Monday, November 3, 2014

My feet are really fine, don’t worry about them!

I don’t have a ton of time so this may be a little brief. Don’t hate me, my camera is being super dumb so I won’t be sending pictures today, but yes I went and bought calabasa and carved pumpkins with elder Evans and it was awesome I needed it a lot, it helped keep me sane. This week we cooked three things--ham friend rice (I don’t have a wooden spoon so that was rough) and it worked kinda. My rice was too wet and wasn’t too great, but I ate it for breakfast all week so no problem. Then we made no-bake cookies that were pretty good, we just didn’t use a lot of peanut butter. Then we made French toast casserole, it was pretty good, I burnt the bottom bad and I’m not sure how to fix that, but it was bomb--so it was real good week for cooking. I’m kinda awesome!!!!

Monday, all the plans fell through and it was a lot of walking all night, it was just a super tranquillo day and we just had a chill day!

Tuesday: Feet were fine and we are not worried about them, she over exaggerated how bad they could be Sunday-- they are just crazy! Ospaldo, Alijandra and Pablo didn’t show for our lessons, but we rescheduled Alijandra and Pablo and got them later. We taught a crazy guy who is already in heaven or hell--he can’t really understand us...

Wednesday: Our miracle Cilvia didn’t show for her lesson and that was rough but we had a less active and she said that just in our visit she wanted to start coming back to church and we were pumped! Then we taught an inactive family Ibara and they really needed what we shared with them about the purpose of this life. Then we taught Franco about prayer and he attend church, that was cool! Then we taught the family Alfaro and they are English and it was so funny, Elder Evans couldn’t remember doctrine words in English and I had to help him with words and good grammar and I just went ham and loved it!

Thursday: We got stopped on a the street and a lady told us she wanted to get reactive and that she wanted her son to be baptized also, so that’s awesome! Then a Mexican in perfect English stopped us and we chatted with him forever and it was fun, but we missed our second appointment with Gladis, we couldn’t teach her all week due to scheduling, but then we had Alijandra and Pablo and it was good. She doesn’t believe in heaven, he doesn’t believe that it’s the only true church so it’s weird, but good!

Friday: Teaching Estella the lady who stopped us about her son was awesome! She has taught him how to pray and they already read the Book of Mormon so we are going to baptize him the sixth of December! Every investigator has to come to church three times before baptism,  so they are long fechas (dates), then that night we taught a crazy less active about faith and then Franco about the law, but we got Francos brother to join us and come to church so that was just freaking crazy and way awesome!

Saturday: We had a lesson with Raoul and he is weird he thinks he just needs a girlfriend, not God, but we tried with him it was weird though! Then that night everything fell through, we had a random plan playing in the plaza and it was cool, the drummer was bomb, then  it’s been cold now I’m in a sweater right now so that’s awesome. I prayed to God this week that he would cool down the weather for me before Sunday and it has gotten cold because of the prayer of faith. I know it’s real and it has been awesome!

Sunday: We had both Franco and Alberto at church which is more investigators than ever, then Estella and Albetro liked it but that night we had dinner with Echagery on accident, they treat us like their kids and are awesome, but its fine we wasted a lot of time with slightly strong members, but they need help too, they are not married but its fine and we help them a lot to progress.

So that was my week and it has been good! It is getting hotter and it’s fine. I told you about prayer, sleep is good now--I like the cold!

Those with baptism dates: Franco, Albverto, Gladis, Cilvia, Ospald,o Cloudia, and family, and the familia Alfaro. So its eleven people but they won’t happen it’s just a "goal".
I don’t want to tell you my release date because I will tell you later, mine is even before Dillon’s I think… fine you can know it’s the 26th of July at least that’s what it says on my preaching card.

That was my week and I love you a lot!!!!!
Love, Elder Benedict

My area has a fun fact, we have had no baptisms in over a year--child or adult and I’m going to change that! Yah God is really cool and I guess he trusts me or something so it’s great!! God is incredibly cool and I’m loving what I’m doing! My feet are really fine, don’t worry about them! I think God has got me in his hands, I have faith of  that, and so should you! “And how great was there joy for having suffered for the name of Christ”.  I feel the same way! I love you guys!!!!!

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