Monday, August 31, 2015


29 August 2015

I have never been so stressed, or so tired in my life easily, its not even close... but thats okay, I'm sure the Lord will make up for it by finding me a smoking hot wife and making me happy for the rest of forever! That’s how this whole thing works right? At least that’s what I'm banking on. So if I'm honest through all the things I've done wrong in my life, through all the mistakes I have made through my entire life, I have never had a harder week ever! I have never been more stressed, confused, excited, sad, angry, or just blatantly drained in my life. I know that sounds kinda harsh and not  true, but I can promise you it is! Somethings have happened this week that I cant talk about until after my mission, and its been really hard... I'm not ready to have that responsibility I have... 

But thats okay, so moving on to questions.

Are you and Elder Bingham companions?
Elder Bingham and I are companions kinda, we don't really stay with each other much, we both have to get our jobs done so we separate a lot and at the end of the day its kinda fun because I get to ask him what he did that day because I honestly don't know. His name is Bryce Jared Bingham and he is from Salem Utah, he is a way sick kid and I love him a lot...

Is President legal now?
President is legal, but we will see when he gets his DNI, its a card that says he is we will see.

What bills do you pay in the Casino? Why do you pay the bills—shouldn’t the Financial guy do that?
We pay our bills at the casino because of all the banks that we can pay bills at, it always has the smallest lines so I like using it personally! Its not too far out of the way, but a nice drive that is calming and then we can pay everything without waiting in lines for over an hour. My finances guy doesn't have a card called a DNI, he is legal, but doesn't have the card to prove it yet, so I have to pull out all of our checks. I do lots of stuff and sometimes he isn't with me, so i just pay them with the moneys he gives me! 

Do you and your new companion have more opportunities to go out and teach and share the Gospel?
Nope, I haven't even been to my areas with Elder Bingham yet, but we will see. I don't think I will get the chance to until next month either, the way things are looking now.

Besides ties, is there anything else you would like me to send you for Christmas?
I’m not sure, I want six matching ties for all of us here in the offices, I want a Real Salt Lake Jersey, it doesn't have to be a real one, just some cheap fake. I also want a really nice jump rope, so that I can get in better shape... I’ll keep thinking though, okay?

Sunday so we got some more of the transfer plans. In total we had over 50 people moving to different areas that I had to handle, and there was about another 25 that I couldn't handle until the day came, so i just worked on all the buying of tickets and just got started for the week of work. My bosses also called me and I told them not to come this week because of transfers, so they will be here the 2nd and the 3rd so pray for me on those days... 

Monday we kinda just kept working on all the stuff we did on Sunday. It was just a lot of paper work really, making sure everything was ready for what we had to do. I don't really remember, but it was really sad! Elder Child my assistant friend who is from Kaysville is leaving us to go train, so that’s sad, but good for him that he isn't stuck here in this place.

Tuesday we took all the old kids home, and it was sad! One of my best mission friends Elder Houghton went home, if there is any of my mission buddies homecoming that I hope you could attend his would be one of them, but he is from Provo and you both have callings, so I bet not. But after that I had to take two of my good friends to the airport to go home early, from what I know both of them were for past sins...that one sucked! I'm so tired of taking home my friends early, it sucks!! Also the newbys arrived— one of them was from Layton and it was cool to chat with him! Nice kid, but a little odd. 

Elder Benedict and Elder Houghton

Wednesday so this was a weird day, we did all last minute preparations and got ready for Thursday when all the changes were going to happen, plus I had all the trainers traveling in so they could get their new companions, and had to have busses for them when they left Thursday. Then it turns out I messed up and bought some tickets for the wrong day and it was just bad!! I worked on all that. Then in the night I got to go out with one of the newbys his name was Elder Lavender and he is was good kid, his Spanish is really rough, but he was way fun and way excited about what he was doing! There was this one girl who walked out and started to flirt with us, she was just in her tank top and was trying to show us way too much, and my newby just like turned away as I finished telling her about faith in Christ and Repentance. It was really funny when we left because he didn't even know we were getting flirted with! It’s kinda fun that they don't have any idea what they are doing! 

