Monday, November 24, 2014

Finally sent some pictures!

Hey I have so little time because I have been trying to respond to everyone’s letters so this isn't going to be my greatest letter, but you got pictures so be happy-ish ;)

Monday: We played ping-pong with a ton of Latins and just chilled, it was nice. Then we had a lesson with Alijandra y Pablo and it was fine, but I don’t think we will be teaching them much longer, they don’t read the Book of Mormon enough or pray to know it’s a requirement so we may have to give up for this moment. Its really sad for me, they just don’t understand how important this is no matter how we explain it.
We made homemade chili and scones

Tuesday: We made chili and it was cool and exciting and I felt like a champ! Ospaldo dropped us also and he doesn't really want us as much on his one day off to teach him so that was sad. We taught Hermana Corfield and she is coming back to church and increasing and it’s just really cool! Then we saw a dog get hit by a car and die, it was one of our good friends dogs so it was sad.

Wednesday: We got dropped by another lady, then we taught Gladis and asked if she would pray and that night she did and the next morning she said that Joseph Smith was a prophet and its good, so we shall see how that goes...

Thursday: We did some service for a lady and then that night we taught a guy named Amilcar who isn’t super interested but it was good! I also got bit by a little dog this day-- it was interesting!
This is the familia Echagary and I love them--they are my parents here!

Friday: We had that asado with the Echagery’s and it was awesome! They are really just my parents here and we love them so much! Whenever we pass by they just want to love us and the hermano prayed for us as his sons, so it is just cool! I tried blood sausage that day, it’s just blood and onions and some spices and I did not like it!
That is a piece of asado and I counted it as my Thanksgiving!

Saturday: A kid gave me a personalized painted trumpo -- kind of like a top here and it was cool and nice! That night we had no luck with anything!

Sunday: We cooked scones again and got a really good reference we think! That night we had no luck with anybody.
We made cinnamon rolls

How are you doing? Healthy? Happy? Motivated?
I think I’m getting sick and I’m always tried! I couldn't sleep last night worth anything but I’m good!

What kind of work do you have to do on your Visa?
Visa work is just a lot of sitting and then signing something real fast, but it takes forever!

How old is Alberto?
 Alberto is 12 and great!

Is Gladis 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80 years old-ish?
Gladis is probably 67 or something like that!

When does Elder Evans (die) go home?
 Elder Evans goes home on the 29 of December he is taking Taylors gift home for me and hopefully he can ship it!

What did you cook this week?
We mostly just cooked scones twice, no bake cookies, and banana bread!

That's total for me.

I love you a ton!!!
Give Jes, Tay and other Tay all my love and keep singing to the baby for me!

Elder Benedict

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