Monday, October 27, 2014

Worried about the blisters

A se que como siempre empazo con la semana y comenso con sus praguntas

Lunas: Hoy.. Just kidding I’ll write you in English!!! But it would be cool in Spanish! So Monday after Pday which we got home late and had to go shopping after six, I repented don’t worry, and we got to our first appointment late and had to bounce quick and cancel everything else because of a ward mission leadership training meeting, that was good and I got some homemade bread which was awesome!!!

Martes: I tore off my huge blister this day and it looked really bad, I’ll send you the picture in another email, and walking was way rough, but at a meeting I showed it to a missionary nurse and he told me it was possibly infected and I had to start working on them to keep them healthy. I’ll send pictures of that too. Then we had to heavy hitter lessons one with Alejandra y Pablo--they were good and they read the part we left for them.  Pray for them to progress and to know this is the only true gospel!

Miercoles: We taught the lady who talked for days named Gladis with a neighborhood priest and he was a huge help and she seemed to like it, but when we passed by yesterday she said that we had some 'fighting' to do about the Book of Mormon, so tonight could be interesting. That and when I put my effort in and don’t zone out I can understand Spanish, and that’s awesome!!!

Jueves: I was burning for home a ton that  night, I just really miss you guys a freaking ton... and it’s really hot here so that’s not awesome! But we deal with it by showering and fans and not wearing clothes. but this day we had about an hour until lunch and all our plans fell through and we knocked a door and she let us in and we taught her the first lesson and got her a baptism date and it was way cool. We could see her getting baptized so I’m pumped! We have eight people with dates for baptism--people will accept fechas but never progress to them so we just keep trying!

Viernes: So the week declined hard from Viernes to today we didn't have any lessons but one and that was Bello, a less active who just works while we teach him so its weird, but it helps him and I get to stop walking so that’s nice! We also made plans for all the things we wanted to cook like ham fried rice. I think I have everything I need, but we need some recipes!

Sabado: I didn’t sleep at all the Friday to Saturday night so this day was rough, and that night we had Stake Conference and it was hard to be in the moment and not thinking of you! So that was rough! We had a lesson Tuesday with Ospaldo I didn't tell you about, so we started teaching him and asked if he had prayed about what we said and he said not really but I don’t need to. I’ve listened to you and it all seems good and right and that I agree with so it must be true! I was pumped and we get to teach him tomorrow so pray for us please and him!

Domingo: President was at Stake Conference and him and his wife had to look at my feet and they are worried so I have an appointment with a mission doctor lady and will probably have one with a real doctor too... So that sucks but we’re good and I’m doing fine, they hurt but I’m good! I had real conversations with the priests in my ward on Sunday and it was awesome! I can communicate with people now so I feel pretty good here! I do have days where all we do is walk all day on my blistered feet and I just want to come home and be with you guys again and be loving that little baby girl, but here is good too, the people are good, and investigators are going! So I’m good!

I didn't really get to cook much this week so that was a bummer, but this week I got some big plans! I already told you about our new investigator, and there are names throughout this whole email pray for those names please! The blisters are bad, people think they are going to get infected and I’ll need surgery to get them clean so they are pretty worried about it, but I can still walk and work so I’m good! My stomach is good so no stress there! What surprised me most is houses here, we have areas of houses made of nothing but cardboard that people found and tarps... So those are weird, but cool. But that surprised me. There are a ton of random starving dogs everywhere. Everything is always dirty so I don’t really like that... But ya its good! Weirdest thing is people just plopping out a breast and feeding their baby while they are just chilling in church or on the bus or just anywhere, the random dogs getting it on is weird, children smoking weed, it’s all a little weird! Fashion is pretty similar, but super sluttly, we call them snakes and rats it’s fun because no one knows what we say about them! The church house is like home with more screaming babies, but its fine! I write you from an internet cafe so its 20 pesos to write you every week, but its fine! Everyone has phones, but not everyone has a computer in the home, as in most do not. The envelope does get taxed, but not huge like forty pesos or something like that so don’t stress about it I want packages. Christmas presents I want: pedometer, medical scissors like your pink ones, rubber scraper with the red handle that I used all the time, your large recipe book, and a bread knife or just a good knife for cooking would be awesome! Yes I know when  I am coming home, Mikes is August 11th, but mine is before that by a lot. But you don’t get to know yet! I love you mama! I need you to get Jesika a baby shirt for Nella that says I get my looks from my uncle or my missionary I don’t care!! But that would be dope!

Love you tons and be safe!!!
Elder Jayson Benedict

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