Thursday all the big changes hit! I was out working in the terminal to get tickets and stuff and get people on busses from 8am to 1pm and people were missing busses! I was trying to change tickets, trying to buy new ones, and just working like a fool, but it all worked out! About halfway into that mess an Elder Vilche showed up wanting to talk to me, I was busy doing transfers, so I ignored him as I ran around the terminal not taking him as anything really worth my time, but it turns out he is one of my main five bosses so that was weird. Then when we got home and talked in my office we established a plan where I go to San Luis for two weeks and go and do all the tramitez for about 60 people in two weeks. Which would be absolutely crazy—and it’s really the plan.

Friday I just tried to fill out all the paper work I had to to make our giant tramitez in San Luis all day. Then something horrible happened that is partially my fault that I can’t talk about! When I finish my mission we will talk it about maybe, but lets just say Friday was a hard day!

Saturday because I don't think I'm going to have a spare second to breath this coming week, I worked a little more today on my San Luis tramitez, and I took 3 groups of people to the terminal at 6 this morning, and took one of my good friends who without him I wouldn't have made it through the last two days to the airport to go home. He has bad knees and couldn't walk so we will see what happens. I hope he comes back, I love him a ton. I also have the birthday of my new assistant Elder Cahoon this week, so I made him a carrot cake and we will see here soon how that goes.

We are doing a fast for us as the Elders of the offices today and tomorrow and I invite you guys to do the same. If you can please keep us in your prayers, we are in need of miracles! I also need miracles, but I'm hoping to make those happen in San Luis. So yup thats my week! 

I love you mamma -- so much, be safe and be happy! 
Elder Benedict
Misión Argentina Mendoza
Oficina - 011-54-261-424-4165

Monday, August 24, 2015

Starting my job solo

22 August 20115

So it has been a way good week! I had to send one of my friends home, but I also went and picked up a new kid who went home for a year, so it was way good! But hard week! 

So I have a ton of questions to answer:

  • Now that your P-day is on Saturday, how do you communicate with the bro’s? Do you email them on Saturday and wait until the next Saturday for their replies? 
I still just write the bros and they respond on Monday and I am just way tempted all week to look at my email and see what they said, even more on Mondays when I'm bored and could get on and just chat, so I just try and write them today! 

  • What is the hardest thing about being the Secretary?
The hardest part is that people kinda think I know everything, that this is really easy, and that I'm screwing them over every time I need them to come do tramitez for me! But it’s cool—I don't mind it too much. Also sending my friends home early is really hard for me.

  • What was your hospital visit like (pink eye)? Are they pretty much the same as here?
The hospital was really crappy — I went at 9:30 on a Sunday night and had to wait for 30 minutes. So still kinda the same, but way gross…

  • Did you finally get all the paper work done for President to get him legal?
President is almost done, we need his fingerprints and thats it at one more place and he is way good and ready! He is legal now, but he just won’t get the card until we finish this last step! 

  • How often do you have to do this paper work for each missionary during their two year stay?
People who are not from South America have to do it once a year, like I will go home illegal if I don't do it again for myself! Then people from South America is for 2 years so they do it once, and then Brazilians are legal for 15 years so they are way easy!

  • Is this the week you get a new companion? Who is he? Where is he from? What does he do in the office? Where does Elder Lawrence go?
I will be Elder Binghams companion next transfer, I don't know that, but I assume. His comp is leaving and my comp is leaving and then the rest of us stay the same…so it should be easy! But we don't know until tonight late!

  • How do you know that Elder Lawrence’s mom reads your blog?
His mom always get worried about stuff I write on the blog, like when I said he was sick, so she knew only from my blog and not her son, so it’s just a joke we have now! 

  • Where do you buy REAL Chinese food? What do you order?
We have this place called Tiape by our house, not really that we went to, I got almond chicken and a spicy one and it was really good! I'm getting way good at chopsticks now so be ready to be blown away when I get home! 

  • I have not called the Hamidiah’s. When do they come pick up their missionary?
Elder Hamideh is going home in six weeks in October like the Wednesday after conference!

