Monday, October 20, 2014

Pretty Good Week

So this week has been pretty good.

Monday: I burnt a fool(totally homesick) for that stupid baby! I want to meet her, and every baby girl that I see I just talk to the mom and talk about Jes and its crazy and it makes me burn a ton. But we also got an investigator who will be baptized on the fifteenth of next month and that’s awesome!!! He is nine so it doesn't totally count because his brother has prepared him a lot, but pray for the familia Gomez because we want his parents to come to church with him so that they can be active again and get the whole family there! It’s a neat little thing we are doing!

Delicious Hawaiian Pizza!

Tuesday: We went and got some awesome facturas before service, Argentine pastry for breakfast and then we sanded some paint that we think was lead based and we are all gonna die from and then we painted afool and it was awesome!!! I’m tall and had to paint all the high stuff--that was rough! But it was good!

Wednesday: This picture sums up Wednesday!

Thursday: That is when I did all my cooking and that’s like it--we walked a lot!!!
I made these because--why not!!

Friday: We knocked over one hundred doors and that was rough, we had so little success that day, but that’s okay I guess.

Saturday: We got a reference of a lady and we went over to her house and she talked for 50 minutes before we even got one word in, it was crazy. She reminded me of you ;) and it was hard to teach her because of all the wild tangents and I just zoned out way hard.... but our landlord gave us empanadas and some dope cake that was freaking amazing! I love Joquin (Wakine) and he is nice to us...I really want to ride his motorcycle super bad!!

Sunday: I gave my talk and people said it was good! I hoped you liked listening to it. I have the worst gringo accent but I’m hoping to fix it as time goes by! Sunday was the Dia de la Madre and I burnt super hard and I wanted to call my mamma, but I have to wait until Mayo and then I can!
We made Peach Crumble--it's awesome!!

So I could use a picture of the recipe for cinnamon rolls that includes the dough. Me and Elder Evans want to make some soon. What is this about going to Cali to look at houses? That scares me a freaking ton... I would still fly home to Utah I hope you know and live with Kyle and them for a while, then just live on campus... but I don’t like thinking of that hurts, but if we must we must. Amber died? What?

You asked me what food I missed last week, I miss Reese’s and all American chocolate, Mike and Ikes, Hot Tamales and all brands of American candy, there aren't really chocolate chips here... and I don’t really know what else....but ya, that’s my week!
My Zone of Gringos!

 Let me go answer your questions now!

How are you and Elder Evans getting along this week?
We get along great really, he might go to Weber next August and you should invite him in for some food and talk--he is way dope!

Do you go on splits with other missionaries in your Zone?
We were going to but we had emergency transfers of some elders in my district so it hasn't happened yet!

Are you in downtown Mendoza?
Yes, you could say it’s downtown Mendoza.

When you say Municipal—is that like Forest Hills or Peacefield Neighborhoods?
It’s not like either neighborhood, it’s more like where great grandpa lived--it’s not that nice.

What is your apartment like? Please take pictures so I can get a better idea of what your living conditions are like in the apartment.
I have yet to see carpet and I really don’t see nice tile that much. We don’t have much dirt floor, but concrete floors are normal and its way weird and people’s houses are really small.

I love to see your face!!! Send pictures if you can!!!
 I’ll send you pictures of the pens next week with me in them--I promise!  I will get lots of picture of my face next week I promise!

Are you teaching any families that we can be praying for?
Pray for Alijandra and Poublo, Ospaldo, Famila Gomez, Cloudia Emilza and Jose Luis, and Roberto and Rene but mostly Alijandra and Poublo  and Famlia Gomez!

How are the language skills coming along?
The language is good, its coming and I’m doing good I think! People tell me I speak very good, but it’s hard because I speak weird so they don’t understand me a lot! But we get it all taught and done good!

Are you HAPPY? We are praying that you are!!!
I am happy, ready to come home, but happy! It’s gonna be a long 22 months ;) Its good and hard stuff! I love you a ton mom and miss you guys a lot! Give Nella my love and tell Jes and Tay I’m way proud of them! I got some Christmas shopping done for you guys today and I think you will like the stuff! I should send the package off this next week or week after that! Depends on how long it takes to find Jesika and one other thing I need to get done-- so who knows!!!

I love you guys a lot and you are freaking awesome!
With all the love I have!
Elder Benedict

I’ll do better with pictures next week! Be safe and really show Nella my picture and get her to love me okay???
I love you! Gots to go now!!!! But I love you guys a ton!

Hey dad,

I feel like I have been neglecting you and I want to stop doing that! I miss you like crazy, and all this talk of motorcycles makes me miss you a lot too!!! But I like it, its cool here and to see it! Pushing back Derik’s motorcycle had to be awful and I’m sad of the fact that I couldn't have beat you home during that ride ;)
But really dad, I’m worried about you, I pray for you every night and I have complete faith that God will help you. Everything at work, all the activities you have to plan, and the new baby girl, and your two men out on missions... I know that God will help you as I pray and you do, I have complete faith in the power of my God. That went a lot different then what I planned to say but that’s okay. I just want you to know how much I care about you dad and how much I miss you! I really miss getting to sit and talk with you to just enjoy your company and get to just chat. I miss it a lot! I just wanted to make sure you knew how much I care about you and bear my testimony that this work is real and God is real and through the prayer of faith all can be made better. I love you dad. You are so amazing and I just want you to know I believe in you and I love you with all my heart...

Your son, Jayson Benedict

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