Monday, December 8, 2014

First confirmation and he was nervous!

So this week has been crazy hard and good and we did fine—to answer your questions first!

I’m all better, no more sick and now just do what I can--we didn’t rest lots to get better we just kinda pushed through and waited for the sickness to go away! It has been way HOT, but God blesses us and makes it possible for us to sleep! We did way fun things--we sloughed part of district meeting, meaning we went fast and then went and got ice cream, then later we had a calzone to celebrate the baptism and then this morning we woke up at three in the morning for a activity for our ward!  It was way fun  and I love the boys in my ward, we have seven kids preparing for missions and they all look to us as examples it’s just crazy! This morning we had a fireside by a river side by a fire and it was about missions and I got to bear my testimony of the work and the blessings of it! It was just awesome-- then after we had an asado or barbecue kind thing for like two hours, we were just talking and having a good morning! It was way dope!
Elder Benedict and Elder Peters

Monday: All citas fell through but p-day  was just calm and nice and relaxing! We just chilled really!

Tuesday: We had an investigator named Alijandro and he needed the plan of salvation because he just asked a ton of questions about where we were, what we did, where we go--so we taught it and it was great. We can’t find him anymore but if we can we think he is really going to do great!

Wednesday: We taught some families in the morning and then just had a way long night until the intravista interview for Alberto happened and he is all good and ready.  We explained about the priesthood and he is excited for it all!

Thursday: We did service for hermana Alveres and then that night we had no lessons or nada, but that’s fine we just got to walk a lot and try and find more people! A lot of what we are doing is “El is la dadiva and its Criste is the gift” and its way good except for Jehovás witnesses--but good all the same!

Friday: We had zone conference meaning we just sat in a room all day and learned good stuff.  We didn’t get back to our area until eight o’clock but it was fine. We talked a lot about working with members! Always, always, always have Elder references when they ask! We need them!

Saturday: Baptism day! It was a great service! Elder Evans did the baptizing at Vetos request and it was all good and nice and happy! I really think this kid is going to go far and do good things for the world and continue my work when I end the misión!

Sunday: Confirmation day! I had to do the confirmation and I was way nervous! I didn’t want to screw it up for anything, especially because you speak in tu for a blessing and I don’t know tu, I barely know usted and some vo’s so that was exciting, but I was told I did good--who knows! Then that night we taught one of our talker s and it was good weird, but good!

I don’t have much else for this week but I freaking love you and know God is blessing you for the service me and Taylor are giving! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Be safe and happy!

Love your son,
Jayson Benedict

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