  • How far from the assistance do you live, and how did you get into their house?
The assistants live less then half a block from the offices, get on google earth and type in Cabildo Abierto 161 Godoy Cruz, Mendoza and you will see where I work!

These are all my boys -- starting with Elder Villacillo, a sick kid in the offices, elder Kreling who had kidney stones, elder Bingham, me, elder Solomon, elder Lawrence, elder Olguin has bad knees and is in the offices with us. Elder Child who is from Kaysville and Mallory Mills's next door neighbor,  and elder Mortensen.
All the white ones are from Utah, Villa is from Ecuador, Kreling Brazil, and Olguin is Chilaen

Sunday was just Sunday-ish and normal, we didn't do anything special! 

Monday was like my prep day. I got ready to do nothing but tramitez so I just did everything to get ready for the week! That night I was taking an elder to his area and we got way lost, really fun! 

Tuesday I had 4 Peruvians with me and we got them all done, but as I was doing the second part of them I got in a lot of trouble for showing up late to the last half of it. The place is called Ranar and there is one gal who always gets happy when she sees me and is way nice…and then there is one who is constantly rude to me! But it’s good, I also sent one of my buddies home that day, and then Elder Ford who had to go home for a year arrived that day, so it was cool!

Wednesday we did a full day of Hermana tramitez this day and it was kinda a lot of work, but it was good. There was a gal from my group named Hermana Ellgen and it was way fun to talk to her and kinda reminisce about the MTC and it was kinda weird… like talking to a friend that was female. I didn't know how to act, I was natural flirty Jayson, I had to not be there and it was weird and kinda hard! But don't worry I'm under control!

Thursday we did 4 more peoples tramitez, but they were all my friends throughout the mission and it was way fun! I liked it a lot! But I still got tired and inpatient. My day kinda ends at like 11:30 in the morning on tramitez its fun. But then I went and paid some fees and got more fees — yay me!

We hit up the casino thinking we would hit it big...left with 5 pesos!
It was a rough day for the church! Hahaha!
In reality that is where I pay all the bills that I pay...we did use quite a bit of money!

I asked Jayson if he was nervous carrying so much money around with him?
He answered, "Yes....Always!"

Friday I did Hermana Goats tramitez with another matrimonios so it was good and fast!Then I went and paid all my fees, so that it should be easier to get my people legal and it was nice! Then we went out and worked at 6:00pm and it was awesome! We taught 3 less active people and I loved it! One guy named Joshua was way cool, covered in tattoos, and his house was dank with the scent of cigarets, weed, and cheap alcohol. We taught with power, and he is going to come to church with us tomorrow and it will be awesome! 

Saturday it was my comps birthday and he was gone all week doing some other stuff, so I bought him his favorite candies, and I gave him some of my states candy, I made him crepes in the morning, we played soccer, I made literally the best chocolate spice cake ever!! It was so moist and tasty—I can’t even tell you how I did it, but it was so good! I also made six batches of bread this week to make breadsticks for the guys. I just made like our christmas ones, and they were so good mom, you would be way proud of how I can cook bread now! I just do the recipe from memory, and I just go and then I knead like a champ ;) and everyone is always impressed when I do it, so I feel cool! Basically what I'm saying is that girls husband me ;)

So that was my week! My new comp is Elder Bingham and he is the financiero and I love him to death, he is a way sick kid. Elder Lawrence is going to Chimbas or San Juan up there where I was just at, well a neighborhood away! So yup, I'm now starting my job solo! Pray and if you have a chance fast for me to be able to do all this! I'm kinda scared, but I think I can do it. I trust my God, that if I am doing what he wants me to be doing here he will make me the best secretary this mission has ever seen and I can change the face of this mission! If I have his power and I know I can and I know I will! 

I love you guys!  Dont forget it! 

Elder Benedict
Misión Argentina Mendoza

Monday, August 17, 2015

Nothing went right this week....

15 August 2015

So its been a way crazy week and I have a ton to say about it and really not a lot of time!  We got back from doing the shopping that we did really late and I may have just barely eaten lunch and it’s time for dinner, but thats cool we go on! Just so you, I know literally nothing went right this week, always, always, always there was some weird problem that we weren't ready for! 

