Monday, December 1, 2014

We were really sick this week

To the elders I sent this to, just take pictures and read it throughout your week, that and I want your weekly letters so love me back!

Today is the first time letters have made me cry in public, but it’s not a sad cry, well it is, but it’s more of a remembrance of my life and you guys and just how much I love you! It’s been kinda a hard week because yes I have been sick and it has been rough--but the thing about being sick in the mission is nothing changes, you still hurt and don’t want to move and want to be babied ,but you also don’t want to go to hell, so you want to work hard and not waste the Lords time so it is hard! I did sleep better this week. I prayed pretty hard that if the Lord was gonna make me sick it was only fair that he would cool down my area and make it so I could sleep at night and he blessed me! I didn’t sleep great, but I slept good enough! :) Of course I have fun! I just usually don’t think of that on p-day, I think of all the stuff that is about people that week, not the random stuff we do that’s fun, but I’ll try to do better to include it for you! We talk a ton about Elder Evans going home and just all the fun stuff we did and we laugh and just have a good time, we don’t really have time to just do stuff randomly that is fun, while we walk we try to kick rocks through each other’s legs because all the roads are crappy and have tons of rocks for us to use, that’s pretty fun! ;) It’s the simple things ma! My dog bite wasn’t bad at all, it was just a little dog it was just weird and scared me! Hermana Corfield is coming to church all the time now and she is awesome and its way great! Gladis is crazy and not good, but we keep trying! Pray for Gonzalo and Gladis and Alberto and me and Elder Evans and all my bros and Taylor and all the missionary’s you know--we all need it!
Everyone thought I was crazy for petting a monkey!

Tuesday: I was so sick and out of it the next couple days that I honestly don’t remember much and my journals are super confusing, but it was fine we lived, I worked hard! But we taught Corfield that day and she was good and happy and we helped her with some stuff so that’s awesome!

Wednesday: All our plans didn’t even talk to us this day and it was way hard for sick me to handle it, but that’s fine. That night we taught a guy named Gonzalo and he is awesome! He is a huge, he has all the Lord of the Rings books and all the Histories of Middle Earth and the Hobbit and he has read them all a lot of times, he plays World of Warcraft and is just super nerdy! He is awesome! I’m not sure if he thinks of this as investigating or just learning, but he is awesome!
Elder Evans, Enzo, Elder Benedict and Franco

Thursday: I don’t have anything for this day it was rough and long and Elder Evans was starting to get sick so it was rough! All plans just didn’t happen!

Friday: This day we were barely able to get abrir la boca, a contacting thing we do as a key indicator and it was just rough Elder Evans wasn’t as tough as me and we went home way early morning and night so he could sleep!

Saturday: We did service for hermana Alverez and then that night we had a ton of just dropped lessons and people who didn’t want us and Elder Evans was just done and had some major bowel problems so we just went home like a hour early!

Sunday: This was the best day of the week, a Mexican who lived in the states for most his life invited us to help him teach his boys how to play baseball so we did and it was awesome! I got to hold a baseball and a mitt and bat and just play catch and talk about the gospel it was just a good little gig so I liked it a lot!

It was a really super rough week for us and we did not teach much at all but that’s okay we are doing good, and that’s what matters! We didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving and that’s fine! I’m happy here don’t you worry! I know the cry thing sounded intense, but it’s not I was just emotional, I’m on my man period okay? Don’t judge!

I love you so much be safe and happy and I just really love you!

Elder Jayson Benedict
My mom raised me right to love Halloween and I really do!

That pumpkin got me through some lonely nights!

Going from summer to summer definitely sucks,  but that’s okay I’m a big boy and can handle it, I miss the snow a ton and I want to go boarding so bad, but with the heat and me being so close to the mountains I see motorcyclists in full gear heading out all the time and I burn to go riding super bad! Did you fix my bike? We made peach cobbler for Thanksgiving so that was cool I guess but that’s pretty much it on that one! My clothes fit okay, my brown pants don’t really, but I still wear them because I need them. I weigh 185 now so yes I’ve lost quite a bit of weight--that is wearing my church clothes and shoes and everything so ya its awesome!!! I love it I feel thinner and I think I look hot! If you write me a little individual thing like this always I promise to respond in suit! I really do miss you a ton! Blood sausage is weird and so are people here, so I just roll with it, but ya it is awful--look it up online the insides look way freaking gross and it smells like dead things. In lessons I can speak fine, I know lesson language and I really can speak pretty good now I just need to keep practicing and keep working and I’m going to be a pro! Tell mom I’m fine, but of truth--I really, really miss you guys... I want to walk into your bed room and just come wake you guys up and lay in the middle, and talk for a while and wait for you to try and just over heat me! I’d kill to do that—I’m not even kidding that sounds awesome! I love you dad and I’m sorry about work I will pray for your interviews, which one do you want most? I want to know if I can help other than prayers. So ya  I love you, be safe and go have way to much fun for me! Love our baby girl to death too!!! 
Love your son, Jayson Benedict

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