Monday, October 13, 2014

I'm a freaking Uncle!

Me and Elder Evans get a long super great, me and him are honestly already pretty tight we talk everywhere we walk and we just have a way good time!!! I don’t have any pictures of my area-- it’s hard to take my camera out, I don’t want it getting stolen, it looks really expensive!!! Municipal is actually Elder Irelands last area I think or one of his lasts! It’s way dope we have two visja´s where people make their houses out of nothing but garbage and plastic and what they can find but it’s a pretty nice area, but people are just never home so that really sucks but we try :) The other night I woke up at 1am after I fell asleep around 11:30pm and thought I was on deaths door because of how bad my stomach hurt, but I just laid and tried not to think about it and it went away around 5 in the morning so other than that I’ve been pretty good with my stomach. I’m sleeping much better this week then I did last week but I wake up a lot during the night but I sleep-ish! I am now up to ten blisters on my feet in three weeks here!!! Oh yaaa!!!!  Going way too hard in the mission life ;) But really they are not a problem that much-- I can handle it and I just walk like an old man! I don’t really miss food things, I miss Chinese food a lot!!!  Going to China Hill my last night was a good call!!!! I don’t really miss too much, our pens (apartment) should get gas this Wednesday so I will be able to have more than cereal for breakfast, but its good here!!! Last night I had a 20 minute conversation with my landlord with only some difficulty so it’s coming! El don del linguas es reál! and God helps me a lot!!!

Elder Evans and Elder Benedict

So this week!
Monday: We just stayed home and chilled and it was so nice we took a nap and I tried to write some letters, but failed! I bought me a local team jersey! I’ll try to send a picture!

Tuesday: We had meetings but there was a guy on a bus and he spoke English to me and I taught him about the first lesson, shared the First Vision and gave him a pass along card-- it was way cool! We also had milanesa and people make it like Parmesan chicken and it is so good!!! I loved that, the beef one was nasty, but chicken was good!

Wednesday: More meetings and then work after studies, we had a lesson with a family I love, but they feel like all churches are true if they follow Christ, so that is really hard but fine!!!

Thursday: We had two whole lessons and that was nice, but they were less actives so... but they count too! One family gave us these tiny fruits and they had three mongo seeds in them it was like there wasn’t even fruit there, but that’s fine! The other family talked for days and it took us an hour to share a fifteen minute lesson...but good day!
Blisters inside of blister

Friday: I got a way bad blister that day and popped it and it hurt like a beast, but I was fine! We taught a guy but he was all kinds of not interested and I zoned out pretty hard. We had another lesson that day with Ospaldo and he was interested and really a great investigator, but when we tried to put a baptismal date with him he felt pushed and it hurt the spirit, I hate trying to place fetchas after the estoration but Elder Evans says its mission rule... Whatever... I’ll deal.

Saturday: We had a lesson with an inactive crazy family in the morning and they were all too tired to talk so we just got to share it all!!! It was way nice! We made these cool deserts with a family for the ward party that night, like crab cheese wontons but with strawberry jam and we used  pieces of bread paper that is cut in fourths after deep frying them they got a sugar glaze and they were great! The ward party was awesome and a success, but while playing soccer with the kids I rolled my ankle so bad I thought I was gonna die but it’s getting better now!

Sunday: Our ward is super young and they are great still, but I never can hear a thing on Sunday. I only fell asleep during leadership meeting so that’s good for me!!! All our plans always fall through so that sucks but I’m doing really good and trying really hard!

We have been hearing about this world wide disease that started in Africa and I was wondering if you knew anything about it! I’m a little freaked out about it, but you guys don’t perchance know anything about it do you?
Baby Nella

I’m a freaking Uncle!!!! You have no idea how trunky those pictures made me of Nella I want to be there so bad and helping her. She looks beautiful and I want to love her! Tell her Uncle Jayson loves her! Lex said she tells people she got a new niece too and I’m like wooo hooo!!!! Haha!!

I’m doing good and being happy and working as hard as I can!

I love you and should be sending dad a ton of pictures!!!!
Love you so much!!!
Elder Benedict

P.S. I am so jealous of dads biking and I miss that a ton!!!

Jesika and Taylor
Congrats on the Baby, I didn't have time to read your email but will try to later!!! I love you guys so much!!! Be happy and give her so much love for me. She looks like an angel and this uncle and brother is happy and proud and sad that I am missing that beautiful little girl... I cried as I wrote that, but know I'm happy and cant wait to get to know her when she is two!!! I love you guys a lot!!!

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