Sunday was just like any other Sunday…way normal, but I woke up and couldn't open my right eye at all, it was glued shut and then through out the day I would cry mucus out of my eyes and it was way gross! I had Pink Eye, it was awful!! So that night late we went to the hospital so I could go and get the medication I needed for this week so I could keep working — I had lots to do so I did it. I also had an interview with my bishop because he thought my pink eye was me crying a lot, and then we just talked about girls and life and he helped me a ton — I really love Diego! 

Monday we went and did Presidents tramites. Funny thing he served in Bolivia and where we go to do migracions it's just a ton of Bolivians, so President walked in and said, “Wow, this reminds me of my mission!” Way funny, but then as we are doing his paper work they tell us we have to pay another fee and do another step meaning my President still isn't legal, so its just been a weird, hard, crazy day. Then that night as I was preparing myself for the 3 people I had planned for the next day, I found out one of them didn’t have the papers I needed while he was already with me to stay the night, way annoying really!!

Tuesday we go and do the tramites for the boys, only 2 of them not 3, but whatever! I did what I could, and then we came home and I got them all to their areas. When I got back, I left immediately again to go take checks to President to sign with my buddy Elder Bingham, the elder in charge of finances. It was an awesome day full of way cool experiences that I will share later.

Wednesday I took 3 Brazilians to do treamitez and got them started and as I'm waiting in line for the last part, the system crashes and they don't get to do it that day, so I tested one of my new plans and sent them on intercombios for the day, and it was really good. They came back for the night which was also my night of be set apart the year before, so I went and bought real Chinese food. It was way good and I loved it! 

Thursday my Brazilians all got taken care of and it all went smoothly. That was good, but they didn't cost as much as I planned so I had a lot of excess money, that I'm not allowed to have — that was really stressful, but fine. Then that night I just did my thing and planned my day for elder Bingham the next day and talked to this guy from the states that is coming to get his daughter, so that was fun! Which reminds me, have you talked with the Hamidahs at all? Then we went to the pension and there was no light, so we decided that we would go sleep in the pens of the assistants because they were on a trip doing exchanges, and then it was just fun to be there at there house! That is where I took all those photos, and then burnt my one year shirt so that was all fun! The assistants weren't happy that we used their pens.

Friday we went back to the offices to go do Elder Binghams tramitez and as we are getting ready to head out the door I grabbed his packet and I couldn't find his passport. If I lose a passport I'm way screwed because he would have to travel to Buenos Aires to get a new one, so we were freaking out! Then as we pray and look, I find it it was behind a table due to recent cleaning, so that was scary! Then we went and did all the stuff without a problem. Then as we went back to cash a check for 10 thousand pesos to go pay the bill for the lights, but then we got a call from the boys who stayed here, they had locked themselves out of the offices and the pens, so we went home and unlocked some stuff for them because it was like 6 degrees Celsius outside, (I don't really think in Fahrenheit any more...) and it was rough because I didn't really get to pay my bills! But whatever…we will do it Tuesday I guess!

Saturday shopping and soccer. Its been way fun and good! 

So I love you guys a ton!  Kyle shared with me something cool that inspired me to type this and I like it — so here!

That’s what I'm doing, don't stress it because I'm going and doing the best I can and I'm getting over the girl thing and it is in the past, I'm not letting it hurt me as much anymore. I'm just here to do what God has asked me and that is make this mission legal and get transfers done and I'm going to do it with all my might, mind, and strength and that is what matters. When we sacrifice for God, he will open the windows of heaven and pour out his blessings upon us and I know it’s true! That is the promise of just ten percent of money, with this ten percent of time and then with what we lose or maybe have lost, we will have never ending gains in the future and then in the world to come, I know it. I have no doubt that God is making me stronger through this so that I can be the tool in his hands that he needs me to be! 

I love being a missionary and one of the un-ashamed and I will not be ashamed of the name of Christ nor the cause that I am a part of!

