Monday, October 6, 2014

Seven Blisters on my Feet!

So I will answer all your questions at the end and see if I don’t answer any more then you asked! This week has been hard for me we have had to do a lot of missionary work to finish and other necessary things.

Lunes-- after writing you and moping for a little while I talked to Hermano Echegary in Spanish for like twenty minutes and it was really cool that me and him could even communicate because I don’t speak great yet but somehow I did!!! It was awesome; the gift of tongues is super real!! We went and played soccer with other missionary’s and that was way fun. Two elders Elder Moita and Elder Veater convinced me they were Latinos but they are both from Cali they are sweet kids and I really just love my entire zone! We also went and had a visit planned with Alujandra and Poulo and we got there and they were working so we helped them for maybe an hour, answered a ton of questions about our church and our beliefs on birth and abortion and then after that we went in and talked to them about part of the restoration it was awesome and one of my first real teaching experiences! More about them in other days-- I’ll get there!

Martes-- so on Tuesday I had to go do Visa work so we had to take the buses for two hours and go do that for like three hours we barely made it home for lunch with a lady in the ward. Every day we get fed by the ward members, certain families have certain days and so we just make our rounds. Our pension or apartment is nice but it doesn't have any gas for cooking right now so we just have cereal and then lunch at about one o’clock and then since we get home at about nine, we don’t eat dinner and if we do it’s just a small snack. We had a lesson with a man named Chrisitan and I thought it went really well, we gave him a Book of Mormon and we got him to promise to pray and all the good stuff that has to happen, but after words Elder Evans told me what I had feared, he had told us he wasn't super interested he was catholic, but wanted to listen out of pity because he sees us working so hard all the time, but that’s fine. If he does what he said he will, he will still feel the spirit and we may have a chance!

Miercoles--we had interviews with President this day and so we took a bus back and forth wasting more hours and the interview was fine he is a good man and he just wants me to focus on being happy and all that jazz. Really I just need to stop thinking about you and Lex so much and I will be fine. Dang did she look good in that missionary gram you sent me! Dang, I’ve done good!!! How did I score her???  That night we had an interview with a lady for baptism for one of the elders in our district Elder Evans is district leader and he had to go do it. But it was cool to see that conversion is possible!!!!

Viernes--so this day we just wanted to go out and invite everyone to conference because who can teach better than the prophets’ right? That was cool to teach and we had three lessons in one day!!! It was crazy! Of course all of them were less actives and already members, but I didn't care we got to stop walking and actually talk to people!!!! We had one lesson with Hermano Bello though and he was just such a bum he doesn't want to go to church anymore because it makes bad things happen to his family and life. But he was really just being lazy so that’s fine I’m not gonna worry about it, we will keep working with him. He was a bishop and should have tons of faith, but some people just lose it....

Sabado--tons of rain!!! It was so cool! We went out street contacting and had to run home because it started pouring rain! Then we walked to the stake center in the rain and it was all kinds of awesome!!! It made me miss dancing in the rain with Lex and playing in the gutters with you a ton, but its fine!! I got to just sit for six hours that day for conference in the stake center, don’t worry they had a greenie room for all the green-gos! We also got to see the baptism so that was awesome!!! I don’t know if you noticed but Elder Cook told me I need to get married pretty quick so I don’t know what I’m doing here (insert winky face, but Spanish keyboards) and that night when conference ended at 11 o clock at night I was just thinking of you guys having Chili’s without me and I burned like a beast because I couldn't stop thinking about how good that stupid dessert sounds!!!!

Domingo--we again got street contacting done in the morning and people were sort of rude but I guess they had places to go so I shouldn't worry about it! Sundays do not feel like Sundays, they are just another work day but conference was way dope!!! I was bummed that I couldn't have Sunday lunch with you guys in the middle of the sessions and I was actually pretty hungry we didn't have lunch Sunday because we were way out of Municipal which is my area! But I loved conference! We got home planned and went to bed!

Over all a good week! Elder Evans first name is Dwitt and he is from Arizona he is twenty and will be dying with me. He goes home on the twenty sixth of December, bummer for him but kinda cool!  He entered the MTC the 13th of February the same day as Tason I think, but he doesn't know him. His birthday is the tenth of December and he is dope. He played soccer and tennis and plans to go to school on scholarship for tennis. He is a little trunky but not a ton. Down here we call trunkyness burning and its fun we talk a lot about home and movies and songs and stuff but it doesn't hurt me to bad!  He served in the offices for 8 months and I’m one of his second sons, the last one had to go home for testicular problems... But ya he is awesome. We are like 7 on the friend scale we’re tight but not super! I do still like the food but it’s fairly repetitive... that’s fine though. I eat meat off bones and I struggle but I do good enough that they don’t notice! We have hot showers at night, but in the morning we got nothing but I don’t worry about it! When we get gas in the apartment we will have showers that are warm but its summer now-ish so I want cold. I’m sleeping okay so ya that’s good.... and yes I used my oils on my feet, grand total I have seven blisters all on just two spots of my feet I’ll try to send dad the pictures! It’s rough but they are better now!

A dueno is our landlord so he is cool he actually asked us about the church this week and we shared some of the restoration and gave him a foillata... pamphlet.  I think. He is a good guy but makes sure we take good care of the house! Our area is probably like the size of Layton, but a little smaller we walk a lot but it’s more like 8 to 10 neighborhoods so we do good! The language is coming good and it’s awesome and it is only getting better, but when people ask me questions I have nothing so I just try my best. I’m doing good I burn a lot but I’m doing good and miss you guys like crazy! I’m bummed Nella isn't born yet and I need a picture of Jes sideways to see her belly!
I love you lots!!! Write me!

With Love Elder Jayson Benedict

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