Monday, December 22, 2014

First week in Alvear General

Yes it is way dumb to make me leave my companion when he goes home in two weeks, but it’s okay I like it here too! I was there for 12 weeks so it’s not too much stress, but I’m good! I don’t know if I will love here like I loved there, but I do like it here! My comp is Brandon Glenn Perez and he is a good kid from Arizona near Mesa and we have a four man apartment and its way great! We have a kid elder Houghton who is way freaking dope that I love a lot and elder Charca de Peru  who is way dope! He is always trying to learn English and I love helping him! I love all my new friends a lot! Dad has the info about biking and yes its awesome! Its Alvear General not Dos—silly, that’s just my area of it! I haven’t recorded my talk for you yet, but I will and I will send it next week! I try to always think in Spanish and sometimes I have to change my grammar in these letters so its English and not Spanish. But I don’t always think in Spanish I still speak a lot of English with my companion! Requerdos are things that remind us of Argentina! I think the word is recorditorial or something like that in English, but I don’t know!

I  sorta told you how I was with all these dying missionary’s and just burnt a fool and then we just went way hard at the area and then said goodbye with Alberto and Stella and they didn't believe me but it was true and they gave me a thing to remember them by--so that’s cool!

We went and said goodbye to everyone and that was fun and I loved it, but also I got robbed! I was walking with Elder Evans at five to noon and someone told us to go over to them and so we did and  I started to explain what we share with them, and then his friend asked for the time, I told him--he pulled out a knife and told us to give him our phone and everything we had, they were new to robbing people so it was fine, they took my watch and chap stick though so I could use a new watch—hint,hint! And ya that was exciting!

I lent a wardy my carry-on bag and he gave it back to me Wednesday at six ten so I finished packing and then just hurried and went to the terminal for my trip. Alviar is about 6 hours south of where I was and is south east corner of Mendoza so that’s cool! I just chatted with a hermana and felt like I was going to hell for a few hours and then we just sat and waited for ever it felt! But then I was here, then me and my comp left and my area is way big and way

We taught two new people and they were Marcos and Lucus so that was way dope! I’m in the city, but I also have fields about twenty minutes away by bike when we push--so they were out there, we have more luck out in the fields and stuff so we spend more time there!

We were on the radio here and sang some hymns and preached and it was cool, way dope!! My companion was in charge of it so that was cool! He has 9 months in the mission right now, and has been in this area for as long as I have been in the mission so that’s funny! We then had a ward activity where we sang and that was good too!

We found another person out in the fields and they were good so we have one kid with fecha (a baptismal date) now so we are way cool! We had a young men’s activity where I took two young men out with me to teach three families and that was good and fun--so ya I can do this all on my own at this point I don’t even need a comp--I’m too cool for comps ;)

We had church and it was good other than that nothing really happened--all our plans fell through and we talked to a lot of people! Yup the mission life!

That’s my week I think! I love you guys a lot! Don’t forget to send me what account I’m supposed to use to call you guys from Skype because I still don’t know okay! Let me know like right now!

Love you all so much!
Sincerely, Elder Benedict

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