I love you parents — have a way good day! 

Be safe and enjoy the flight ma! 

Love, Jayson

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I am adamantium

8 August 2015

So I’m still trying to be positive and it’s hard, I want to be, but I struggle....I think that this will be my life for the next little while! Dave Larsen wrote me and I had a kinda cool thought — so what he said was about looking and seeing about what God sees and what we see and this is what I thought of: I think I'm starting to do that, I'm looking and trying to see and many a time I am quite far off from what God wanted me to see in that case. And right now with all that is going on in my life with the trials I am having I feel like I need to be asking God more and more what it means and what I am to do because of what I have received, which is hard and scary because sometimes God answers our prayers even when we sometimes ask and really don't want it, and just have to ask because it is what God wants me to do. I hate it and it is hard, but it is what I've learned that God wants me to change and he knows that I am not clay, I am adamantium (fictional metal alloy appearing in American Marvel comic books) and the only way that he is going to make this gross block of metal into the beautiful masterpiece that he sees in his head is put in the fire and purify it and then when he can he will strike it with the hammer until the he can as all great craftsmen turn me in to something absolutely beautiful, that no one could have ever imagined coming from the lump of dirt and ore that he started with. I just have to trust and put my faith that I can stand the fire and every blow that feels like it will destroy me, or be that blow that takes me from what I think I should be, a good lump of ore or even pure metal and then be his instrument! I don't know if that made sense, but it did to me and I know that God is wanting that for me — that I be better and become what he sees. I don't have his vision yet, but one day I pray that I will see it and have Him and his Son explain to me every trial and every fire.

So I'm in this kinda weird philosophical kind of mood I guess…I don't know….It's weird!

Sunday we went to church and had our normal meetings and talked about weekly plans, I had a really calm week planned so I wasn't really worried, so Sunday was just chill trying not to think to much.

Monday I think I tried to clean my office and it was bad!! My office has random stuff since even before my comp got here, so thats a little annoying, but whatever—life goes on I guess. Other then that we went out and opened the mouth a little and talked and it was nice!

Tuesday we did 3 gringos visa work or tramitez for them, it was fun to chat about what stuff they had that I didn't even know existed, and one kid made a cake for all of us so that was cool. We just did all their stuff way quick, usually it is like until 11am and we finished theirs at 9:40am, so that was way cool! Then I drove on an Argentine freeway going about 140 kmph and it was crazy, that was like traffic speed and it was kinda fun, but scary at the same time!

Wednesday was the same thing -- lots of planning and working! Losing myself in the work should be easy!

Thursday —  way easy day just working in the office some more trying to get organized so that I can work more effectively and planning some stuff I need to get done and be ready for.

Friday I planned dates for 20 peoples tramitez and possibly discovered a better way of doing tramitez then we have done them in the past. So it requires two days and people have to come down to me to visit to do it — so what I do is go to two places one day and then on the second day we go to Migracions and get it all finished. But in-between that we have to wait five days for that to be processed, so it’s like we can do one half and never get around to the other half, and that is really hard! Then when we have all that, we have to be getting turns to go to these places. If I spend about 10 dollars more per person I can do this process in two days while they are with me, and if I can do that they will get legal more quickly! The problem is that I still need to get everything to line up so that it can work. So I'm going to do everything I can to make this work and I'm going to beta test it the second week of September — I think because that is kinda the first chance I will have to do it all. Until then I already have it all planned so I just have to wait and get it done. 

Saturday we played some way good soccer and then some football and it was fun! Now I'm just waiting for my giant burger to arrive so I can chow down like crazy! My camera is dead so probs no photos this week, but don't stress I'm going to get better at this I promise!!! 

I love you guys a ton, be safe!

