life and you guys and just how much I love you! It’s been kinda a hard week because yes I have been sick and it has been rough--but the thing about being sick in the mission is nothing changes, you still hurt and don’t want to move and want to be babied ,but you also don’t want to go to hell, so you want to work hard and not waste the Lords time so it is hard! I did sleep better this week. I prayed pretty hard that if the Lord was gonna make me sick it was only fair that he would cool down my area and make it so I could sleep at night and he blessed me! I didn’t sleep great, but I slept good enough! :) Of course I have fun! I just usually don’t think of that on p-day, I think of all the stuff that is about people that week, not the random stuff we do that’s fun, but I’ll try to do better to include it for you! We talk a ton about Elder Evans going home and just all the fun stuff we did and we laugh and just have a good time, we don’t really have time to just do stuff randomly that is fun, while we walk we try to kick rocks through each other’s legs because all the roads are crappy and have tons of rocks for us to use, that’s pretty fun! ;) It’s the simple things ma! My dog bite wasn’t bad at all, it was just a little dog it was just weird and scared me! Hermana Corfield is coming to church all the time now and she is awesome and its way great! Gladis is crazy and not good, but we keep trying! Pray for Gonzalo and Gladis and Alberto and me and Elder Evans and all my bros and Taylor and all the missionary’s you know--we all need it!
Everyone thought I was crazy for petting a monkey!

Tuesday: I was so sick and out of it the next couple days that I honestly don’t remember much and my journals are super confusing, but it was fine we lived, I worked hard! But we taught Corfield that day and she was good and happy and we helped her with some stuff so that’s awesome!

Wednesday: All our plans didn’t even talk to us this day and it was way hard for sick me to handle it, but that’s fine. That night we taught a guy named Gonzalo and he is awesome! He is a huge, he has all the Lord of the Rings books and all the Histories of Middle Earth and the Hobbit and he has read them all a lot of times, he plays World of Warcraft and is just super nerdy! He is awesome! I’m not sure if he thinks of this as investigating or just learning, but he is awesome!
Elder Evans, Enzo, Elder Benedict and Franco

Thursday: I don’t have anything for this day it was rough and long and Elder Evans was starting to get sick so it was rough! All plans just didn’t happen!

Friday: This day we were barely able to get abrir la boca, a contacting thing we do as a key indicator and it was just rough Elder Evans wasn’t as tough as me and we went home way early morning and night so he could sleep!

Saturday: We did service for hermana Alverez and then that night we had a ton of just dropped lessons and people who didn’t want us and Elder Evans was just done and had some major bowel problems so we just went home like a hour early!

Sunday: This was the best day of the week, a Mexican who lived in the states for most his life invited us to help him teach his boys how to play baseball so we did and it was awesome! I got to hold a baseball and a mitt and bat and just play catch and talk about the gospel it was just a good little gig so I liked it a lot!

It was a really super rough week for us and we did not teach much at all but that’s okay we are doing good, and that’s what matters! We didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving and that’s fine! I’m happy here don’t you worry! I know the cry thing sounded intense, but it’s not I was just emotional, I’m on my man period okay? Don’t judge!

I love you so much be safe and happy and I just really love you!

Elder Jayson Benedict
My mom raised me right to love Halloween and I really do!

That pumpkin got me through some lonely nights!

Going from summer to summer definitely sucks,  but that’s okay I’m a big boy and can handle it, I miss the snow a ton and I want to go boarding so bad, but with the heat and me being so close to the mountains I see motorcyclists in full gear heading out all the time and I burn to go riding super bad! Did you fix my bike? We made peach cobbler for Thanksgiving so that was cool I guess but that’s pretty much it on that one! My clothes fit okay, my brown pants don’t really, but I still wear them because I need them. I weigh 185 now so yes I’ve lost quite a bit of weight--that is wearing my church clothes and shoes and everything so ya its awesome!!! I love it I feel thinner and I think I look hot! If you write me a little individual thing like this always I promise to respond in suit! I really do miss you a ton! Blood sausage is weird and so are people here, so I just roll with it, but ya it is awful--look it up online the insides look way freaking gross and it smells like dead things. In lessons I can speak fine, I know lesson language and I really can speak pretty good now I just need to keep practicing and keep working and I’m going to be a pro! Tell mom I’m fine, but of truth--I really, really miss you guys... I want to walk into your bed room and just come wake you guys up and lay in the middle, and talk for a while and wait for you to try and just over heat me! I’d kill to do that—I’m not even kidding that sounds awesome! I love you dad and I’m sorry about work I will pray for your interviews, which one do you want most? I want to know if I can help other than prayers. So ya  I love you, be safe and go have way to much fun for me! Love our baby girl to death too!!! 
Love your son, Jayson Benedict