Love, Elder Jayson Benedict

Monday, August 3, 2015

Leaning on the Savior

1 August 2015

So I'm doing better, Kristen is helping me a lot by letting me think in other prospects that I can possibly pursue with this new whole thing I have now, being single is something I haven't thought about in a long time and now that it’s here! I don't want to say I need to get back in the game because I'm a missionary, but I do feel like I should get my flirt on through email, don't stress I'm not going to do anything from where I'm at.   ;)

  • So how was your week?
So the week has been way hard, but its cool I think God wanted me to struggle and learn! So that is what I've been doing — really struggling! It’s like a fresh wave comes every couple minutes of pain, all the memories flood you and kill me sometimes, but I'm leaning on the Savior or at least trying to, and no one has seen me with puffy eyes recently so I'm good!

  • How are you and Elder Lawrence getting along?
Elder Lawrence is way sick (like awesome, tranquilo Sister Lawrence!) and we have a ton of fun — it’s way stressful what we do, but its been way fun. We sing a ton of weird indie music and its just been fun to talk and he listens and its just been nice! 

Elder Benedict and Elder Lawrence

  • What does an Elder getting strep throat have to do with golfing?
We didn't go golfing last week because the kid with strep really wanted to go and we weren't going to go two weeks in a row! 

  • Did you cook anything yummy this week?
I didn't really cook much, but we had a ton of good food... 

  • Were you able to get Presidents Visa work all taken care of?
We still haven't done Presidents tramites, but its cool—we will the 14th and it should be fine! 

  • Do you have quite a few missionaries that go home early?
I have sent home 4 people early now, the average for 6 months is about 16 people. But we will see, I think I'm going to send more then that. 

  • Were you able to go out and open the mouth this week?
Nope, I never made it to the area this week. 

  • Really? What should I send you if you you don't want ties or clothes?
I do want ties! I lied — just not a ton if you are sending it through the country. For the Hamidehs…I'm down for it to be only ties. If it’s through the country it could be all foods and candies and I would be way happy! 
I have the numbers for the Hamideh parents if you want them, I asked him the other day. Ask them like your son was his comp and was wondering if you could send a package with them, and I just want as many ties as you can send to me! I love candy!

Saturday soccer, that’s about it and then Dear John.. I accidentally drank fermented sparkling grape juice and it was kinda funny, that was basically the only time I cried. I’ll try and send you the picture it was way funny, we didn't know it could ferment and it definitely did!

Elder Lawrence gave me is grape juice bottle that we drank out of sadness!

Sunday I just prayed a ton to make it through the day, and then I just prayed most the night because I couldn't think about anything good, so it was hard! I did have chili and corn bread from the Warners! That was good!

Monday we had consejo (council) and we got home at about 10:20pm and we are supposed to be in bed at 10:30pm and we weren't and then at 10:35pm President Goats walked in to see if we were having a party — me and 6 Elders were sharing a literal pot of cereal and I was just sitting in my garments and President Goats is talking to us! It was terrifying and awful…but then we sat and talked in bed for about 4 hours, so it was fine! ;)

Tuesday, I had to get everyone home and then we had new people coming to the offices — one kid who got injured, but other then that I don't remember, I swear there was something but I don't know! 

Wednesday we went and did Binghams tramites—he is going to be my companion next transfer and he is way sick, but he needs to be legal and he isn't so we are doing what we can! So we did that and then we just picked up a kid from the terminal, and then I had to go at 11am to the terminal to go get some hermanas and take them to the hospital…that was exciting! 

Thursday we did 4 peoples tramites just all these newbes and it was way fun to see them all scared, and it was great just to see how far I have come. I miss home, but I'm halfway there! Then I had to go get Elders from the terminal at 12:30.

Me driving like a BOSS!

Friday I took 3 Brazilians to go do their visa work or tramites it was way fun, they all just spoke Portuguese like I would with English kids, so it was fun and their Spanish is a little rough, and they use a ton of random Portuguese words that were way fun!! Then my way good buddy Elder Added who is from Brazil invited me to his house, and I made a promise that if I wasn't married in one year after going home, as in the summer after I go home…i would go visit him, so it should be fun!

Saturday we played soccer and golf and I sucked way bad at golf, but it was way fun just to play around, and it was all kinds of fun! 

So ya its been a good week! But way hard and I'm still really struggling a lot, but I'm getting over it one step at a time…at least I'm trying to! 

I love you mommy! Be safe and happy please!

Love you tons,